1. DECKER, Matthew John and WHEELER, Emily Maree
2. SLEEPER, Daron Dallas and GRANT, Rosa Danielle
3. WALKER, Rodney and SLEEPER, Samantha Jean
4. CONOVER, Keith Emerson and SLEEPER, Dedrei Meriann
5. DENNEY, Michael Ray and CHANDLER, Juanita Diane
6. CAMPBELL, William and SLEEPER, Heather Lee
7. SLEEPER, Lynnse Aaron
8. KHUE LA, Chay and LU, Hue
9. KHUE LA, Cuong and BUI, Hong
10. MARTIN, David Thomas and CHAMBERLAIN, Tina Leann
11. MCCRARY, David and CHAMBERLAIN, Lea Marie
12. UYENO, Marty and RADER, Leslie
13. AASEN, Wesley J and RADER, Laura Jean
14. MCCOLLOM, James and MCQUISTON, Jamie
15. HART, Keith and MCQUISTON, Jamie
16. MCQUISTON, Michael and JARA, Michele
17. MUTH, Daniel David and BAUER, Melinda Elizabeth
18. ROBINSON, Jeffrey Bryan and UNKNOWN, Ms.
19. BIER, Matthew Wayne and MONTGOMERY, Nancy Kay
20. ADY, Bob James and TURNER, April Lynette
21. FALK, Justin Ryan Tracy and COLWELL, Audrey
22. FIELDS, Matt and FALK, Kristin Rachell Tracy
23. MORDHORST, Sean David and LARSON, Jill Ingrid
24. BRAUN, Joshua and MCALENY, Krista
25. UNKNOWN, Mr. and BRAUN, Alicia Ruth
26. PERKINS, Wesley Douglas and BEST, Shera
27. PERKINS, Thomas Leigh and SMITH, Jessica Ariana
28. STRUIKSMA, Andrew and MORDHORST, Shelly Renee
29. PETERSON, Aaron and MORDHORST, Kristin Leann
30. MOUSER, Marc and COOK, Serena Jane
31. BECK, Benjamin and COOK, Susan Joy
32. COOK, Charles Robert and HAGLAND, Mellissa
33. SHIFLEY, Daniel John and WILDMAN, Maigan Ashley
34. COLBORN, Jeffrey Patrick and WILDMAN, Jennifer Dawn
35. YOUNG, Jeff and CAPELLE, Callie
36. SULLIVAN, Patrick Lee and BRADEN, Tanya Marie
37. MELLISH, David S and UNKNOWN, Kathy
38. YAMADA, Kenneth Manao and SLEEPER, Susan Jane
39. LUDLOW, Robert and SLEEPER, Ann Marguerite
40. WHEELER, Terrance William and SLEEPER, Judy Marie
41. LINDGREN, Lowell Evan and SLEEPER, Judy Marie
42. SLEEPER, Richard James and HIGGS, Lorna Kay
43. RICHEY, Robert Dale and SLEEPER, Linda Jane
44. SLEEPER, Henry Lonnie and RODRIGUEZ, Maria Francisca
45. SLEEPER, Steven Frank and COOK, Fran
46. SLEEPER, Scott Douglas and BATEMAN, Deborah Jo
47. SLEEPER, Scott Douglas and WHITE, Sheryl Mary Ann
48. DENNEY, Jerrold Ray and GUAJARDO, Hope Esperanza
49. SLEEPER, Royal Melvin and EDWARDS, Peggy Louise
50. SLEEPER, Bob Houston and BORN, Pennie Lee
51. SLEEPER, Kit Randolf and UNKNOWN, Serena
52. SLEEPER, Monty Zane and LEA, Debora
53. CHAMBERLAIN, Royal Lee and WALSH, Sandra Ann
54. BONK, James and CHAMBERLAIN, Ruby Loree
55. CHAMBERLAIN, Donald Jay and JOHNSON, Katy
56. CHAMBERLAIN, Richard Carl and KEARNS, Victoria
57. RADER, Stanley Carl and MCKEE, Linda Jean
58. MCQUISTON, James Patrick and MCKEE, Ruby Lorraine
59. COCKRUM, Delane and MCKEE, Ruby Lorraine
60. MCKEE, Daniel Loyd and RABAK, Linda
61. MUTH, David Lloyd and BITTNER, Georgia Ann
62. ROBINSON, Steven B and ASKINS, Lorna
63. ROBINSON, Steven B and HENDRICKS, Eleanor
64. ROBINSON, Steven B and SANCHEZ, Bobbette
65. MONTGOMERY, William Paul and MURPHY, Caroline Rosalee
66. MONTGOMERY, William Paul and TODD, Pamela
67. MONTGOMERY, Guy Burton and LEMASTERS, Michelle
68. TURNER, John Augustus, Jr. and OLDHAM, Dixie
69. TURNER, Paul Jesse and DERGE, Rachel Anne
70. TURNER, Paul Jesse and GREGORY, Ann
71. FALK, Rene Steven and TRACY, Laurel Ruth
72. TRACY, Walter Frank, II and ELS, Pamela Kay
73. BRADBURN, Timothy Andrew and TRACY, Garland Joanna
74. WRIGHT, David J and TRACY, Heather May
75. BELLA, Manuel Cucjen and STEINMETZ, Judith Ann
76. FOSTER, William and STEINMETZ, Elaine Barbara
77. KINCH, Dennis and STEINMETZ, Nancy Gail
78. HOFMEISTER, Kurt Marcus and STEINMETZ, Esther Katherine
79. STEINMETZ, David Carl and TAKANUSHI, Mayumi
80. TRACY, Daniel David and WHITZMAN, Barbra
81. THOMAS, Richard Floyd and TRACY, Elizabeth Marjorie
82. TRACY, Timothy Norman Nicholas and GERATY, Kara Liane
83. MORDHORST, David James and HULTZ, Joyce Leree
84. BRAUN, Christian Kenneth and MORDHORST, Marcia Ruth
85. PERKINS, Douglas Brian and MORDHORST, June Esther
86. MORDHORST, Roger Lee and DUGGAN, Joanne
87. FREY, Marvin G and MORDHORST, Kathleen Marie
88. MORDHORST, Robert David and DAVIS, Cynthia Marie
89. MORDHORST, Theodore Douglas and HOPKINS, Nancy Joan
90. COOK, Randall and OBENCHAIN, Phyllis Joy
91. BERTRAM, John Herman and OBENCHAIN, Karen Ruth
92. HERRICK, John Theodore and OBENCHAIN, Susan Lois
93. OBENCHAIN, James Mark and WARD, Ann Marie
94. WILDMAN, Mark Francis and GARDNER, Judith Ann
95. WILDMAN, Mark Francis and BENSON, Teri Anne
96. KRATAVIL, Joseph Sunki
97. CAPELLE, John Patrick and UNKNOWN, Sandie
98. PHILLIPS, David Scott and CAPELLE, Leigh Carolyn
99. MAST, Mr. and BRENENSTAHL, Carol Jane
100. BALEY, Greg Richard and LEE, Mary Rebecca
101. LEE, Jack Royal and JONES, Rhonda Rae
102. LEE, Jack Royal and FOREMAN, Sharon Ann
103. LEE, Jack Royal and BINDI, Genie
104. LEE, Jack Royal and SEVAADRA, Beatrice
105. LEE, Jack Royal and THOMPSON, Jane Hope
106. SULLIVAN, Gary Stephen and BOND, Terry Lee
107. BOND, Paul Robert and HUGHES, Debra Louise
108. VILLA, Paul and BOND, Cheryl Diane
109. REICH, William, Jr. and STEELE, Iola Salome
110. DAWKINS, Richard and CALELLA, Lucinda Lee
111. CALELLA, Mike Bill and REED, Sandy
112. DESHERLIA, Charles and CALELLA, Laura Jane
113. BRUNO, Benjamin and CALELLA, Laura Jane
114. TUNSTRA, Chet and LEE, Dominique Salome
115. KLAPRICK, Mr. and LEE, Samantha
116. KEEL, Mr. and LEE, Samantha
117. LEE, Norbert Charles and UNKNOWN, Renee
118. LEE, Norbert Charles and LYNN, Stacy
119. MARTIN, Mr. and YEAKLEY, Ms.
120. HARTZLER, Dustin Lee and FREULER, Arianne Elizabeth
121. MCCARTY, Ryan Michael and ADAIR, Brooke Reigh
122. RUCKER, Mr. and POLSON, Linda
123. POLSON, John
124. SAVAGE, Mr. and HATHAWAY, Deborah
125. VANCUREN, Mr. and HATHAWAY, Dawn
126. MINTON, Tom and JONES, Carolyn
127. VERARDO, Art and JONES, Suzanne
128. JONES, John L and UNKNOWN, Janice
129. DENNIS, John W and UNKNOWN, Deborah
130. DENNIS, Robert W and UNKNOWN, Paula
131. WATSON, Mr. and DENNIS, Kathryn Ann
132. NOLEN, Mr. and WOODS, Robin Kay
133. BEDWELL, Mr. and WOODS, Suzanne
134. MELLISH, David S and ALEXANDER, Ann Pearl
135. DUNHAM, Richard A and ALEXANDER, Ann Pearl
136. ALEXANDER, Walter Howard, III and TURLINGTON, Jacquelyn
137. COCHRAN, Robert Richard and WORDEN, Marilyn
138. SLEEPER, Bayard Paul and DOUGLASS, Jean Alice
139. SLEEPER, Richard David and MCNUTT, Martha Eloise
140. SLEEPER, Samuel Oren and FRENCH, Doris Jean
141. DENNEY, William Ray and SLEEPER, Helen Verda
142. SLEEPER, Royal Vernon and MARNEY, Ferdie Louise
143. CHAMBERLAIN, Floyd Royal and HOLDER, Lois Lucille
144. CHAMBERLAIN, Floyd Royal and BLAIR, Daisy G
145. CHAMBERLAIN, Norman Oren and GRAY, Lorraine Mildred
146. CHAMBERLAIN, Norman Oren and BARKER, Patricia Florence
147. VAWTER, Albert W and CHAMBERLAIN, Ruby Iola
148. MCKEE, William Loyd and CHAMBERLAIN, Opal Jean
149. MORGAN, Carl and CHAMBERLAIN, Opal Jean
150. BITTNER, George Horace and BLACK, Evalita
151. ROBINSON, James Frank and BITTNER, Helen Eunice
152. MONTGOMERY, Kenneth Cassius and BURTON, Phyllis Evelyn
153. COX, Charles Francis and MONTGOMERY, Wilma Jane
154. MONTGOMERY, Meredith Burton and BERRY, Norma Jane
155. MONTGOMERY, Robert David and PIAMONTE, Lisa
156. TURNER, John Augustus and TRACY, Judith Ann
157. AGENBROAD, Carl Strait and TRACY, Judith Ann
158. TRACY, Joseph Walter and SUMNER, Mary Louise
159. STEINMETZ, Jerald Blair and TRACY, Marjorie May
160. TRACY, David Edwin and BURNETT, Patricia Rose
161. TRACY, Paul John and SHREWDER, Sarah
162. MORDHORST, James Harding and CARLSON, Alice Beverly
163. MORDHORST, Gerald David and SEWELL, Geraldine Dorothy
164. COX, Lynn and MORDHORST, Marjorie May
165. MORDHORST, Robert Stanley and RICHARDSON, Gayle Alison
166. MORDHORST, Robert Stanley and HINES, Barbara Ann
167. OBENCHAIN, Robert Charles and MORDHORST, Nancy Jane
168. WILDMAN, Francis Marion and ALEXANDER, Thomasine
169. WILDMAN, Jack Savage and ALBERTSON, Barbara Lee
170. KRATAVIL, Richard Sleeper and KIM, Duksan Mary
171. CAPELLE, John Ludwig and LEE, Iola Carolyn
172. BRENENSTAHL, Donald and LEE, Patricia Ann
173. LEE, William Richard and HARRISON, Cherie Lee
174. LEE, Robert Royal and HOOTS, Virginia Elaine
175. BOND, Robert Paul and LEE, Shirley Salome
176. STEELE, Lloyd and LEE, Laura Jane
177. CALELLA, John and LEE, Laura Jane
178. REICH, William Henry and LEE, Laura Jane
179. LEE, Royal David and VON SCHALLEN, Lisolette Lillet
180. PERALTA, Mr. and THOMPSON, Ms.
181. HEATH, Gary and UNKNOWN, Karen
182. HEATH, Doug and UNKNOWN, Leslie
183. HEATH, Bryan and UNKNOWN, Becky
184. PROBANDT, Victor and JORDAN, Trish
185. BLANEK, Mr. and JORDAN, Marcy
186. JORDAN, Doyle, Jr. and UNKNOWN, Rhonda
187. JORDAN, Eddie and UNKNOWN, Kim
188. PROCTOR, Richard Irvin and GOMES, Dorothy Mary
189. HARGRAVES, James Francis and PROCTOR, Joyce Anita
190. PROCTOR, Jack Allen and HAMILTON, Louise Dale
191. ROSEN, Davis Coiner and PROCTOR, Gloria Ann
192. HEYMAN, Mr. and PROCTOR, Sandra Jeanette
193. CRAVEN, Mr. and PROCTOR, Penther Ann
194. WEINER, Michael and PROCTOR, Denise
195. PROCTOR, Robert and UNKNOWN, Gail
196. PROCTOR, Joseph and UNKNOWN, Amy
198. PAYNE, William Wirt, III and HAYES, Amy
199. ARNETTE, Jerry D and CARROLL, Mary
200. FREULER, Thomas Arthur and MOUNGER, Marylee Mae
201. FREULER, Thomas Arthur and COOPER, Kelly Jean
202. MORITZ, Justin J and FREULER, Patricia Ann
203. MCCARTY, Michael Philip and FREULER, Patricia Ann
204. FREULER, John William and KARELS, Jodi
205. FREULER, John William and MILCHESKY, Patricia Ann
206. PAMULAK, Leon T and GREEN, Martha Jane
207. TAYLOR, Robert William and GREEN, Susan Elizabeth
208. GREEN, John McAllister and YOUNG, Dana
209. CHASTAIN, Terry Richard and ROBERTSON, Mary Lee
210. GRAY, George Peter and ROBERTSON, Rebecca Ann
211. BISHOP, William Glenn and WADE, Sally Sue
212. BISHOP, Robert Lynn and MUNSON, Marsha Ann
213. CATALDO, Mr. and ADAMS, Tammy Gay
214. MARKLAND, Mr. and ADAMS, Jacqueline
215. HASKAMP, Mr. and POLSON, Dina
216. POLSON, Troy and UNKNOWN, Sara
217. POLSON, Chris and UNKNOWN, Beth
218. SAPPINGTON, Chris and POLSON, Danielle
219. CREGO, Leslie Lawayne and BROWN, Shirley
220. NINNEMAN, Dennis and UNKNOWN, Ann
221. FERRY, Skip and HOOK, Lurea
222. MARTIN, Jim and HOOK, Lynn
223. GRAY, Zane and MARTIN, Alison
224. MYHRE, Kent and MARTIN, Betsey
225. VALENCIA, Ben and MARTIN, Mary
226. MARTIN, Chris and UNKNOWN, Lori
227. HENTHORN, Mr. and VERNON, Ms.
228. REECE, Mr. and POLSON, Joyce
229. GLASS, Mr. and POLSON, Tammy
230. POLSON, James Willard and SETTLE, Emily
231. POLSON, Mike and UNKNOWN, Debbie
232. EDMUNDS, Mr. and POLSON, Tena
233. MORRICE, David and PROFFITT, Lana
234. GIBBONS, Mr. and PICKETT, Linda
235. POLSON, David and UNKNOWN, Linda
236. SMITH, Mr. and POLSON, Gayle
237. ISENBERG, Mr. and EMBERTON, Sherry
238. JOHNSON, Mike and UNKNOWN, Jane
239. HAMILTON, Bo and JOHNSON, Debbie
240. BOWLES, Donald and UNKNOWN, Marcia
241. BOWLES, Richard and UNKNOWN, Theresa
242. COX, Larry and NOSLER, Lois
243. NOSLER, David and UNKNOWN, Debbie
244. TOWLES, Ronnie and CORBIN, Dianna
245. JENSEN, Chris and CORBIN, Donna
246. BLAKLEY, Larry and CORBIN, Darlene
247. LYONS, Doug and CORBIN, Patricia
248. WILSON, Rick and CORBIN, Sandra
249. MILLS, Mr. and COMPTON, Janet
250. BURRIS, Mr. and COMPTON, Darlene
251. BROCK, Tony and UNKNOWN, Renae
252. COOK, Allen and BROCK, Jennifer
253. BROCK, Joey and UNKNOWN, Mary
254. STEARNS, Glenn and BRAGG, Sandy
255. REEDER, Chris and BRAGG, Tammy
256. COMPTON, Stephen and BRAGG, Pam
257. MEADOWS, Rodney, Jr. and GRAHAM, Amanda
258. GRUBB, Frankie and GRAHAM, Melinda
259. BUSCH, A Hays and HAWPE, Mary Amelia
260. KEELING, Mr. and HAWPE, Margaret Emma
261. WILLIAMS, Kyle Lorenzo and HAWPE, Marie Adeline
262. HATHAWAY, Kenneth Jessie and UNKNOWN, Ruth A
263. MANGUS, Mr. and HAWPE, Nola
264. WEBER, Mr. and HAWPE, Helen
265. HAWPE, Elmer Leroy and GORMAN, Jane
266. NORGAARD, Arnold Andrew and ZMINA, Hazel Dell
267. ZMINA, Herbert Valentine, Jr. and WALKER, Margaret Ann
268. JOHNSON, Robert and HAINS, Ruth W
269. JONES, Ralph H and HAINS, Mary Louise
270. DENNIS, John Yocum and MCMAHAN, Willanna
271. WOODS, William Jon and BAGNELL, Betty Lou
272. ASKEW, Mr. and YATES, Edith B
273. DULANEY, Wrenn Jetton and LASSITER, Rosemary
274. MAJOR, William Samuel and MCELRATH, Marjorie
275. MCELRATH, Robert Wallace and RANKIN, Jane
276. BROWN, John Travis and CREASON, Ruth Carr
277. ALEXANDER, Walter Howard, Jr. and BUCKINGHAM, Delilah Lowry
278. OGLETREE, John Taylor and COCHRAN, Pearl Esther
279. BELOATE, James Sterling and GULLEDGE, Mary Lou
280. PENNEY, Oscar Leroy and GULLEDGE, Ione Ruby
281. COCHRAN, Edward Cleveland, Jr. and UNKNOWN, Ms.
282. COCHRAN, Clyde Fowler and GRIFFIN, Elizabeth Jane
283. COCHRAN, Clyde Fowler and UNKNOWN, Lillian G
284. COCHRAN, William Martin and NORMENT, Margaret Elizabeth
285. SLEEPER, Richard Crampton and ELHART, May Evalina
286. SLEEPER, Richard Crampton and PENNINGTON, Marie Nettie
287. SLEEPER, Royal Frank and INKLEY, Verda Belle
288. CHAMBERLAIN, Floyd Archer and SLEEPER, Ruby Sarah
289. LELAND, August Maxwell and SLEEPER, Ruby Sarah
290. BITTNER, Homer Harry and SLEEPER, Rachel Nancy
291. MONTGOMERY, William Jasper and SLEEPER, Priscilla Mary
292. TRACY, Walter Frank and SLEEPER, Lottie May
293. MORDHORST, Ferdinand David and SLEEPER, Bertie Esther
294. WILDMAN, Glenn A and SLEEPER, Jane Ellen
295. BEDWELL, Charles William and SLEEPER, Jane Ellen
296. MEYER, George William and SLEEPER, Jane Ellen
297. KRATAVIL, Ludwig Walter and SLEEPER, Helen Imogene
298. LEE, William Jacob and SLEEPER, Salome Mary
299. RED, James and LEWIS, Edna Pearl
300. WILSON, Carroll and KINER, Christina
301. ROBINSON, Carl and KINER, Karen
302. KNIGHT, Dick and KINER, Marla
303. MUTCHLER, Roger and KINER, Carla
304. KINER, Leroy and UNKNOWN, Sue
305. STURDEVANT, Dale and KINER, Sandy
306. THOMPSON, Mr. and URUETA, Ms.
307. THOMPSON, Mr. and FOLIO, Ms.
308. BRINK, Mr. and THOMPSON, Ms.
309. DRANEY, Mr. and BAILEY, Gail
310. ROWE, Mr. and BAILEY, Beth
311. WIRZ, Mr. and ROSEN, Irene R
312. SUTER, Mr. and ROSEN, Lorena
313. KINGREE, Mr. and ROSEN, Scarlett
314. GLEYZAL, Andre and KOINER, Verna Gene
315. KIVLIGHAN, William Owen, Jr. and MILLER, Pamela Ann
316. COINER, John and UNKNOWN, Linda
317. WASHER, Raymond A and COINER, Nalda
318. COINER, Russ and UNKNOWN, Nancy
319. COINER, Richard and UNKNOWN, Gail
320. GAYHART, John and COINER, Patricia
321. MOORE, William and COHRON, Mary Louise
322. BRITO, Mr. and GRAY, Ms.
323. GRAY, Mr. and GILBERT, Ms.
324. WILSON, James Daniel and WEEKS, Doris
325. HAMILTON, Origin J, Jr. and EICHELBERGER, Nancy E
326. JENNINGS, Charles Maxwell and TEGELER, Elizabeth Ann
327. WILLIAMS, William Zane and JENNINGS, Cynthia Ann
328. MORDEN, James L and KINDEL, Tommie Joan
329. KINDEL, Robert Calvin and ESLINGER, Kathleen
330. STEVENS, Mr. and KINDEL, Pat
331. ROBERTS, Mr. and KINDEL, Terry
332. CRAWFORD, Lloyd and BROWN, Ibbie Lee
333. HEATH, Rodney and BROWN, Emma Jean
334. BIRDSONG, Jim and BROWN, Flora Mae
335. PURCELLA, Joe T and BROWN, Eleanor Duvon
336. JORDAN, Doyle and BROWN, Mary Ann
337. KROPP, Mr. and BROWN, Mary Ann
338. PUGH, James Aulding and PATTON, Charlotte
339. COURTNAGE, Mr. and HALLEY, Elaine
340. ROUDEBUSH, Mr. and HALLEY, Sharon
341. HALLEY, Charles Ray and UNKNOWN, Joyce
342. FREIWALD, Mr. and GROSS, Joyce D
343. BOONE, Douglas and GROSS, Cheryl A
344. TSIAGKOURIS, James and GROSS, Narra S
345. GROSS, Frederick Alfred, III and UNKNOWN, Denise
346. GRUENEWALD, Don and BORGELT, Jean
347. FISHER, Robert Edmund, III and UNKNOWN, Cheryl
348. LUNDQUIST, Mr. and STEVENS, Pamela
349. MCCOY, Mr. and STEVENS, Valerie
350. THOMPSON, Mr. and SCHILLING, Kathy
351. DANIEL, Sam and RHODES, Charlene
352. RHODES, Conrad and UNKNOWN, Nancy
353. RHODES, Kelly and UNKNOWN, Cheri
354. MILLER, Gary and SCHALESKY, Sherry
355. TROGDON, Clay and SCHALESKY, Karin
356. SCHALESKY, Dana and UNKNOWN, Deb
357. SCHALESKY, Marty and UNKNOWN, Carol
358. SCHALESKY, Mark and UNKNOWN, Joan
359. CUSSON, Bob and SHIPMAN, Libby
360. FAUST, Rick and SHIPMAN, Lynn
361. SIMS, Kelly and LARGENT, Susan
362. COPELAND, Jon and LARGENT, Donna
363. LARGENT, Jim and UNKNOWN, Kate
364. LARGENT, Larry and UNKNOWN, Karen
365. BROOKS, Jeffrey Byron, Jr. and UNKNOWN, Elizabeth
366. RICHARDS, Roy, Jr. and UNKNOWN, Ginna
367. RICHARDS, Jim and UNKNOWN, Julie
368. FARESE, Bob and RICHARDS, Nancy
369. RICHARDS, Lee and UNKNOWN, Artie
370. DONOHOE, Chris and RICHARDS, Robin
371. NAUGHTON, Jim and RICHARDS, Laura
372. PAINE, William Patrick and HUFFARD, Gina
373. HENKEL, Lee Hampton, Jr. and DAVIDSON, Barbara
374. HENKEL, Gordon Berkley, Jr. and CROSS, Loretta Rosemary
375. NORMAN, David and FOLTZ, Nancy Louise
376. RHODES, Kenneth Lee and LOOKER, Mary Elizabeth
377. SIMMERS, Mr. and FOLTZ, Caroline Virginia
378. TOMES, Robert Leslie, Jr. and UNKNOWN, Mary Margaret
379. TOMES, Robert Leslie, Jr. and SIMMONS, Mary Margaret
380. TOMES, Douglas Lee and GARREN, Betty Irene
381. VARNEY, Herbert Eugene and TOMES, Mary Lawassee
382. SIMS, David Franklin and WISE, Mary Louise
383. BLAIR, C William and HARTMAN, Barbara
384. CANNON, Edmund J and HARTMAN, Constance
385. KINGREE, Charles Franklin and GOOD, Minnie
386. LONG, Charles L and KINGREE, Mary Florence
387. BRANNER, Charles Ivan and PROCTOR, Helen Virginia
388. PROCTOR, Irvin Madison and MCCRONE, Dorothy Helen
389. PROCTOR, Verlin Russell, Jr. and WALTERS, Anna May
390. BOWMAN, Edward Leonhard and PROCTOR, Emma Lou
391. PROCTOR, Quentin Silone and JAMES, Pauline
392. PROCTOR, Quentin Silone and PIPER, Betty Jane
393. PROCTOR, Francis Lee and HAWKINS, Phyllis Pauline
394. PROCTOR, John Leon and WILSON, Lorena Helen
395. PROCTOR, John Leon and SIGLER, Martha Jane
396. RUDY, Mark Winter and PROCTOR, June Marie
397. HYDE, Mr. and PROCTOR, June Marie
398. WOLVERTON, Charles Lee and PROCTOR, Phyllis Joan
399. SEIBERT, Mr. and PROCTOR, Phyllis Joan
400. ROSENBURGER, Robert Lee, Jr. and PROCTOR, Betty Grey
401. WALTER, Mr. and PROCTOR, Betty Grey
402. POLK, Marvin Leroy, Jr. and PROCTOR, Nancy Lee
403. PAGE, Mr. and PROCTOR, Nancy Lee
404. KLEIBER, Jack Lee and PROCTOR, Constance Talmadge
405. GRIFFIN, Mr. and PROCTOR, Constance Talmadge
406. PROCTOR, Billy Daniel and WAGNER, Barbara Ann
407. SNOOTS, Douglas Harold and PROCTOR, Patsy Ruth
408. PENCE, Mr. and PROCTOR, Syvilla Faye
409. WEATHERHOLTZ, John Paul and SUTHERLY, Joanna Lee
410. ADAMSON, Ralph Leroy and HOUSEKNECHT, Elizabeth Marion
411. MOOD, Raymond and MALIFF, Margaret Ann
412. SCHAFFNER, Claire E and ZIRKLE, Betty Jean
413. ZIRKLE, Don Warner and PHILLIPS, Mary Elizabeth
414. ROGERS, Howard Washington, Jr. and ZIRKLE, Peggy Nanetta
415. BUSHONG, Robert Mallory and BERRIAN, Marie
416. SHIELDS, Don and KERLIN, Mary Alice
417. SAVILLE, Mr. and ZIRKLE, Cheryl Ann
418. RIFKIND, Mr. and SASSER, Ms.
419. TISINGER, Edgar Ray and PAINTER, Wanda
420. PAYNE, William Wirt, Jr. and LUCAS, Donna
421. BURNER, Mr. and GRANT, Jane Thomas
422. FERNANDEZ, Mr. and PAULI, Melinda Sue
423. GIBSON, John William and CLAYTOR, Doris Jean
424. CLAYTOR, Ronald Eugene and UNKNOWN, Cindy
425. MALONEY, Bill and CLAYTOR, Joyce
426. HITE, Scott and CLAYTOR, Linda
427. LINDAMOOD, Wayne H and CLAYTOR, Audrey C
428. CLAYTOR, Oliver T and UNKNOWN, Carolyn A
429. MONROE, Dale and UNKNOWN, Shirley
430. HOLMES, Sam and MONROE, Alice
431. MEJIA, Dana and MONROE, Marilyn
432. ARNETTE, John H and MONROE, Sandra
433. PAINTER, Jerry Ray and UNKNOWN, Theresa
434. PAINTER, Alan K and UNKNOWN, Ms.
435. KEYSER, Eddie and UNKNOWN, Gail
436. KEYSER, Randy and UNKNOWN, Jill
437. KEYSER, Ralph and UNKNOWN, Teresa
438. GOODNER, Mr. and KEYSER, Janet K
439. FAUBER, Mr. and CARRINGTON, Ms.
441. FAUBER, Mr. and HICKLIN, Ms.
442. MCILHENNY, Mr. and DANIELS, Ms.
444. FROOM, Geoffrey Robert and UNKNOWN, Ms.
445. CHESTER, Dennis Dunlap and WOODS-BLACK, Darrellyn
446. CHESTER, Dennis Dunlap and UNKNOWN, Lorraine
447. BROSSETT, Mr. and COYNER, Ms.
448. MERSIOVSKY, Mr. and COYNER, Ms.
449. BROOKS, William Philip and NOTARO, Andrea
450. D'ENTREMONT, Mr. and HOY, Ms.
451. MELIN, Mr. and HOY, Ms.
452. HAZELTON, Mr. and HOY, Ms.
453. BAKER, Mr. and HOY, Ms.
454. MCCHESNEY, Mr. and HIATT, Ms.
455. MCCHESNEY, Mr. and DEAN, Ms.
456. MCCHESNEY, Mr. and HAHN, Ms.
457. MCCHESNEY, Mr. and GANN, Ms.
458. BEALS, Mr. and NULTY, Ms.
459. SCHUBERT, Mr. and HOPKINS, Ms.
460. STANTON, Mr. and HOPKINS, Ms.
461. MENGEL, Mr. and RAMSBURG, Ms.
462. WHITLOCK, Mr. and COYNER, Ms.
463. KEAS, Mr. and COYNER, Ms.
464. COINER, Mr. and PINARD, Ms.
465. GERNER, Mr. and COINER, Ms.
466. PEOPLES, Mr. and COINER, Ms.
467. CHESTER, Richard A and ASHBY, Delores
468. BROWN, Mr. and ASHBY, Pamela R
469. CHILENS, Mr. and ASHBY, Jane
470. HARPER, Millard Robert, Jr. and UNKNOWN, Amy
471. HARPER, Tony Bragg and UNKNOWN, Tiffany
472. COMPTON, Todd and HARPER, Lori
473. HARPER, Chuck and UNKNOWN, Chadra
474. FREULER, Paul Arthur and BISHOP, Mary Jane
475. FREULER, Paul Arthur and LINDHOLM, Doris E
476. FREULER, Paul Arthur and RADLOFF, Nelda H
477. GLASGOW, George M and FREULER, Marilyn Marguerite
478. MYERS, Edwin D and FREULER, Marilyn Marguerite
479. GREEN, Norman Bell, Jr. and BISHOP, Dora Marjorie
480. ROBERTSON, William Jefferson and BISHOP, Laura Lee
481. BISHOP, George Edwin and SKILLMAN, Dorothy Miles
482. FREULER, Ralph W and HAYES, Sharon
483. FREULER, David F and EVANS, Patricia Ann
484. WILLIAMS, Dale R and TOMLIN, Norma
485. TOMLIN, Richard Ingles and UNKNOWN, Ms.
486. THORNTON, John E and PRICE, Dora Margaret
487. WEST, Kenneth Clinton and BISHOP, Barbara Jeanne
488. ADAMS, Jerry Wayne and POLSON, Carolyn Ruth
489. POLSON, Hubert Maurice, Jr. and UNKNOWN, Ms.
490. POLSON, Hubert Maurice, Jr. and SAPPINGTON, Judith
491. TILLOW, Jay Bush and HALL, Gladys Veronica
492. CREGO, Stanley Eugene and HALL, Gladys Veronica
493. DEAN, John Joseph and HALL, Ina Romelia
494. KLAMPT, Richmond James and HALL, Marion Ruby
495. HUETTER, Carl Joseph and BISHOP, Leota M
496. CLARKE, Mr. and BISHOP, Leota M
497. DUTTON, David W and BISHOP, Hazel A
498. MILLER, Charles R and BISHOP, Marion Jane
499. TREAT, Philip E and CHRISTENSEN, Neola M
500. FERBERT, George James and COATS, Thelma Jean
501. FERBERT, David Wesley and WILLIAMS, Dorothy Lucille
502. PARKER, Moa Brooks and FERBERT, Mildred L
503. PETER, Mr. and FERBERT, Estella May
504. BAKER, James Edward and UNKNOWN, Donna J
505. SCHELSTRATE, James Joseph and GARZEE, Ms.
506. SOBCZAK, Adam and RUCKER, Ellen Jeanette
507. ROYSE, Benjamin Tupman, Jr. and PIPPIN, Dorothy Helen
508. MESSENBRINK, Mr. and POLSON, Anna
509. HIATT, Mr. and POLSON, Lucy
510. HARPER, Mr. and POLSON, Freda
511. POTTER, Mr. and POLSON, Florence
512. HUDDLESTON, Robert Rollin and GREEN, Helen Elsie
513. SCOTT, Mr. and GREEN, Helen Elsie
514. NINNEMAN, Fred Junior and HUDDLESTON, Helen Louise
515. HOOK, Julius D and POMEROY, Eileen C
516. WORDEN, Robert E and GEESEY, Jane Elizabeth
517. HERBALY, Elmer L and COLLETT, Lorna
518. SHAFER, Gerald and COLLETT, Valera
519. MATZEK, Ralph R and COLLETT, Maxine H
520. MARTIN, Jerry T and UNKNOWN, Agnes
521. HECHLER, Mr. and MARTIN, Marilyn
522. MARTIN, Lester C, Jr. and UNKNOWN, Patricia
523. ABRAHAMSON, Curtis and MOLLET, Janene
524. GALL, Riley and MOLLET, Janice
525. BIERLE, Gary and UNKNOWN, Judith
526. BIERLE, Keith and UNKNOWN, Nancy
527. BIERLE, Gene and UNKNOWN, Judy
528. BERG, Mr. and BIERLE, Beverly
529. WILSON, Mr. and BIERLE, Karen
530. EVANS, Mr. and BIERLE, Nyla
531. BIERLE, Dennis Lynn and LANGLAND, Diana Joy
532. KORANDA, Joseph Glenn and UNKNOWN, Diane Lois
533. PICKARTS, Donald and BEERS, Ruth Monica
534. VERNON, Russell Dean and CAPPS, Frances Gertrude
535. BRAGG, Mr. and POLSON, Eula L
536. POLSON, Jessie Buford and OAKES, Iris Evelyn
537. BROADY, Ernest and WINEGAR, Lucille
538. WILKINSON, James William and WINEGAR, Thelma Frauline
539. POLSON, Willard J and SHIPLEY, Elsie Elizabeth
540. COX, Edward D and POLSON, Frances Elizabeth
541. POLSON, James Cary and GREER, Barbara Estes
542. DENNY, Eugene and HOWELL, Wanda
543. PROFFITT, Fred Leon and PEDIGO, Linda Runell
544. PICKETT, Raymond and POLSON, Edna Pearl
545. NUNNALLY, Mr. and POLSON, Lou Jean
546. RICHARDSON, Mr. and POLSON, Dolores
547. POLSON, Albert Lee and NUNN, Edna Lucille
548. EMBERTON, Vick Duncan and POLSON, Gola R
549. JOHNSON, James Earl and POLSON, Florine
550. BROCK, Mr. and POLSON, Thelma
551. BOWLES, James Ervin and POLSON, Velma May
552. NOSLER, David Edwin and POLSON, Lucille L
553. POLSON, Junior Eugene and COON, Janice L
554. HAYES, Frank and STRANGE, Glenda
555. ENGLAND, Timothy and UNKNOWN, Susan
556. ENGLAND, Chris and UNKNOWN, Vicky
557. MCCONNELL, Jeff and ENGLAND, Susan
558. MYERS, Frank and ENGLAND, Kim
559. GIBSON, Mr. and BROWN, Ms.
560. CORBIN, Gail and GIBSON, Nova Estlene
561. CORBIN, Ray and BARNES, Nova N
562. COMPTON, Norwood and MIKEL, Betty
563. ENGLAND, David and UNKNOWN, Susan
564. BROCK, Paul E and ENGLAND, Betty Jean
565. HINES, Mr. and BRAGG, Joann
566. BRAGG, Jimmy Ray and UNKNOWN, Ms.
567. GRAHAM, James Howard and BRAGG, Linda P
568. BENNETT, Mr. and ENGLAND, Carol
569. WILLIAMS, Mr. and JESSIE, Ruth
570. RAMSEY, Frank and JESSIE, Hattie Lee
571. JESSIE, Delmar Larue, Jr. and UNKNOWN, Donna
572. SEXTON, Bobbie C and AKIN, Charlene
573. COMPTON, Clayton Timothy and UNKNOWN, Vicky
574. COMPTON, Mark and UNKNOWN, Debbie
575. COMPTON, Daniel and UNKNOWN, Mary
576. CREASON, Mr. and DIAL, Judy Lane
577. SKAGGS, Mr. and DIAL, Roxie Joyce
578. JUDD, Mr. and DIAL, Brenda Sue
579. RUSSELL, Mr. and DIAL, Bonnie Ree
580. JESSIE, Wendell and UNKNOWN, Donna
581. DEWEESE, Howard and JESSIE, Pamela
582. HATTABAUGH, Melvin Dawson and BOSTIC, Elizabeth Ann
583. HENDRICKSON, Lyle James and VALLE, Ms.
584. LEASER, Delbert E and HENDRICKSON, Irma P
585. HAWPE, Mason Hall and SARACHO, Mary Amelia
586. HAWPE, Benjamin Rigney and CLARK, Martha
587. HATHAWAY, Kenneth Clair and STAGG, Lottie Myrtle
588. HATHAWAY, Donald Cary and SHERWOOD, Edith Louise
589. WIRTZ, Harry and HATHAWAY, Freda N
590. HAWKS, Donald Orville and HATHAWAY, Lenna Louise
591. CHASE, Ezekiel Leith and HATHAWAY, Josephine Ann
592. HAWPE, William Edward and BUCHANAN, Nellie Ann
593. ZMINA, Herbert Valentine and HAWPE, Margaret O
594. OOTS, Mr. and LEVY, Edith Adelia
595. NYE, William Francis and LEVY, Mary Catherine
596. HAINS, Rosier Napolean and LAWLESS, Edna Ellen
597. MCMAHAN, Leonard Edward and UNKNOWN, Lula Marjorie
598. MCMAHAN, William Harvey and GARNER, Mabel Clara
599. MCMAHAN, William Harvey and MADDOX, Georgia Sibina
600. BAGNELL, Robert Samuel and LAWLESS, Kathryn Louise
601. HUMPHREYS, Philip and LAWLESS, Mary Charlene
602. YATES, Jessie Pearl and BROWN, Edna
603. LASSITER, Isaac Elijah and BROWN, Elizabeth Lula
604. MCELRATH, William Wallace and BROWN, Zuella Beryl
605. BROWN, Leon Carl and TRAVIS, Gwendolyn
606. BROWN, Earle Emmett and WIGGINS, Hazel
607. BROWN, John Wayne and RAY, Lillian
608. ALEXANDER, Walter Howard and COCHRAN, Eran Pearl
609. COCHRAN, Connie Eston and SHULTS, Laura Mable
610. GULLEDGE, John Lowe and COCHRAN, Zulah Catherine
611. COCHRAN, Edward Cleveland and WILLIAMS, Lenna G
612. POSTON, James Theodore and BONNER, Mary Inez
613. CLEMENTS, Edward and KOINER, Opal Rebecca
614. MADISON, Bruce and COINER, Ruth
615. SNYDER, Kenneth Leo and COINER, Cecile
616. SPRADLIN, Mr. and COINER, Cecile
617. FOSTER, Dean and COYNER, Vada
618. QUICK, Bowman and COYNER, Gladys
619. VINES, Beverly and COYNER, Evelyn
620. COYNER, Franklin Clemmer and HIGGS, Katherine G
621. BRENNER, Gordon and COYNER, Hazel
622. COYNER, William Frederick and TURNER, Margaret
623. TUCKER, William Irving and COINER, Emma Lena
624. KYNER, Tallmadge and UNKNOWN, Belle
625. KYNER, James Gordon and UNKNOWN, Bessie
626. CRISTOFANE, Felix Ernest and KYNER, Susanna
627. SLEEPER, Oren Alphonso and CRAMPTON, Iola
628. LEWIS, Jeremiah and CRAMPTON, Imogene
629. SELLERS, Glenn S and KINER, Marie Maxine
630. KINER, Charles Edwin and SELLERS, Clara
631. KINER, Donald Eugene and HOSTLER, Norma Jean
632. KINER, Otis L and SWEVAL, Marie Esther
633. SUTTERLIN, William W and KINER, Mary Ann
634. KYNER, Charles H and BLUIVAS, Helen
635. THOMPSON, Robert Milton and KYNER, Catherine
636. ROBERTS, Pierre Nichols, Sr. and LEVERIDGE, Della Myrtle
637. WILLIAMS, McKinley and ROBERTS, Dorothy Earl
638. HARPER, King and KOINER, Henrietta Lee
639. OTT, Edwin Levan and PAUL, Virginia Wilson
640. HOPKINS, Edward and KOINER, Charlotte Lorraine
641. BAILEY, Clarence Henry and HANGER, Rachel Catherine
642. BAILEY, William Newton, Jr. and HUFF, Gladys Fern
643. LYNN, Melvin Wise and CARPENTER, Kathryn
644. CARPENTER, William Bailey and COX, Lucille
645. ROSEN, Cecil Clyde, Jr. and GOOD, Maxine Neff
646. BEYDLER, Mr. and ROSEN, Dorothy Lee
647. ROSEN, Davis Coiner
648. SNIDER, R Harold and BAILEY, Margarette V
649. MOODY, Noel Hosea and KOINER, Elizabeth Roberta
650. KOINER, David Randolph and DARR, Verna
651. MILLER, Howard Edward and KOINER, Mary Virginia
652. BARKER, Wade Hampton and KOINER, Anna Katherine
653. ERWIN, Henry Grady and KOINER, Thelma Wise
654. KOINER, William Wise, Jr. and PRESTWOOD, Frances Geneva
655. TIMBERLAKE, David Marshall and COINER, Sara Catherine
656. COINER, Elmer Warren and DESPER, Myrtle Mae
657. COINER, Robbin Nelson and KERBY, Vera
658. COHRON, Henry Leslie and ATKINS, Alma Ruth
659. COHRON, Henry Leslie and ATKINS, Olive
660. SCHADE, John Monroe and COHRON, Marie Elizabeth
661. LYNN, James and COINER, Mary Elizabeth
662. SEGLER, Carl and COINER, Helen Ridgeway
663. MEADOR, N A and BRANAMAN, Helen Emma
664. KOINER, Warren Otley, Sr. and BRANAMAN, Helen Emma
665. GROVE, George Welton and UNKNOWN, Ann W
666. COINER, Gordon Conrad and MILLER, Ms.
667. COINER, Claude McCord, Jr. and HASSETT, Susan
668. GRAY, Donald A and HISERMAN, Catharine M
669. HISERMAN, Franklin Raymond, Jr. and DUNCAN, Elaine
670. HISERMAN, Kenneth Osborne and GARNER, Ms.
671. LONG, Cecil and HISERMAN, Dorothy
672. CHRISTIAN, Walter Scott and WILSON, Mary
673. WILSON, Harry Watkins and CHRISTIAN, Annie Alexander
674. COOK, Warren Graves and HAYS, Madeline Thelma
675. LAYMAN, Eugene Freed and HUNT, Mary Barbara
676. COYNER, Jackson Palmer and HUNT, Frances Ellison
677. EICHELBERGER, Robert Brooks and ANDREWS, Evelyn Drucilla
678. ORR, Mr. and HALLEY, Peggy
679. BRODIE, John Thomas and WHITAKER, Anna Louise
680. JENNINGS, William Peter, Jr. and KINDEL, Thelma May
681. KINDEL, James Frederic and UNKNOWN, Lillian S
682. KINDEL, Thomas Boone and WRIGHT, Brooksie Alberta
683. KINDEL, Charles Hutton and WELSH, Shirley
684. GRAHAM, Mr. and KINDEL, Bessie
685. BROWN, Douglas Ware and HUTTON, Emma Belle
686. HUTTON, Roy James and UNKNOWN, Ms.
687. HUTTON, Thomas D and UNKNOWN, Betty
688. EPPERSON, Frank Sutton and HUTTON, Bessie May
689. HANSEN, Frank Lee and KINDEL, A Joyce
690. JENNINGS, Otis Woodrow and KINDEL, Doris May
691. SANDERS, Larry Hulon and HUTTON, Natalie Worth
692. SHAW, William McKinley and HALLEY, Myrtle Vivian
693. DRUBE, Freddie C and HALLEY, Edna Gertrude
694. PUGH, James Fred and HALLEY, Eva Joy
695. HALLEY, Sherman Warren and BENNETT, Edna Florine
696. HALLEY, Chester Edwin and FARMER, Vivian Elnor
697. SISLER, Jerry and GROSS, Ms.
698. CHANCE, Dean, Jr. and GROSS, Jeanette Elizabeth
699. GROSS, Frederick Alfred, Jr. and DORAN, Susan Kist
700. FISHER, Thomas Henry and UNKNOWN, Fay
701. BORGELT, Clifford and FISHER, Mary Ann
702. FISHER, Robert Edmund, Jr. and BALDWIN, Carolyn
703. TACKETT, Robert and HALLEY, Ms.
704. STEVENS, William O and HALLEY, Billy Jean
705. SCHILLING, Gerald Fred and STINSON, Lois Elaine
706. CARR, Douglas W and RHODES, Frances Fay
707. RHODES, Chester Woodrow and HEINO, Helga
708. MYERS, Fay and RHODES, Theta
709. FULTON, Mr. and RHODES, Olive Orleen
710. SCHALESKY, Paul Jacob and RHODES, Beverly Iris
711. SCHALESKY, Dennis and RHODES, Twyla
712. RHODES, Gary and UNKNOWN, Bea
713. CUMMINS, Robert Franklin, Jr. and HALLEY, Lois Virginia
714. SHIPMAN, Alton Thomas and STEBLETON, Dolores E
715. TRACY, Mr. and TRUETT, Nancy
716. LARGENT, James Wilson and TRUETT, Roberta Louise
717. FISCHER, Philip and LEES, Mary Jean
718. LEES, Dick and UNKNOWN, Jo Ellen
719. BAREFOOT, James Allen and DALLAS, Carole Louise
720. CAUSBY, George G and DALLAS, Carole Louise
721. STOCKTON, Mr. and DALLAS, Carole Louise
722. MASS, Mr. and HALLEY, Sandra
723. LEHMAN, August Calvin and SHANER, Virginia Carolyn
724. BROOKS, Jeffrey Byron and PATTERSON, Rhonda
725. SMITH, Mr. and COINER, Jane Elizabeth
726. LUCAS, Mr. and TAYLOR, Ellen T
727. COINER, Kenneth Edward and UNKNOWN, Nancy
728. RICHARDS, Roy and HUFFARD, Alice Coyner
729. BARTON, Edgar Gentry, Jr. and HUFFARD, Nancy Valentine
730. HUFFARD, James Hudson, Jr. and KRUPEY, Juliane
731. FLORY, Mr. and KYLE, Anne
732. KYLE, Joseph and UNKNOWN, Regina
733. HENKEL, Russel Hunter and PROGLE, Isabel Harriett
734. MICHELS, Harry H and HENKEL, Bessie Rice
735. HENKEL, Lee Hampton and NEAL, Naomi Katherine
736. HENKEL, Gordon Berkley and MCELWAIN, Zuma
737. HENKEL, John Matthew and UNKNOWN, Ms.
738. FOLTZ, William Arthur and HOLMES, Louise Rebecca
739. RHODES, Ernest Lee and FOLTZ, Lillian Lucile
740. SELLERS, Elden Driver and FOLTZ, Rosalia Kathleen
741. WHITMORE, Alden Wilcher and FOLTZ, Marjorie Evelyn
742. FOLTZ, Clark Eugene and MCWILLIAMS, Mildred Virginia
743. FOLTZ, Thomas Earle and WHITE, Doris Onita
744. WISE, John Thomas and WARREN, Catherine
745. TOMES, Robert Leslie and WISE, Mary Frances
746. WISE, Louis Franklin and CECIL, Mary Eagle
747. TUSING, Henry Immel and WISE, Lillian Elizabeth
748. RATHBUN, Harry Dickinson and WISE, Laura Davis Henkel
749. HARTMAN, Henry and NEWMAN, Anna Elizabeth
750. DAVIS, Bruce and NEWMAN, Essie Florence
751. NEWMAN, John Henkel and CHURCHILL, Mary E
752. GORDON, Robert and NEWMAN, Mary Frances
753. NEWMAN, William Murphy and CHAPPELL, Helen
754. HENKEL, John Rowls, Jr. and WADE, Mozelle
755. COCKERILLE, Frank O'Neil and HENKEL, Eloise
756. KINGREE, Russell T and WEATHERHOLTZ, Anna Virginia
757. PROCTOR, Verlin Russell and WEATHERHOLTZ, Emma Irene
758. WEATHERHOLTZ, William Russell and HENSLEY, Beulah Essie
759. EMBREY, Rixey James and WEATHERHOLTZ, Georgia Rebecca
760. WEATHERHOLTZ, Edgar Selone and HARTMAN, Clara H
761. WEATHERHOLTZ, Wade Burke and GLASS, Esther A
762. WEATHERHOLTZ, Wade Burke and ENGLE, Catherine B
763. WEATHERHOLTZ, Charles Samuel and REIBER, Margaret S
764. WEATHERHOLTZ, John Henry and DETTERLINE, Ruth Eva Elizabeth
765. ZIRKLE, Joseph Silone and LEWIS, Ruth Ann
766. GLADFELTER, Paul Vernon and ZIRKLE, Virginia Garber
767. DAVIS, L R and ZIRKLE, Isabel
768. AUBERT, Clark Felix and ZIRKLE, Annabelle Isabel
769. ZIRKLE, Robert Russell, Jr. and KYNER, Roberta
770. ADAMSON, Ralph Hall and ESTEP, Pauline Virginia
771. MALIFF, Robert D and ESTEP, Frances Lucille
772. ESTEP, Harold E and STICKLEY, Mary Virginia
773. ZIRKLE, Kendall Snyder and ESTEP, Bonnie Beatrice
774. BARKLEY, Ottie and ESTEP, Bonnie Beatrice
775. BUSHONG, Alfred Jennings and ESTEP, Anna Elizabeth
776. SELLERS, Everett Franklin and ESTEP, Jessie Irene
777. OXENBURG, Jerome and ESTEP, Elinor Vivian
778. ESTEP, Raymond Kendall and BURKHOLDER, Marjorie Louise
779. KERLIN, William Franklin and THORNTON, Sadie Ray
780. KERLIN, Haller Henkel and HAWKINS, Kathryn Rebecca
781. KERLIN, Houston Zirkle and MONK, Virginia Pendleton
782. JONES, William Samuel and KERLIN, Nellie Louise
783. JENKINS, Paul William and KERLIN, Margaret Ellen
784. FUNKHOUSER, Doyle Zirkle and CALE, Lina
785. ZERKEL, Waldo Henkel and HAMMON, Sheldon Marcella
786. CHAMBERS, Frank Maynard and ZERKEL, Audrey Nelle
787. ZERKEL, James Elwood and SAGAR, Lelia Alice
788. FRYE, James William and ZERKEL, Beatrice Virginia
789. BARIC, Warren Lonas and ZERKEL, Jean Sheldon
790. ZERKEL, Bernie, Jr. and HILE, Betty Jane
791. PALSER, Arthur Melvin and MOORE, Drusilla Daphna
792. NICHOLSON, John Arnold and MOORE, Drusilla Daphna
793. MOORE, Amos Selone and JACOBY, Frances
794. MOORE, Mark Eugene and HANSEN, Irene
795. MOORE, Ray Zirkle and SMITH, Edna Gertrude
796. HUNTER, Donald L and MOORE, Martha Elizabeth
797. ZIRKLE, Dennis Selone and BOWEN, Luby Gay
798. ZIRKLE, William Eugene and BARNES, Jeanette Augusta
799. SASSER, Everett, Jr. and RINKER, Dorothy Jeanette
800. TISINGER, William Henkel, Jr. and HEPNER, Lucille
801. TISINGER, Lawrence Coiner and POLK, Marguerite
802. TISINGER, Joseph Ambrose and FUNKHOUSER, Ruby
803. TISINGER, Robert Ruffner and HAMBLETON, Thelma
804. TISINGER, Marion Erb and BOWMAN, Ruth Von Bora
805. TISINGER, James Clayton and BOHRER, Janeva F
806. SHANNON, James Melvin and SHUTTERS, Margaret Elizabeth
807. PAYNE, William Wirt and SHUTTERS, Helen Amelia
808. FANSLER, Burtelle Whitmore, Jr. and FUNKHOUSER, Virginia L
809. FANSLER, Charles Benton and MCKEEVER, Patricia Ailine
810. GRANT, Thomas Joseph and DINGLEDINE, Mary Jane
811. TISINGER, Richard Martin, Jr. and GOODELL, Ellen
812. BANNER, William and RENALDS, Sarah Jane
813. PAULI, Lawrence Waldemar and RENALDS, Frances Elizabeth
814. RENALDS, Harry Wayne and CLARK, Marion Norton
815. RENALDS, Hugh Henkel and TAYLOR, Nancy Woodward
816. RENALDS, Kent Koiner and HART, Brenda Sue
817. RENALDS, Kent Koiner and GOLASH, Coral Anne
818. RENALDS, Stephen Szloboda and SANDY, Ruth Ann
819. WOODSON, Charles A, Jr. and RENALDS, Julianna
820. NEWCOMER, John Paul and RENALDS, Elsie Lillian
821. RAMSEY, Eugene Eldridge and RENALDS, Janet Lorraine
822. BARNETT, Earl Eugene and RENALDS, Anita Daphne
823. SHALER, Mr. and NICHOLAS, Margaret
824. STOGDALE, Mr. and NICHOLAS, Robinette
825. CLAYTOR, Oliver Francis and THOMPSON, Florine
826. CLAYTOR, Roy Etter and GOOLSBY, Henrietta Helen
827. CLAYTOR, Grover Thomas and LAYNE, Hazel Miller
828. MONROE, Thurman G and CLAYTOR, Gladys
829. PAINTER, Ray Hall and CLAYTOR, Hazel
830. KEYSER, Virgil E and CLAYTOR, Lottie Mae
831. CLAYTOR, Lewis Alphonso, Jr. and WRIGHT, Helen
832. WHITMIRE, H J and BROWN, Helen
833. DEADRICK, Billy and WRIGHT, Ms.
834. MCDONALD, James Carl and DEADRICK, Betty Lou
835. DEADRICK, Fred A, Jr. and WOODIE, Ms.
836. DEADRICK, James Filmore and MILLER, Ms.
837. COINER, Mr. and THOMAS, Ms.
838. FAUBER, William Clayborne, Jr. and COYNER, Emma Louella
839. COINER, J Signor and CRAWFORD, Rosemary
840. BROWN, Murray and COINER, Louise Jackson
841. COINER, Mr. and BOYD, Ms.
842. CHAMBERS, Mr. and COINER, Ms.
843. COYNER, Mr. and EVERETT, Ms.
844. MCILHENNY, Mr. and BROWN, Ms.
845. DUGGER, Mr. and BROWN, Ms.
846. COYNER, Mr. and WILSON, Ms.
847. COYNER, Mr. and UNKNOWN, Tinsley
848. COYNER, Mr. and BENET, Ms.
849. DUNN, Mr. and JOHNSON, Ms.
850. JOHNSON, Mr.
851. JOHNSON, Mr. and LEWIN, Ms.
852. COYNER, Mr. and HUGHES, Ms.
853. COFFEY, Mr. and COYNER, Ms.
854. FROOM, Robert Fields and MCELEARNEY, Mary Rose
855. CHESTER, Leonard Erwin and KEATLEY, Virginia
856. CHESTER, Charles F and DUNLAP, Imogene L
857. MEYER, Mr. and CHESTER, Charlotte E
858. HERRIER, Mr. and COINER, Ms.
859. BRADY, Walter and MCREE, Charlotte Jane
860. TRAVIS, Mr. and BRADY, Evelyn
861. BRADY, Dixon and HOKE, Kay
862. COYNER, Edwin Leslie, Jr. and DUTSCHMAN, Ms.
863. NOHRA, Mr. and COYNER, Ms.
864. PETERSON, Mr. and COYNER, Ms.
865. PETRY, Mr. and COYNER, Ms.
866. LEGENDRE, Mr. and COYNER, Ms.
867. HONOREE, Mr. and COYNER, Ms.
868. WASSERMAN, Mr. and COYNER, Ms.
869. COYNER, Mr. and FILLMAN, Ms.
870. COYNER, Mr. and UNKNOWN, Ms.
871. COYNER, Mr. and MURNAN, Ms.
872. COOPER, Mr. and COYNER, Ms.
873. COYNER, Mr. and LESNICK, Ms.
874. COYNER, Mr. and SESSION, Ms.
875. COYNER, Mr. and SAVELSON, Ms.
876. MARTIN, Mr. and COYNER, Ms.
877. COYNER, Mr. and MAHONEN, Ms.
878. COYNER, Mr. and KNETSCH, Ms.
879. COYNER, Mr. and LAPISA, Ms.
880. BERISH, Mr. and COYNER, Ms.
881. COYNER, Mr. and GRAY, Ms.
882. COYNER, Mr. and SCOTT, Ms.
883. COYNER, Mr. and BENNETT, Ms.
884. CLARK, Mr. and COYNER, Ms.
885. COYNER, Mr. and SLATER, Ms.
886. COYNER, Mr. and WOERHEIDE, Ms.
887. BERG, Mr. and COYNER, Ms.
888. CHARNOK, Mr. and COYNER, Ms.
889. POWERS, Mr. and COYNER, Ms.
890. WHITE, Mr. and COYNER, Ms.
891. MARSHALL, Mr. and COYNER, Ms.
893. GRAF, Mr. and COYNER, Ms.
894. MECCA, Mr. and COYNER, Ms.
895. BROOKS, Mr. and GREEVER, Nancy Patricia
896. NICHOLSON, Joe Arlington and GREEVER, Lucinda Gillespie
897. LEWIS, Thad Quinton, Jr. and GREEVER, Eleanor Elizabeth
898. COYNER, Mr. and UNKNOWN, Ms.
899. KRELL, Mr. and COINER, Ms.
900. MAIN, Mr. and ARMENTROUT, Ms.
901. ARMENTROUT, Mr. and ROUSE, Ms.
903. KITZMAN, Mr. and COINER, Ms.
904. CLASSICK, Mr. and COINER, Ms.
905. NEHRING, Mr. and COINER, Ms.
906. COLLIER, Mr. and COINER, Ms.
907. DUARTE, Mr. and COINER, Ms.
908. BARTON, Mr. and COINER, Ms.
909. DENNEY, Mr. and COINER, Ms.
910. COINER, Mr. and CAREW, Ms.
911. COINER, James Doyle and MARRS, Iris
912. COINER, Leonard Propes and HELLEY, Ms.
913. COINER, John Marion and WAUGH, Ms.
914. COINER, Lynwood Leonard, Jr. and DOWNER, Phyllis
915. HERNDON, Seldon and COINER, Ms.
916. NYGAARD, Mr. and COINER, Ms.
917. EASTER, Mr. and COINER, Ms.
918. HOY, Mr. and HUTT, Ms.
919. HOY, Mr. and SAVAGE, Ms.
920. MCCHESNEY, Mr. and LEONARD, Ms.
921. BEALS, Mr. and HENKEL, Ms.
922. MOSS, Mr. and HANSER, Ms.
923. HOPKINS, Mr. and COYNER, Ms.
926. RAMSBURG, Mr. and ARONHALT, Ms.
927. RAMSBURG, Mr. and WEBB, Ms.
928. LUSK, Mr. and EARLY, Ms.
929. VIA, Mr. and EARLY, Ms.
930. FUNK, Henry and SNADER, Martha
931. MOSSEY, Roy Lehi and COINER, Pearl Lucille
932. KELLY, John W and COINER, Maude Alb
933. KYKER, Gilford and COYNER, Martha
934. COYNER, Mr. and BAKER, Ms.
935. DANIELS, Robert L and PIERSON, Dorothy May
936. LEHMAN, Melvin W and COYNER, Pauline June
937. COYNER, Herbert Neil and STEVENS, Ms.
938. SCHMID, Mr. and COYNER, Ms.
939. ARNWINE, Mr. and COYNER, Ms.
940. COYNER, Robert Nelson and HARRIS, Ms.
941. O'BANION, Kerry and COYNER, Mary Lou
942. ROGERS, Paul and COYNER, Mary Lou
943. COYNER, Mr. and COLEMAN, Ms.
944. COYNER, Mr. and SHOPE, Ms.
945. FERNOW, Mr. and COYNER, Ms.
946. DEAL, Mr. and COYNER, Ms.
947. EDDY, Richard Abbott and NELSON, Agnes Helen
948. EDDY, John Gibson and STOSKOPF, Opal
949. MCNAMARA, Mr. and COYNER, Ms.
950. COYNER, Lynn and UNKNOWN, Donna
951. MONTROSE, Ron and COYNER, Paula
952. SAYRE, Ward McCowan and LEONARD, Frances Ann
953. LEONARD, Charles Lee and PERSING, Ms.
954. ELMORE, R J and CARR, Hazel
955. PAULING, Walter C and DICE, Verna Lee
956. DICE, Edwin M and GANZ, Frieda
957. CRUMP, Laymond and DICE, Mary Louise
958. COINER, Loren Albertice and LEAH, Viola
959. COINER, Ernest Wesley and HEATH, Babe Irene
960. COINER, Mr. and CARTER, Ms.
961. COINER, Harry Weldon and CLABOUGH, Marguerite
962. RYMUS, Walter Dillon and COINER, Aline Ollen
963. COINER, Miles Warren and BOYCE, Pearl Iona
964. COINER, Arbury Guy and CHASE, Arlene
965. GAROUTTE, Colen Pomeroy and COINER, Lorraine Estelline
966. BLACKBURN, Paul Brodus, Jr. and COFFEY, Merle
967. BLACKBURN, Joseph William and WILKINSON, Elizabeth
968. WILKERSON, Raymond and DAVIS, Jean
969. DAVIS, Guy Sedwick, Jr. and UNKNOWN, Ms.
970. ASHBY, Lloyd Richard, Jr. and WATERHOUSE, Roberta Rae
971. ASHBY, Lloyd Richard, Jr. and TAYLOR, Lois
972. MITCHELL, Kevin and ASHBY, Pamela
973. MADER, Mr. and ASHBY, Pamela
974. CAMPBELL, Raymond and ASHBY, Glenna
975. FROEDGE, Mr. and CAFFEE, Margie
976. HARPER, Millard Robert and POWELL, Barbara
977. HARPER, Elzie Leon and UNKNOWN, Ms.
978. HARPER, Charles Arnold and BORDEN, Judy Dale
979. WILSON, Kenneth and HARPER, Judy
980. MCCOY, Marshall and HARPER, Joyce
981. BLEDSOE, Paul and FUDGE, Carolyn
982. IRVIN, Donald and FUDGE, Vontress Lou
983. YARBERRY, Jerry and FUDGE, Shelia
984. FUDGE, Gene and UNKNOWN, Vonda
985. FUDGE, Ronnie and UNKNOWN, Linda
986. FUDGE, Larry and UNKNOWN, Gayle
987. FUDGE, Garry and UNKNOWN, Ginger
988. MCDONOUGH, John and FUDGE, Wilma
989. MCCLISTER, Mr. and FUDGE, Kathy
990. CARTER, John and FUDGE, Jennifer
991. TUCKER, Ivan and SPARKS, Carol
992. SPARKS, David and UNKNOWN, Johnnie
993. KOZELISKI, Thomas and SPARKS, Allison
994. PERKAL, Glenn and SPARKS, Patricia Ann
995. SPARKS, James and UNKNOWN, Lexie
996. SCHENKEL, Andy and SPARKS, Linda
997. ROWLAND, Mr. and GLENN, Colleen Estelle
998. MCDOWELL, Clifford Dale and WINTERS, Jerdine
999. FREULER, Arthur Louis and INGLES, Eva Marguerite
1000. BISHOP, George Ellsworth and POLSON, Mary Lee
1001. FREULER, Walter J and TRAPP, Martha A
1002. FREULER, Otto E and SCHROTT, Adolphine Joan
1003. FREULER, Frederic A and NAGEL, Dorothy
1004. TOMLIN, David L and INGLES, Gladys
1005. PRICE, Russell Lewis and BISHOP, Clara Anetta
1006. PRICE, Arthur O and BISHOP, Eva Alice
1007. BISHOP, Thomas Otis and WISE, Verna Belle
1008. SHEPPARD, Barton Clarence and POLSON, Laura Dee
1009. SEARCY, James Richard and POLSON, Lena Belle
1010. POLSON, Russell England and STONE, Ruth Elizabeth
1011. POLSON, Hubert Maurice and DOUGHERTY, Dorothy Ann
1012. POLSON, Hubert Maurice and GROCE, Ethel Faye
1013. POLSON, James Harold and STAMBACH, Marjorie Idelle
1014. KOZLOWSKI, John J and SCHLENDER, Marguerite M
1015. HALL, Frederick Leslie and WAY, Emma Elizabeth
1016. HALL, Oliver Moore and COOKINGHAM, Myrtle Mae
1017. HALL, Oliver Moore and SUTTON, Mildred
1018. WOOD, William F and COOKINGHAM, Myrtle Mae
1019. HALL, Norman Cornelius and FITZPATRICK, Mary Elizabeth
1020. GEDDES, William Kirk and FITZPATRICK, Mary Elizabeth
1021. BISHOP, Daniel G and UNKNOWN, Alice
1022. BISHOP, Ellsworth Besizila and KUMPF, Lydia A
1023. BISHOP, Monroe Benjamin and HAMILTON, Rosabell
1024. BISHOP, Monroe Benjamin and EDWARDS, Susie Marguirete
1025. BISHOP, Russell Oliver and WINCHELL, Lena
1026. CHRISTENSEN, Peter and BISHOP, Nora May
1027. NICHOLS, Harvey Leonard and BISHOP, Gladys Emma
1028. MICKELSON, John S and BISHOP, Grace Alice
1029. WALKER, John Franklin and ROWBOTHAM, Minnie M
1030. FERBERT, George David and ROWBOTHAM, Edna Rebecca
1031. TISDALE, Elza and ROWBOTHAM, Edna Rebecca
1032. WILKERSON, Roy D and ROWBOTHAM, Mildred
1033. ROWBOTHAM, Frederick T and UNKNOWN, Lucille
1034. BAKER, Burton and WALDEN, Neva Naomi
1035. MOBLEY, Joel Allen and WALDEN, Helen Josephine
1036. WALDEN, James Orville and CAPPS, Virginia Milner
1037. GARZEE, Archie Valentine and HATTABAUGH, Kate Rebecca
1038. CANNON, Walter and HATTABAUGH, Alberta Mayo
1039. HATTABAUGH, Malcolm Leroy and MARTIN, Fannie Belle
1040. MCCULLOH, Marshall S and MOBLEY, Gladys Irene
1041. WINFREE, Ned Ray and RUCKER, Frieda Dexter
1042. RUCKER, John David, Jr. and UNKNOWN, Barbara Ellen
1043. HUDDLESTON, William Rollin and ENGLAND, Ivory
1044. PIPPIN, William Oscar and HUDDLESTON, Lillian
1045. POLSON, Kenneth Underwood and WRIGHT, Dilda Avis
1046. UTLEY, Mr. and POLSON, Irene
1047. PINNEY, Mr. and POLSON, Iva L
1048. HUDDLESTON, William Rollin, Jr. and WINFREY, Ruth Margaret
1049. HUDDLESTON, William Rollin, Jr. and SCHAFER, Mildred Florence
1050. KING, Harry Milton and WINFREY, Ruth Margaret
1051. SELLERS, George Washington and HOOK, Bertha Canzadia
1052. TOWLERTON, Albert John and HOOK, Laura Alice
1053. HOOK, Leroy Albert and JOHNSON, Lenora C
1054. GEESEY, Michael Banks and HOOK, Isabell Arminda
1055. BRUCE, Leonard Nelson and KLOPP, Ida Luilla
1056. MOLLET, Wade Harold and KOENIG, Doris
1057. BAILEY, Andrew Joseph and MOLLET, Faye Glendline
1058. SUYDAM, Lowell and MOLLET, Dorothy Vivian
1059. MOLLET, Paul Alexander and KIEFER, Wilma Anna
1060. FERRIS, Robert C and CLARK, Dora Bell
1061. WYCOFF, Chester and CLARK, Dora Bell
1062. CLARK, Daniel Edwin and FOX, Ruie
1063. CLARK, Arthur Milton and MEDEEN, Hulda
1064. BOSQUET, Louis B, Jr. and CLARK, Nellie Maria
1065. WHISTLER, Maurice and CLARK, Nellie Maria
1066. CLARK, Leslie Lavern and KING, Winifred
1067. CLARK, Ted Elmer and RUE, Sadie
1068. CLARK, Donald Harrison and SEGFUSSON, Laura
1069. SCHMITT, John and MARTIN, Helen
1070. COLLETT, Willard F and MARTIN, Alice
1071. MARTIN, Lester C and GFALL, Paula M
1072. KLEINERT, William and GFALL, Paula M
1073. MOSE, Howard William and GALSTADT, Minnie
1074. MOSE, Howard William and WAKEFIELD, Nina
1075. MOSE, Ralph Martin and OLSON, Maxine
1076. MOLLET, Roy H and SMALL, Elizabeth
1077. MOLLET, Arthur William and ROPER, Ethel M
1078. MOLLET, Arthur William and UNKNOWN, Georgia Ann
1079. FOLQUET, Maurice and MOLLET, Bertha E
1080. MOLLET, Ralph Ernest and WRIGHT, Mary Kathleen
1081. BENNETT, David E and MOLLET, Ethel M
1082. THOMAS, George E and SHAFER, Naomi
1083. THOMAS, George E and STAFFORD, Margaret
1084. THOMAS, James William and MURPHY, Clara
1085. CRABTREE, Floyd Cecil and THOMAS, Cora Belle
1086. CARTER, Clifford C and THOMAS, Jessie Susan
1087. BROCK, Edgar and THOMAS, Jessie Susan
1088. THOMAS, McClellan and ASHENFELTER, Margaret
1089. THOMAS, Clifford M and DEGUIRE, Lorene N
1090. THOMAS, Charles and ROGERS, Lavena
1091. THOMAS, Archie R and CHAMBERLAIN, Greta
1092. THOMAS, Harvey Allen and NEEF, Virginia
1093. THOMAS, Elvin Evans and ALDERIN, Vera S
1094. RANDS, Harry Allen and UNKNOWN, Esma
1095. RANDS, William John and CAROUTHERS, Esther Myrtle
1096. RANDS, Clarence Ray and WHITTEMORE, Hopewell R
1097. COLE, Mr. and RANDS, Mabel Joy
1098. LANGELAND, Carl T and MOLLET, Pearl Eur
1099. MOLLET, Walter Charles and YOUNG, Winifred Louise
1100. MOLLET, Harold D and NELSEN, Verla M
1101. MOLLET, Glen M and OLSON, Ruth
1102. MOLLET, Clarence Franklin and GEE, Genevieve Eilene
1103. VARUSKA, James R, Jr. and MOLLET, Dora Amelia
1104. MOLLET, Alvin Ernest and SLEEMAN, Thelma
1105. MOLLET, Edward William and BENTZ, Alma
1106. MOLLET, Vernon Otis and LARSON, Gladys Louise
1107. MONTAGUE, Allen D and MOLLET, Bernice E
1108. TRAINER, Robert and MOLLET, Bernice E
1109. NEDVED, Delmar J and MOLLET, Ruby L
1110. ANDERSON, Joe and MOLLET, Agnes C
1111. SWANSON, Alfred W and MOLLET, Vivian Lucille
1112. MOLLET, Wayne Delbert and HEIM, Doris M
1113. RIETZ, Mr. and LEDER, Emma Anna
1114. WEHMEIER, Mr. and LEDER, Emma Anna
1115. LEDER, Adolph Conrad and SULLENGER, Virginia
1116. BUCHANON, John Hawerton and SNYDER, Minnie E
1117. SNYDER, George B and STEPHENS, Letha M
1118. SNYDER, George B and WOURAN, Sarah M
1119. JOHNSON, Mr. and SNYDER, Margaret Marie
1120. FARRAND, Merrill B and SNYDER, Gertrude W
1121. SNYDER, Frank S and UNKNOWN, Ruth M
1122. RASMUSSEN, Christian V and SNYDER, Hildegard C
1123. PISAN, Mr. and SNYDER, Hildegard C
1124. SNYDER, Waldemar G and MALONE, Mildred
1125. GUMMERE, Mr. and LEDER, Edna Alvena
1126. SAATHOFF, Homer H and HUG, Cleda B
1127. STEPHENS, Mr. and MEDINNUS, Edith
1128. BIERLE, Oscar Christian and SKOREPA, Lucille Ella
1129. PRANKE, Laverne and MOLLET, Eva
1130. CRAIG, Sanford and MOLLET, Mary
1131. JONASEN, Thomas and MOLLET, Wilma
1132. VOLMER, William Henry and RUBEN, Ann
1133. VOLMER, Louis John and GRAFF, Kathryn
1134. PAPPA, Dick and FRYE, Ruth
1135. FRYE, Paul E and FULDING, Ruth
1136. FRYE, William and SWEEGANS, Elma
1137. SCOTT, Harvey King and KORANDA, Matilda H
1138. LEONHART, Paul E and KORANDA, Josephine Mary
1139. HOYT, Clifford R and KORANDA, Hattie Marie
1140. TOMASON, Lacy and KORANDA, Lucy E
1141. KORANDA, Edward J and NASH, Marian
1142. KORANDA, Clarence A and WILSON, Naomi
1143. KORANDA, Glenn Dayton and OSTLUND, Verna Marie
1144. KORANDA, Donald Dale and THOMSON, Averil Mae
1145. BORN, Armond and WINTER, Evelyn M
1146. SARGEANT, Blaine W and WINTER, Helen Mildred
1147. TAYLOR, Ben and WINTER, Bernice G
1148. WINTER, Lloyd I and WOLFARTH, Elizabeth
1149. BEERS, George, Jr. and SANFORD, Kathryn
1150. BEERS, Francis Earl and NIES, Leone Ann
1151. BEERS, John W and BREWER, Gladys
1152. METCALF, Tom and BEERS, Dorothy Josephine
1153. BEERS, Melvin A and KAVULKA, Lavonne F
1154. CULLEY, Homer E and SCHEEL, Esther E
1155. GREENE, Elmer E and SCHEEL, Mabel Shirley
1156. SCHEEL, Merl H and FENSTER, Laila
1157. MILLER, Vernelle and SCHEEL, Eunice A
1158. SCHEEL, Floyd W and FOX, Audrey
1159. KRUITHOFF, Andy and SCHEEL, Alice F
1160. KLOEPPEL, Vernon B and PEDERSON, Ruth
1161. KLOEPPEL, Arnold C and SCHERMAN, Esther
1162. KLOEPPEL, Eugene G and HOUSER, Betty
1163. STAFFORD, Roy T and KLOEPPEL, Beulah J
1164. KLOEPPEL, Lee D and JOHNSON, Ardith
1165. THEIS, Gerald and KLOEPPEL, Betty
1166. JONASEN, Rollin and FLINT, Katherine
1167. KRUSSEL, Edward and JONASEN, Beatrice
1168. KRUSSEL, Vincent and JONASEN, Gladys Lorene
1169. JONASON, Dayton Dale and UNKNOWN, Virginia
1170. ROCKWOOD, Bertrand A, Jr. and CRISCUOLO, Josephine
1171. ROCKWOOD, Lyle Wilbert and TESCHKE, Betty M
1172. ROCKWOOD, Robert Winter and JAHN, Lucille Maxine
1173. WINTER, Delmar E and ALTHOUSE, Geraldine
1174. WINTER, Oravon R and WAGNER, Georgia
1175. WINTER, Ronald E and KIDD, Myrna
1176. WINTER, Dubel and PERFECT, Fern
1177. MARTIN, James and WINTER, Viola
1178. TAYLOR, William and WINTER, Viola
1179. CAPPS, Elmoin Burage and FLAMM, Eleanor A
1180. CAPPS, Luther Lynn and TROTTER, Pearl Violet
1181. PICKENS, Cary Burk and UNKNOWN, Carrie
1182. BUSEY, Lloyd Irvin and PICKENS, Sarah Grace
1183. POLSON, Arthur J and VELUZAT, Minnie Belle
1184. WINEGAR, John Clemons and POLSON, Alice
1185. POLSON, Otis Washington and CARY, Verna Jewell
1186. DOYEL, Richard Gott and POLSON, Ola
1187. HOWELL, Homer W and POLSON, Verna B
1188. POLSON, Charles Terry and ELLIS, Leona
1189. PEDIGO, B Clyde and POLSON, Dorothy Jewell
1190. POLSON, Henry Clarence and PICKETT, Ada
1191. POLSON, Henry Clarence and WELLS, Maye Jane
1192. POLSON, Otha L and SPENCER, Dollie Lucy
1193. POLSON, Edgar Owen and NICHOLS, Grace L
1194. POLSON, Earnest and SPENCER, Grace
1195. POLSON, Earnest and HURT, Lottie Francie
1196. POLSON, Earnest and CRABTREE, Sara Anna
1197. BROADY, Lonnie Raymond and UNKNOWN, Ms.
1198. BRAGG, Rufus R and JESSIE, Millie V
1199. MCDANIEL, Mr. and ENGLAND, Dorothy
1200. BOTTOFF, Mr. and ENGLAND, Amy
1201. STRANGE, Mr. and ENGLAND, Mamye
1202. CASSADY, Stanley Reid and CASSADY, Helen D
1203. ENGLAND, Rex M and UNKNOWN, Marie T
1204. ENGLAND, Hollis Lloyd and BRANSTETTER, Susan
1205. GIBSON, Ernest and ENGLAND, Mary Lenore
1206. BARNES, Arvil A and ENGLAND, Velma Mae
1207. COMPTON, Henry Oscar and ENGLAND, Gertrude Lillie
1208. ENGLAND, Roy Clifton and MOORE, Cecil
1209. ENGLAND, Carlos Oakley and BURRIS, Zorene
1210. COMPTON, James Riley and ENGLAND, Josie G
1211. BURRIS, George William and ENGLAND, Annie Lee
1212. HOLLAND, Mr. and ENGLAND, Ella Marie
1213. UNKNOWN, Mr. and ENGLAND, Ella Marie
1214. ENGLAND, Hollis J and CLARK, Myrtle
1215. BRAGG, Robert E and ENGLAND, Leatha Alice
1216. ENGLAND, Ernest James and STAFFORD, Alice S
1217. ENGLAND, Lee Compton and JESSIE, Delcie
1218. JESSIE, Delmar Larue and ENGLAND, Ruby M
1219. GOWEN, Harbert and COMPTON, Beatrice
1220. SEXTON, Loren Coomer and COMPTON, Edna Mae
1221. JESSIE, Ovie Leon and COMPTON, Nina Ray
1222. COMPTON, Clayton Howard and COLEMAN, Virginia Eileen
1223. DIAL, Luther and COMPTON, Ruby Nell
1224. COMPTON, Clinton W and UNKNOWN, Cheryl D
1225. JESSIE, Robert B and COMPTON, Margaret L
1226. JESSIE, Robert B and DAVIDSON, Mary
1227. ENGLAND, Edward and UNKNOWN, Betty
1228. ENGLAND, Willard and UNKNOWN, Beulah
1229. COMPTON, Mr. and ROACH, Geneva Catherine
1230. HATTABAUGH, Clarence James and BLACKWOOD, Willie Charlene
1231. TRUEBLOOD, Harvey and HATTABAUGH, Mary E
1232. EARLY, Oscar and HATTABAUGH, Gertrude
1233. SWEENEY, Cletus D and HATTABAUGH, Gertrude
1234. HATTABAUGH, Green and EGLEN, Erie
1235. HATTABAUGH, Dawson and EARLY, Lydia May
1236. HATTABAUGH, Talmadge and RONEY, Lottie A
1237. HATTABAUGH, Roy and APPELGATE, Lillie E
1238. HATTABAUGH, Emmett and CORNETT, Minnie
1239. WINGLER, John Franklin and HATTABAUGH, Francis
1240. KEMP, Herman and HATTABAUGH, Carrie
1241. HAMILTON, Theodore Franklin and HATTABAUGH, Minnie
1242. HATTABAUGH, Millard and WHEELER, Mildred Constance
1243. HENDRICKSON, Leonard John and HATTABAUGH, Bessie Irene
1244. HATTABAUGH, Earl and BREWER, Edna
1245. HATTABAUGH, Merle and KILLION, Belva Gertrude
1246. DENNEY, Harry Clifford and CHASE, Mary Marie
1247. OVERALL, Daniel Griffith, Jr. and HAWPE, Cynthia A
1248. LETCHER, Jerrold Ranson and HAWPE, Ellen Kate
1249. HAWPE, James R and LEWIS, Mary E
1250. HAWPE, William Wood and RIGNEY, Adeline E
1251. HATHAWAY, Charles Cary and HAWPE, Gussie Izula
1252. CARTER, Beverly Herndon and HAWPE, Lutie
1253. HAWPE, Benjamin Ryland and ENES, Blanche
1254. LEVY, Rudolph Hawpe and UNKNOWN, Mary A
1255. LAWLESS, John Thomas and MCMAHAN, Adelia
1256. MCMAHAN, Harvey Clay and MOORE, Lucy Lee
1257. MCMAHAN, Edward G and MILHOLLIN, Ethel
1258. MCMAHAN, George Hawpe and PANNELL, Carrie
1259. LAWLESS, Charles Lester and MCMAHAN, Mary Louise
1260. HAWPE, John Roland and JOHNSON, Collista Octavia
1261. HAWPE, John Roland and UNKNOWN, Nannie
1262. HAWPE, John Roland and HIGGINS, Annie Souther
1263. MCPHERSON, Thomas Benton and HAWPE, Selinah Elizabeth
1264. HAWPE, George Timolian and SYPERT, Laura Elizabeth
1265. MCPHERSON, Jacob Marion and HAWPE, Cora Eudora
1266. HAWPE, Wellington Lattimer and CATON, Albina Dillereen
1267. THOMPSON, William Alexander and HAWPE, Matilda Louise
1268. BANKHEAD, Gardner J and HAWPE, Frances E
1269. WHITE, Charles and HAWPE, Newtonia
1270. HALE, George Thomas and HAWPE, Newtonia
1271. COOK, Edward Robinson, Jr. and HAWPE, Forrest Rose
1272. HAWPE, Charlie Bartlett and UNKNOWN, Ms.
1273. HAWPE, Charlie Bartlett and KESTERSON, Addie Allen
1274. HAWPE, George Walton and MCCUAN, Annie May
1275. MELTON, William Frank and HAWPE, Mattie Elinda
1276. BROWN, John Dewitt and COOK, Mary Frances
1277. COCHRAN, William Matson and COOK, Louisa Jane
1278. BROWN, George Wesley and COOK, Margarite Electa Flora
1279. STOTTS, William H and COOK, Zulah Brown
1280. HALE, James George and MCCRARY, Eugenia
1281. HALE, John Edward and DODD, Ellen
1282. TURNER, James Houston and HALE, Susan Eoline
1283. WALKER, Marion Thomas and HALE, Lillian Clementine
1284. HALE, Joseph Oliver and SMILEY, Blanch
1285. HALE, Joseph Oliver and BROWN, Dora Moline
1286. HALE, William Malloy and PRICE, Rosa Lee
1287. MELTON, Forrest Lee and WITT, Georgia
1288. OWENS, William and VANHORN, Nancy P
1289. VANHORN, John George and COOSE, Annie E
1290. COX, Aman B and VANHORN, Mary Elizabeth
1291. BONNER, William Harvey and VANHORN, Sallie Ann
1292. PARKER, Harry S and ATHERTON, Lula J
1293. PARKER, Eugene Orange and POOR, Vida Vassa Dido
1294. PARKER, George S and FREEMAN, Martha J
1295. MARSHALL, Ray and PARKER, Margaret R
1296. LAWLESS, B F and PARKER, Margaret R
1297. BALSEY, W and KOINER, Estie Ella
1298. KOINER, George Franklin and HYDEN, Beulah
1299. PATTERSON, Joseph Franklin and KOINER, Rosa Ann Lee
1300. WAIDE, Arthur and COINER, Ida Inis
1301. COINER, Irenaeus Summerfield and ALEXANDER, Sarah
1302. FOSTER, Robert and COINER, Mayner
1303. ROWE, Floyd and COINER, Ortie
1304. COYNER, William Franklin and CLEMMER, Lula
1305. GROVE, Raymond and COINER, Glenna
1306. SHUMATE, W D and COINER, Vianna
1307. FOX, Martin Luther and COINER, Margaret Diller
1308. MCGHAN, Rurke and KOINER, Aletha
1309. CLYBURN, William P and COYNER, Nell Virginia
1310. CAMPBELL, Mr. and COINER, Bertha N
1311. SLATER, Mr. and COINER, Alpha B
1312. COINER, Frank E and MILLER, Hattie
1313. BALLARD, Poletus Washington and COINER, Mary Ann
1314. COINER, John and UNKNOWN, Mary E
1315. COINER, George Andrew and FOREST, Malinda Jane
1316. WHITAKER, James Samuel and COINER, Rosa Bell
1317. LACKEY, Andrew and SHRECKHISE, Stevie
1318. PENCE, James and SWISHER, Signora
1319. PENCE, Edward and ALLMAN, Lurena
1320. BRUBECK, William and CHRISTIAN, Carrie
1321. GROVE, James M and COINER, Mary Christene
1322. KYNER, James Henry and CONRAD, Naomi
1323. KYNER, James Henry and PARKER, Hattie
1324. CRAMPTON, David Freimeier and KYNER, Helen Mary
1325. BARTLETT, L A and KYNER, Elizabeth Jane
1326. KYNER, Daniel W and SCHAFER, Ada
1327. DANIEL, David R and KYNER, Nancy Ann
1328. ROCKY, Hamilton T and KYNER, Cordelia Elizabeth
1329. KYNER, Francis Merion and HURLEY, Myra Alma
1330. KINER, Clarence Leroy and HOSLER, Thelma I
1331. KINER, Fred O and UNKNOWN, Fannie L
1332. KINER, Carl Henry and BEECHLER, Nora
1333. KYNER, Charles Alfred and HUMPHREY, Georgiana
1334. DONER, John and KYNER, May
1335. KYNER, Boyd W and UNKNOWN, Marie
1336. BRUSH, Herbert B and ASHBURNER, Margaret A
1337. MARKGRAF, Mark Gilmour and ASHBURNER, Louise M
1338. ROBERTS, William John Lewis and FOX, Bessie Bell
1339. SHEPHERD, Bernard D and FOX, Minnie Lucile
1340. HANDY, A L and KOINER, Annie Moffett
1341. KOINER, Howard Douglas and LEFTWICH, Dorothy
1342. WOODING, Mr. and EARLY, Marie Hortense
1343. KINER, Ulyses Everett and FISHER, Anna
1344. DILL, Burton and KINER, Valora
1345. KINSER, Ira and CARRY, Agnes
1346. PENNELL, Lewis and CARRY, Grace
1347. SPOTTS, Mr. and KILLIAN, Julia
1348. WARREN, Mr. and KILLIAN, Ollie
1349. BOWMAN, Jacob Killian and MACDONALD, Geline
1350. SNOW, Mr. and KOINER, Mary Dulaney
1351. KOINER, Junius Spaeth and HOLMES, Ms.
1352. CARPENTER, George and KOINER, Emily Carrington
1353. LAIL, Robert Luther and KOINER, Florence Wahlstrom
1354. KOINER, Warren Worth and HUGHES, Virginia May
1355. BRADLEY, Samuel Franklin and KOINER, Octavia
1356. COINER, Casper Cecil and KOINER, Hattie Barger
1357. OTT, James Elmer and MARTIN, Sarah Amantha
1358. TAYLOR, Robert S and FUNK, Minnie Myrtle
1359. BEAZLEY, William O and FUNK, Norma Beatrice
1360. COINER, Hallie Ewing and FAUVER, Kate Will
1361. KOINER, Howard Earman and FUNKHOUSER, Mattie Ruth
1362. BAILEY, Meade Hampton and ALLISON, Ollie Pearl
1363. BAILEY, William Newton and FURR, Addie Kate
1364. CARPENTER, Grover Cleveland and BAILEY, Bessie Jane
1365. SINGLETON, Willard W and BAILEY, Lollie Ann
1366. ROSEN, Cecil Clyde and BAILEY, Nettie Kate
1367. BAILEY, Clarence Alexander and CARROLL, Stella
1368. BAILEY, Clarence Alexander and MILLER, Lucille Mart
1369. ZIRKLE, Franklin L and HOGSHEAD, Nataline
1370. ZIRKLE, Luther A and AWDE, Etta Idahlia
1371. KOINER, William Wise and YOUNT, Anna Roberts
1372. KOINER, Hensel Worth and BARR, Mary Elizabeth
1373. BRIGHT, George and PORTERFIELD, Virginia
1374. COINER, Elmer Weaver and MCCOMB, Sallie Robinson
1375. COHRON, Elmer and COINER, Sarah Elizabeth
1376. HOUSTON, R E and COINER, Edna
1377. COINER, Walter Franklin and GARBER, Elizabeth H
1378. BARTON, James Samuel and HOUSEMAN, Hazel Catherine
1379. BRANAMAN, Guy Huitt and GUY, Mattie Belle
1380. MCGREEVY, Mr. and PELTER, Susan Viola
1381. YOUNG, Lacy Inigo and GROVE, Lula Ruth
1382. GROVE, George Grayson and VINT, Mary Whisner
1383. GROVE, Frank Coiner and SWARTSELL, Louise
1384. GROVE, Alfred Bell and TRIMBLE, Mary Virginia
1385. CULPEPPER, Howard and RODES, Ruth
1386. SHELTON, Walter and RODES, Alberta
1387. HOLDEN, Howard, Md and RODES, Dorothy
1388. COINER, Emmett Grayson and CONRAD, Percis
1389. COYNER, Artemus Vastine and COINER, Rebecca Belle
1390. COINER, Fred C and TAYLOR, Beatrice
1391. COINER, Roscoe Fox and KENDEL, Ethel
1392. THACKER, Roy Oren and COINER, Mary Blessing
1393. COINER, John Preston and BUTLER, Helen
1394. BRATTON, Eugene D and COINER, Jessie Elizabeth
1395. BRATTON, Eugene D and WHITE, Frances
1396. COINER, Charles Price, Jr. and VAN FOSSEN, Edith
1397. COINER, Claude McCord and MILLER, Esther
1398. HISERMAN, Franklin Raymond, Sr. and COINER, Mabel Ariminta
1399. COINER, Carroll Randolph and MUNSFORD, Cherrie E
1400. COINER, Montell Grove and FOSTER, Lola Margaret
1401. HARTMAN, Frank Bernard and COINER, Ann Rebecca
1402. KUBLER, Ernest F and COINER, Ann Rebecca
1403. COYNER, Russell Parnell and COYNER, Vivian U
1404. TUCKER, Charles and COINER, Lillian M
1405. MCKEEMY, Calvin C and GUMM, Edna
1406. EAVEY, Wilmer S and MCKEEMY, Grace Louise
1407. SHINER, Dalvin Leopold and MCKEEMY, Annie Virginia
1408. TESKEY, Sidney Clifton and MCKEEMY, Edyth Patricia
1409. CHRISTIAN, James Scott and WILSON, Minnie Long
1410. COOK, William Lewis and WILSON, Sarah Elizabeth
1411. HUNT, Judson Goodloe and HODGE, Louella Texas
1412. HODGE, Thomas Hamilton and SHIRLEY, Eleanor Alexander
1413. COHRON, Pilson and HODGE, Virginia Hattie
1414. ANDERSON, James Allen and HEIDORN, Anna W
1415. ANDERSON, Newton Holliday and MILLER, Leona
1416. EICHELBERGER, Hugh Crawford and BROOKS, Hazel Eastwood
1417. EICHELBERGER, Henry Baxter and HATHAWAY, Mary Virginia
1418. DAVIS, Guy Eugene and HALLEY, Helen Elizabeth
1419. HALLEY, Edgar Tisdale and CRISEL, Dorothy Edith
1420. BLACK, George Seth and HALLEY, Ruth Elvira
1421. HALLEY, Victor Robert and SMITH, Lola Odessa
1422. BRODIE, William Richard and HUTTON, Pearl Virginia
1423. KINDEL, Charles Frederic and HUTTON, Ida May
1424. HUTTON, James Thomas and DERRYBERRY, Parallee Arminda
1425. KINDEL, John Horace and HUTTON, Bessie Emaline
1426. HUTTON, Joseph Preston and EDWARDS, Maudaline
1427. HUTTON, John Henry and MCBEE, Dora
1428. HALLEY, Harry Hampton and TAYLOR, Gertrude Ellnora
1429. HALLEY, Harry Hampton and BRADY, Florence Laura
1430. HALLEY, Joseph Edwin and JOHNSON, Susan Ellen
1431. HALLEY, Joseph Edwin and KILLON, Myrtle Kathryn
1432. CLINARD, Edgar L and HALLEY, Kathryn E
1433. WIRCH, Ernest Paul and HALLEY, Kathryn E
1434. GROSS, Edward Gallaudet and AMSPACHER, Helen Edith
1435. GROSS, Frederick Alfred and HUTSEL, Florence Marie
1436. FISHER, Robert Edmund and GROSS, Katherine Elizabeth
1437. FISHER, Robert Edmund and BAYNHAM, Frances
1438. HALLEY, Maurice Preston and JARMAN, Jessie Lena
1439. HALLEY, William Alfred and PEMBERTON, Mary Katherine
1440. HALLEY, William Alfred and NOLTE, Iva Warden
1441. SCHILLING, Frederick John and HALLEY, Rose
1442. RHODES, Roscoe and HALLEY, Emma Lucille
1443. MITCHELL, Mr. and HALLEY, Emma Lucille
1444. HALLEY, Harry Clay and CASTLEMAN, Mildred
1445. STEBLETON, Floyd Russell and HALLEY, Ruby Leigh
1446. CASTINE, Philip and HALLEY, Alfreda Louise
1447. TRUETT, Robert and HALLEY, Alfreda Louise
1448. LEES, Herbert George and DALLAS, Gertrude Estelle
1449. COPELAND, Edward Clarence and DALLAS, Gertrude Estelle
1450. DALLAS, James Harley and BUTLER, Marie
1451. HALLEY, Oscar Thomas, Jr. and MINTER, Jean
1452. STRATTON, Elmer Ione and HOUSEWRIGHT, Mattie Zelma
1453. BIGGS, Gene P and STRATTON, Margaret Virginia
1454. STRATTON, Robert Newton and ROPER, Edna Laverne
1455. SHANER, Martin Luther and MAYER, Grace Alice
1456. BROOKS, Clyde Walton and SHANER, Ruth Lillian
1457. COINER, Carle Alexander and BLACKWELL, Lillian Elizabeth
1458. TAYLOR, Walter Clayton and COINER, Ann Elizabeth
1459. COINER, Wesley Ervine and CRITZER, Ethel Geraldine
1460. COINER, Edward Shaner and JORDON, Margaret Hamer
1461. DAVIES, Raymond and COINER, Catharine Louise
1462. CALKINS, Frank Seymore and COYNER, Mary Gertrude
1463. HUFFARD, James Hudson and COYNER, Frances
1464. HENKEL, Harold Killian and WILLIAMS, Lola
1465. SMITH, Henry Clayton and HENKEL, Bertha Elizabeth
1466. HARRIS, Martin and COINER, Nellie Brown
1467. PHILLIPPE, Paul and COINER, Mary Elizabeth
1468. HUBBARD, Coburn and COINER, Eugenia
1469. JOINER, Leonard and GROVE, Leola
1470. WRIGHT, Emeret and GROVE, Caroline
1471. MCCUNE, Gordon and HARNES, Lottie
1472. MCCUNE, Vernon and SANGER, Lettie
1473. COHRON, Ward Lee and HARRIS, Ms.
1474. KYLE, William C and COHRON, Violet Geraldine
1475. GODFREY, Burt and COHRON, Jane Arabell
1476. POTTER, Allen Leroy and COINER, Alberta Elizabeth
1477. COINER, Alva Alden and BRINKMAN, Anna Gaynelle
1478. COINER, Earl Eugene and BRINKMAN, Mabel Rosella
1479. DUFF, Homer Z and COINER, Jean
1480. PHILLIPS, Fred H and COINER, Mildred Edith
1481. BRUCE, James L and LINK, Martha
1482. MOOSE, Paul L and LINK, Sarah
1483. HENKEL, Charles Tucker and RICE, Amelia H
1484. SITES, Hugh M and RICE, Amelia H
1485. HENKEL, Wade Hampton and RICE, Emily Bertha
1486. WILLIAMS, George Branson and HENKEL, Bertie Berkley
1487. HENKEL, Stuart Wilson Walker and EAKEY, Martha
1488. FOLTZ, Arthur James and THOMAS, Mary Elizabeth
1489. FOLTZ, Emmet Eugene and THOMAS, Rena Kathleen
1490. FOLTZ, Russell Raleigh and RODGERS, Eliza J
1491. WISE, Thomas and HENKEL, Florence H
1492. WISE, Frank and HENKEL, Laura Davis
1493. NEWMAN, William H and HENKEL, Mary Constance
1494. HENKEL, John Rowls and DRUMELLER, Mattie Lee
1495. HENKEL, Charles Franklin and KINGSBURY, Bessie Partee
1496. WEATHERHOLTZ, Charles Berryman and ZIRKLE, Ada Florence
1497. ZIRKLE, Robert Russell and GARBER, Anna Rose
1498. WOLFE, Lemuel Bruce and ZIRKLE, Effie Rebecca
1499. ESTEP, Noah Simon and ZIRKLE, Margaret Irene
1500. KERLIN, Charles S and ZIRKLE, Julia Ellen
1501. FUNKHOUSER, Truman Matthias and ZIRKLE, Anna Virginia
1502. ZERKEL, Bernie and ZIRKLE, Beatrice Caroline
1503. MOORE, Tucker Cleveland and ZIRKLE, Mary Catherine
1504. ZIRKLE, Henry Gideon and GRABILL, Bessie
1505. RINKER, Earl Edwin and ZIRKLE, Lena Constance
1506. TISINGER, William Henkel and AMBROSE, Elizabeth Clarinda
1507. SHUTTERS, Harry Bernard and TISINGER, Margaret Amelia
1508. TISINGER, Lewis Franklin and DOWNEY, Lydia Virginia
1509. FANSLER, Burtelle Whitmore and TISINGER, Julia Virginia
1510. DINGLEDINE, Melvin Russell and TISINGER, Ruth Coiner
1511. TISINGER, Richard Martin and OHL, Irma Regina
1512. RENALDS, Ira Godfrey and KENNEDY, Francis Amelia
1513. RENALDS, Ira Godfrey and CUPP, Margaret White
1514. HALL, James Richard and KENNEDY, Francis Amelia
1515. RENALDS, Frank Henkel and REID, Ollie Mae
1516. RENALDS, Ray William and GARBER, Elizabeth Rebecca
1517. RENALDS, Melvin Montelle and DOLL, Virginia
1518. RENALDS, Melvin Montelle and KALINCHAK, Julia
1519. RENALDS, Richard Russell and PENCE, Hazel Agnes
1520. LADD, Allen Quarles and RENALDS COOKE, Margaret Lucille
1521. COINER, Hubert Wayne and TOLLEY, Walteen Inez
1522. NICHOLAS, John and COINER, Lucille
1523. ROSEN, Kerby and COINER, C S
1524. BEAN, Russell and COINER, Sarah Davis
1525. SHERMAN, Mr. and COINER, Nellie
1526. COINER, Louis and PHILLIPS, Ruth
1527. BINFORD, Allen and COINER, Evlyn
1528. CLAYTOR, Charles Walker and COINER, Bertha B
1529. CLAYTOR, Lewis Alphonso and KOINER, Cora Alice
1530. BROWN, Roy and LAYMAN, Ada Ruth
1531. LAYMAN, Cecil and FOWLKES, Ann
1532. BARGER, Emmett Warren and UNKNOWN, Katherine C
1533. COINER, Godfrey Celsus and BARGER, Mable Katherine
1534. HENKEL, Oscar David and COYNER, Mary Elizabeth
1535. SCHENK, J E and HENKEL, Bertha G
1536. COINER, Hallie Leonard and THOMPSON, Mary
1537. BENNETT, Chester Arthur and COINER, Mildred Hope
1538. FOSTER, Franklin Allison and COINER, Pauline Sexton
1539. DEADRICK, Fred A and COINER, Margaret Rebecca
1540. HARTMAN, Paul Ezra and COINER, Margaret Rebecca
1541. COINER, Carlyle H and BELL, Louise
1542. BALL, Arthur and COINER, Hannah V
1543. PERKINS, Ralph and COINER, Susie
1544. FRANKE, James and COINER, Catharine
1545. COINER, John Robson and SLAUGHTER, Emily
1546. COINER, John Robson and BURTON, Mary Imogene
1547. LEONARD, Frederick Benjamin and COYNER, Edna Clair
1548. BURGESS, Herbert Penn and COYNER, Inez Eakle
1549. COYNER, James Diller and MCCAMBRIDGE, Thelma Myrtle
1550. GARDNER, William Lee and COYNER, Margaret Virginia
1551. COYNER, Jackson Palmer and SIGNOR, Louise
1552. COINER, Jacob Signor-Ligon and CRAWFORD, Rosemary
1553. COINER, Littleberry Netherland and STRIDER, Georgette Webster
1554. BROWN, Murray Cox and COINER, Grace Louise
1555. COYNER, John Samuel and BUSH, Elizabeth
1556. LIPSCOMB, Thomas Cox and COYNER, Margaret Elizabeth
1557. KNOWLES, Philip Randolph and COYNER, Mary Virginia
1558. JOHNSON, Wilbur Hulvey and COYNER, Catherine Palmer
1559. COYNER, James Varner and VAN VLIET, Katherine
1560. HILDEBRAND, Alvin Eugene and COYNER, Dorothy Jean
1561. FROOM, Arthur Herbert and COINER, Lulu Belle
1562. MERRITT, George Phoenix and COINER, Lucy Bertha
1563. DEL'EAU, John Peale and COINER, Frances Margaret
1564. DYER, Ralph Franklin and COINER, Nora Alice
1565. SHOUKE, Ed and COINER, Edith Ethel
1566. RICE, Elmer Charles and BLOSSER, Edna
1567. FRANCE, James Everett and RICE, Gertrude
1568. NUSS, William Henry and RICE, Edith
1569. RICE, Ellis Hickman and HALBERT, Creelie
1570. CHESTER, George Henry and WHITCHER, Charlotte Ellen
1571. MCCULLOUGH, Frank and PIERCE, Edith
1572. PIERCE, Horace Frederick and HOOVER, Shirley
1573. PIERCE, Charles Richard and UNKNOWN, Ruth Elizabeth
1574. COYNER, Cecil Marion and COINER, Mary Susan
1575. COINER, Noris William and CAMPBELL, Elizabeth Virginia
1576. COINER, Noris William and BEAVANS, Ms.
1577. BILLIGMEIR, Robert James and COINER, Rosa Lee
1578. KIBLINGER, Ree Franklin and COINER, Bonnie Jean
1579. KOINER, Ralph Waldo and HUPPLIN, Louise
1580. KOINER, William R and GARR, Avalon
1581. KOINER, Raleigh Gilbert, Jr. and YEATMAN, Gladys
1582. MCDOWELL, Clyde and KOINER, Francis Kathryn
1583. BRUMBACK, Lacy O'Neal and KOINER, Tanner Louise
1584. KOINER, Howard B and BLANCHARD, Thelma
1585. MCREE, Oswald Theodore and COYNER, Elizabeth Ann
1586. BRADY, Walter Adolphus and COYNER, Charlotte Louise
1587. COYNER, Edwin Leslie and HERMAN, Fannie Minerva
1588. BOYD, James Ross and COYNER, Eva Catherine
1589. COYNER, Kenneth Hubert and SCHMITZER, Vera Ruth
1590. COYNER, Arthur Henry and GERKEN, Ruth Caroline
1591. COYNER, Wilfred Leslie and BUIE, Marie Louise
1592. COYNER, Donald Edward and HEMPHILL, Johnnie Benjamin
1593. COYNER, Charles Bernard and BEAMER, Mabel Virginia
1594. COYNER, Norman Wilbur and GRAY, Margaret Louise
1595. BEAN, Norton Mills and COYNER, Helen Christine
1596. COYNER, Harold Frederic and GRZENDA, Mildred Emile
1597. COYNER, Eugene Casper and HURLEY, Ailie Miriam
1598. JONES, Mr. and GREEVER, Eleanor
1599. GREEVER, Edgar Philip and GILLESPIE, Lucie Guerrant
1600. COYNER, Martin Boyd, Jr. and GILMER, Betsy
1601. COYNER, Edwin A, Jr. and FREY, Beverly
1602. GROVE, Simon Miller and HARRIS, Mary Emma
1603. ADKINS, Clifford and GROVE, Mary Elizabeth
1604. SCHOWALTER, Erwin Daniel and COYNER, Emma Julia Dorothy
1605. COYNER, Edgar Daniel Elijah and BYRNE, Bessie
1606. COINER, Conrad Hartman and KOSELL, Helen
1607. KEIL, Mr. and COYNER, Rosamond Read
1608. LONG, George Everett and COYNER, Julia Iola Gertrude
1609. GRIMSTEAD, Meek and COYNER, Myrtle Elizabeth
1610. MACKEE, George and COYNER, Sophia
1611. FREED, Paul William and GIBSON, Mary Evylin
1612. FREED, Raymond Elijah and FISHER, Mary J
1613. FREED, Franklin Rudolph and BOARD, Jessie
1614. FREED, Robert Coiner and BEST, Pearl
1615. FREED, Thomas Marshall and MOON, Mary Mildred
1616. SHANNON, Mr. and KREINHERDER, Katharine
1617. ARMENTROUT, Winston Lile and COINER, Josephine Elizabeth
1618. COINER, Harry Gordon and MANSON, Henrietta Bain
1619. COINER, Edgar Read and CHRISTENSEN, Norma Jean
1620. COINER, Lewis Miller and RAUDENBUSH, Jane Lee
1621. COINER, Paul Sommers and SINDLINGER, Clarice
1622. COINER, Lynwood Leonard and MEONI, Clair
1623. COINER, Marion Gilbert and PITTMAN, Josephine
1624. COINER, Marion Gilbert and MILTON, Virginia
1625. COINER, Marion Gilbert and MERIDITH, Frances Kilby
1626. COINER, Erceldine Harper and MCCLURE, Ruth Carlea
1627. BOEHLING, M Tom and COINER, Margaret
1628. KESSLER, Yager and COINER, Chrystal
1629. COINER, Meridith and MEADOR, Sadie Elizabeth
1630. WELLS, Charley and COINER, Sylvia
1631. DAY, Carlton and COINER, Etta May
1632. BLEASE, Marion H and MILLER, Myrtle
1633. RENKEN, Algernon and BENVILLIAN, Isabell
1634. RENKEN, Algernon and SCHMITT, Ruth
1635. KNOWLES, Charles Robert, Jr. and MILLER, Elsie Maria
1636. VAN HASTE, Wilber and KNOWLES, Margaret
1637. MILLER, William Guy
1638. HATTAWAY, S M and COOK, Mary Amelia
1639. ALEXANDER, Charles and LEONARD, Aleath Virginia
1640. HOY, Isaac Clay and LEONARD, Mary Ruth
1641. LEONARD, John Frederick and SHARPE, Clesta Belle
1642. LEONARD, James Gordon and DICKERSON, Lucille
1643. LEONARD, David Eakle and SHOWERS, Phyllis
1644. HENKEL, Perry and LEONARD, Dorothy Jane
1645. HANSER, Walter Thomas and LEONARD, Dorothy Jane
1646. COYNER, George Archibald and EARLY, Lois Estella
1647. KARICOFE, S Newton and EARLY, Hannah Mary
1648. RAMSBURG, Charles Shearer and EARLY, Elva Ruth
1649. EARLY, Joseph Leonard and VICARS, Margaret Menefee
1650. BRAZELTON, Mr. and RUPERT, Eleanor B
1651. SNADER, Edward Roland, Jr. and RUPERT, Margaretta Henkel
1652. MILLER, John Godfrey and CRIM, Catherine Coleman
1653. MILLER, James Albert and STECK, Susan Cover
1654. MILLER, William Schultz and RICE, Grace Eleanor
1655. MOYERS, George William and HINSON, Elizabeth Rachel
1656. ANTHONY, Benjamin B and MOYERS, Matilda Leaville
1657. MOYERS, Edward Badger and FARKAS, Katheryn Elizabeth
1658. MOYERS, Haller Henkel and LETT, Ellen Virginia
1659. MOYERS, William Smith and BRANDHAGEN, Lenore Ovedia
1660. COINER, Warren Elliot and GILLIAM, Carrie Edna
1661. MORRISON, Clinton James and COINER, Mabel Clare
1662. THORSTENBERG, Juneus C and COINER, Julia Elizabeth
1663. COYNER, Paul Otis and COWGER, Vera Mae
1664. SCOTT, Mr. and COYNER, Laura Mae
1665. PIERSON, Joseph Vernon and COYNER, Nora Fern
1666. COYNER, Emil and BOWMAN, Marguerite
1667. RUMMELLS, Josiah Walker, Jr. and COYNER, Della Mae
1668. HAHN, George Adam and COYNER, Anna M
1669. COYNER, Mark and PORTER, Bessie Louisa
1670. COYNER, Harry and SCHOMBERG, Emma
1671. WRIGHT, Carl and COYNER, Matilda Larimer
1672. VOLZ, Herman and COYNER, Margaret Haddassah
1673. HAUG, Arthur Logan and COYNER, Harriet Jean
1674. COYNER, Paul Heber and MOHR, Charlotte
1675. COYNER, Frederick McKinley and SMITH, Helene Louise
1676. LITTLE, James A and COYNER, Emma Ruth
1677. COYNER, Raymond Hiser and SCROGGS, Anna
1678. COYNER, Wallace Roosevelt and GOUGLER, Lorene
1679. WHITE, Arthur Donald and COYNER, Florence Norine
1680. COYNER, James and SMALLEY, Ruth
1681. FORD, Howard and COYNER, Anna
1682. COYNER, Fay and SCOTT, Myra
1683. HISER, Charles T and COYNER, Pearl
1684. BROYLES, F H and COYNER, Mabel Elizabeth
1685. KENFIELD, Oliver Louis and COYNER, Margaret Matilda
1686. THURMAN, Brice and COYNER, Alta May
1687. SINGER, Elmer and COYNER, Julia Marie
1688. SEEGER, Minor E and COYNER, Hanah Lucille
1689. KERSEY, Charles A and COYNER, Grace
1690. WRIGHT, Benjamin and COYNER, Olive Avis
1691. COYNER, Jacob Harshman and MCGILL, Lucille
1692. COYNER, Marion Lee and DORSEY, Briget Marie
1693. COYNER, Vance Tansey and UNKNOWN, Ruth Agnes
1694. COYNER, Robert Berwyn and UNKNOWN, Rosina
1695. COYNER, Leroy and WHITE, Laura Frances
1696. BARTON, Mr. and ZION, Joy
1697. EDDY, Richard Baxter and ABBOTT, Zella Elizabeth
1698. NICHOLSON, Frank C and ABBOTT, Bertha K
1699. COYNER, Richard Lloyd and MOOSE, Mildred
1700. COYNER, Robert Fulton and HAYES, Arbutus
1701. ROACH, Thomas and COYNER, Margaret Louise
1702. YAKLIN, Mr. and COYNER, Dorothy Vera
1703. COYNER, Thomas Upton and LEACH, Thelma J
1704. COYNER, William and MCCROSSIN, Alice
1705. ELLIS, Harry V and COYNER, Betty
1706. COYNER, Ellsworth and UNKNOWN, Aletha
1707. RUSSELL, Mr. and COYNER, Gladys
1708. COYNER, Cecil and UNKNOWN, Meryl
1709. SCHULER, Mr. and COYNER, Miriam
1710. COYNER, James G and DAVIS, Ms.
1711. HEIL, Mr. and COYNER, Ms.
1712. LEONARD, Floyd Lee and CLINE, Fay Spitler
1713. ELMORE, Fred and DICE, Mary Madeline
1714. DICE, Dewey Merritt and BLACKWELL, Dollie A
1715. DICE, Dewey Merritt and HUNT, Loree A
1716. HAM, George Miller and BARR, Georgia Geraldine
1717. HAM, Maury Purcell, Jr. and FARRAR, Betty L
1718. STAATS, Adam Luther and FABER, Mary Jane
1719. COINER, Lawrence Henry and DAVIDSON, Nellie Lenora
1720. COINER, John Ernest and DAVENPORT, Rosa Belle
1721. COINER, Loren Lester and ROTH, Bessie Ruth
1722. COINER, Loren Lester and LYMAN, Violet May Myrtle
1723. COINER, Harry Benton and ADAMS, Winnie May
1724. COINER, Oscar Ollen and BAKER, Mary Virginia
1725. COINER, Lester Warren and SPENCE, Nellie
1726. HAMM, Adam Edmon and COINER, Mattie Lee
1727. COYNER, Andrew J and MILES, Ms.
1728. DANIELSON, Mr. and COYNER, Estaline
1729. SMOOT, Ernest Clyde and COINER, Blandine
1730. COINER, Miller Delacy and TRUSLOW, Lillian Annie Lee
1731. HALL, Harry E and TRUSLOW, Lillian Annie Lee
1732. COINER, John and CARTER, Helen
1733. DAVIS, E H and COINER, Evelyn
1734. COINER, Newton and RIPBERG, Nellie
1735. COINER, Claybourn Benton, Jr. and MCCLUNG, Agnes Finley
1736. WAMPLER, Earl and COINER, Gladys
1737. COINER, Alexander and CONNER, Sallie
1738. HENSLEY, Allen and COINER, French
1739. BLACKBURN, Charles J and UNKNOWN, Margaret W
1740. BLACKBURN, Paul Brodus and UNKNOWN, Willie T
1741. BLACKBURN, Joseph Leslie and KENNEDY, M Lillian
1742. BLACKBURN, Phillip D and HARRIS, Beulah
1743. DAVIS, Guy Sedwick and HARRISON, Sue
1744. ARICI, Ceasar and COINER, Winnifred
1745. RILEY, E C and COINER, Mary Margaret
1746. COYNER, William Thomas and BEERY, Janet
1747. SMITH, John Aldine and BABER, Helen Gavon
1748. BABER, Charles William, Jr. and KOOGLER, Larue
1749. ASHBY, Lloyd Richard and POTTER, Rachel Ann
1750. ASHBY, Meredith Coiner and YOUNG, Lois Evelyn
1751. ASHBY, Glenn Alexander and LESSLEY, Madeline
1752. MOORE, Mr. and ASHBY, Virginia Catherine
1753. MONTGOMERY, Harlan Rufus and WORMELDORFF, Sylvia
1754. MONTGOMERY, James Buford and MARTINE, Hallie Edith
1755. REECE, Sherman Ollie and COMPTON, Lucy
1756. CAFFEE, James and COOMER, Onedra Lois
1757. DOWNS, Harold and COOMER, Onedra Lois
1758. HARPER, Millard Dewel and WILSON, Amanda Dorthene
1759. HARPER, Millard Dewel and GARRETT, Delpha
1760. BRAGG, Mr. and HARPER, Patricia
1761. HOLT, Mr. and HARPER, Dorthene
1762. HARPER, Herbert Lee and MOSS, Yvonne
1763. ENGLAND, Malcolm Rodell and UNKNOWN, Edna
1764. HARNED, Mr. and ENGLAND, Barbara
1765. ENGLAND, Murrell and UNKNOWN, Ms.
1766. ENGLAND, Herbert Ronnie and HAMLETT, Polly
1767. HARPER, Mr. and ENGLAND, Lois Marie
1768. JOHNSON, Mr. and ENGLAND, Marlene
1769. FUDGE, Henry Aaron and CORBIN, Emma Gueretta
1770. FUDGE, Marion Audrus and HAGAN, Arminda Belle
1771. RELIFORD, Larue Arvil and SPARKS, Thera B
1772. SPARKS, Uriel C and UNKNOWN, Linda
1773. DAVIDSON, Dave and SPARKS, Enola
1774. SPARKS, Harlan and BAILEY, Grace
1775. SPARKS, Donald O'Neal and SMALLEY, Elizabeth
1776. WALKER, Edward Thurman and MCADAMS, Doris Elizabeth
1777. GLENN, Clyde Edward and CATCHINGS, Mabel Estelle
1778. WOOTEN, Lonnie Lee, Jr. and MOZELLE, Edith
1779. WESLEY, Waldo and ENGLAND, Laquetta Lowayne
1780. MCDOWELL, Fred and STEWART, Gladys
1781. FREULER, Otto Frederick and KURRUS, Augusta Josephine
1782. INGLES, John Samuel and MCCOY, Margaret W
1783. BISHOP, John Romonzo and HATTABAUGH, Aldora Jane
1784. POLSON, Virgil Edwin and ENGLAND, Ora Lee
1785. GILLASPIE, Roy A and FREULER, Anna Barbara
1786. FREULER, Louis Jacob and SCHLENDER, Marie A
1787. SCHLENDER, William Charles and FREULER, Alice E
1788. INGLES, Harry E and MOORE, Ruby Rae
1789. HALL, Truman B and BISHOP, Romelia A
1790. BISHOP, Romain Otis and POTTER, Mina
1791. BISHOP, Ellsworth Agabus and FREY, Mary M
1792. ROWBOTHAM, James M and HATTABAUGH, Alnetta Lavina
1793. WALDEN, James Elliott and HATTABAUGH, Ida Mae
1794. HATTABAUGH, Albert and WILLIAMS, Myrtle Mary
1795. HATTABAUGH, John and BOELSEN, Charlotte
1796. HATTABAUGH, John and UNKNOWN, Celesta E
1797. MOBLEY, John William and HATTABAUGH, Katherine
1798. WILLIAMS, Samuel Winston and HATTABAUGH, Daisy Belle
1799. RUCKER, John David and HATTABAUGH, Caroline C
1800. HUDDLESTON, Moses and POLSON, Ora Helen
1801. POLSON, Arthur Neptune and BALL, Julia A
1802. POLSON, Ernest and STEIMLE, Emma K
1803. ENGLAND, L F and POLSON, Maude
1804. MARTIN, Emmett Virgil and POLSON, Addie
1805. VANZANT, Walter and POLSON, Hattie
1806. BANDY, Mr. and POLSON, Ruby
1807. MORGAN, L P and ENGLAND, Laura Ella
1808. MORGAN, Logan Porter and ENGLAND, Daisy
1809. ENGLAND, James Blaine and UNKNOWN, Gertrude
1810. KRIDER, Charles and MOLLET, Caroline M
1811. HOOK, David Wesley and MOLLET, Elizabeth
1812. WALSTROM, Jonas H and MOLLET, Elizabeth
1813. BRUCE, George Thaddeus and MOLLET, Mary Jane
1814. GROTHE, Charles Christian and MOLLET, Mary Jane
1815. MOLLET, Joseph Gotthardt, Jr. and EVANS, Lula Rebecca
1816. CLARK, Hosea Edwin and MARTIN, Elizabeth Ann
1817. MARTIN, Christian Andre, Jr. and KEMENITZ, Donna
1818. MOSE, William and MARTIN, Caroline
1819. MOLLET, William Henry and ECKERT, Bena M
1820. THOMAS, Henry Allen and MOLLET, Anna Marie
1821. RANDS, Richard and MOLLET, Carrie Christine
1822. SCHULTHESS, George and MOLLET, Carrie Christine
1823. MOLLET, Charles August and CARLSON, Nellie C
1824. MOLLET, Ernest Franklin and CARLSON, Ellen Charlotte
1825. MOLLET, Delbert Grant and MCINTIRE, Birdie A
1826. LEDER, Adolph and BEHNEMANN, Mary
1827. SNYDER, Ernest and LEDER, Catherine Barbara
1828. LEDER, Robert A and UNKNOWN, Annie B
1829. SHUMARD, Sherman and LEDER, Mary Elizabeth
1830. ENDRES, Albert and LEDER, Mary Elizabeth
1831. LEDER, Jacob and UNKNOWN, Phoebe
1832. SAATHOFF, John and PLOCHER, Frieda R
1833. HAMANN, John and MOLLET, Emilie
1834. MEDINNUS, Frank and MOLLET, Josephine Johanna
1835. BIERLE, Joseph G and MOLLET, Katherine C
1836. MOLLET, William and ROUSH, Bessie
1837. VOLMER, Henry and MOLLET, Elizabeth
1838. FRYE, Lee H and MOLLET, Ethel
1839. KORANDA, Joseph and WINTER, Matilda
1840. WINTER, John August and BOHLMAN, Martha Ida
1841. BEERS, George and WINTER, Lucy Dorothy
1842. SCHEEL, Willy Frederick and WINTER, Elizabeth Charlotte
1843. KLOEPPEL, Clarence E and WINTER, Eva Lena
1844. MADER, M J and WINTER, Ernestine Charlotte
1845. JONASEN, Allen and WINTER, Ernestine Charlotte
1846. ROCKWOOD, Bertrand Alrad and WINTER, Wilhelmina Augusta
1847. WINTER, Emil William and HAUCK, Alma L
1848. WINTER, Arthur Adam and KRUSE, Rose
1849. ALLEN, John C and INGLES, Eliza Jane
1850. CLEVER, Andrew James and INGLES, Mary Eveline
1851. CAPPS, William Burage and INGLES, Agnes Gertrude
1852. MOORE, Clarence E and INGLES, Susie Viola
1853. FISHER, Frederick William and INGLES, Susie Viola
1854. PICKENS, William B and UNKNOWN, Carrie N
1855. RUGER, T H and PICKENS, Jean E
1856. PICKENS, Charles Thomas and WARWICK, Florence Belle
1857. FRENCH, Thomas and THOMPSON, Annie Elizabeth
1858. FRENCH, George H and UNKNOWN, Daisy
1859. POLSON, James Buford and BALL, Cordelia Elizabeth
1860. POLSON, Charles E and NEWLAND, Mildred Hanson
1861. POLSON, Charles E and PERKINS, Lenia
1862. POLSON, Rufus J and PERKINS, Palvenia
1863. POLSON, John E and PEERS, Mollie Cathern
1864. PEERS, D W and POLSON, Maria Elizabeth
1865. GLOVER, Sonie and POLSON, Willie Florance
1866. BROADY, James Robert and POLSON, Ardella Alice
1867. ENGLAND, Dolphus Alvin and SPARKS, Clara
1868. JESSIE, Mr. and ENGLAND, Hattie
1869. HURT, Emery M and ENGLAND, Hattie
1870. ENGLAND, Stuart and SIMPSON, Mary Alice
1871. ENGLAND, William Sandford and SHAW, Ovie Mae
1872. ENGLAND, William Sandford and UNKNOWN, Ivy Ray
1873. CASSADY, Rollin and ENGLAND, Linnie Mae
1874. ENGLAND, Francis Allen and CASSADY, Lena Pearl
1875. ENGLAND, Hastel Millard and JEFFRIES, Brentz H
1876. ENGLAND, Lawrence Mitchell and CASSADY, Mildred Evelyn
1877. ENGLAND, Lessie R and ENGLAND, Lillie Myrtle
1878. ENGLAND, Luther and BRAGG, Annette
1879. ENGLAND, Luther and ENGLAND, Emma
1880. COMPTON, Russell and ENGLAND, Annie
1881. ENGLAND, Ernest and JANES, Enna M
1882. ENGLAND, Ernest and JANES, Cordie Lee
1883. ENGLAND, Walter Lee and COMPTON, Claudia Beulah
1884. ENGLAND, Walter Lee and COMPTON, Lula
1885. COMPTON, Walter Lee and ENGLAND, Barbara J
1886. ENGLAND, John Milton and BREEDING, Sophia Myrtle
1887. ENGLAND, John Milton and ENGLAND, Lyda May
1888. ENGLAND, Ira William and JANES, Sular
1889. COMPTON, Russell and ENGLAND, Birtia Ada
1890. ENGLAND, Eugene and HARVEY, Birchie
1891. UNKNOWN, Mr. and ENGLAND, Artie M
1892. ENGLAND, Ernest Milton and RODDAM, Mary Ruth
1893. UNKNOWN, Mr. and ENGLAND, Goldie Isabelle
1894. ENGLAND, William Clem and UNKNOWN, Ms.
1895. ENGLAND, Lennis Fayette and STIDHAM, Helen
1896. HATTABAUGH, Ira B and SPEARS, Eveline
1897. MARHANKA, Henry F and HATTABAUGH, Martha A
1898. HATTABAUGH, Newton George and FLEENOR, Josephine
1899. HATTABAUGH, James Matthew and SUTTON, Anna Susan
1900. HATTABAUGH, Otto Edward and NICHOLSON, Mary O
1901. HATTABAUGH, Jonathan Lee and UNKNOWN, Clara
1902. HATTABAUGH, Virgil and SWAGGERT, Bessie M
1903. HATTABAUGH, William J and HOPKINS, Hulda
1904. HATTABAUGH, Curtis and HOPKINS, Eltha
1905. DENNY, Joseph Willard and DAUGHENBAUGH, Maude Viola
1906. HAWPE, John and LAWLESS, Susan Mary
1907. HAWPE, Benjamin Huston and EDWARDS, Frances
1908. LEVY, John William, Jr. and HAWPE, Mary Catherine
1909. WALL, Richard Pendleton and HAWPE, Eliza Jane
1910. MCMAHAN, William Henry Clay and HAWPE, Martha Ellen
1911. HAWPE, Trezevant Calhoun and UNKNOWN, Ms.
1912. HAWPE, Trezevant Calhoun and UNDERWOOD, Electa Ann
1913. HAWPE, Roland Montgomery and STORY, Martha A
1914. HAWPE, Roland Montgomery and SIMS, Eliza Jemima
1915. COOK, Edward Robinson and HAWPE, Selinah Catherine
1916. HALE, Robert Evans and HAWPE, Susan Jane
1917. WITT, Andrew Jackson and HAWPE, Mary Elizabeth
1918. VANHORN, William Moore and HAWPE, Francis Ann
1919. PARKER, Joseph Franklin and HAWPE, Georgianna Virginia
1920. PARKER, James Alexander and HAWPE, Florence Rebecca
1921. TOMBS, John T and KOINER, Elizabeth S
1922. KOINER, George A and EWING, Mary Susan
1923. COINER, Benjamin Franklin and FARRER, Rebecca Mary
1924. MCCLAIN, Jacob and KOINER, Sarah J
1925. COINER, Silas Alexander and MAXEY, Flora Florence
1926. COINER, Silas Alexander and MAXEY, Mary Virginia
1927. WADE, William Henry and KOINER, Martha C
1928. COYNER, Camden L and LUTZ, Laura
1929. COYNER, Camden L and STECK, Jeannette
1930. EAST, Calvin and KOINER, Elizabeth E
1931. KOINER, Marcellus and TUTWILLEIR, Jenny
1932. COYNER, Albertus Harrison and BROWNLEE, Lurena Evans
1933. ELLIS, William Henry and KOINER, Elizabeth Jane
1934. COINER, John W and FISHER, Martha A
1935. WALKER, David and KOINER, Eliza L
1936. COINER, George Henry and KEENEY, Nancy Jane
1937. COINER, David Silas and YOUNG, Hester Pick
1938. COINER, William R and LONG, Elizabeth J
1939. COINER, William R and CARTER, Barbara
1940. COINER, Samuel H and DUST, Caroline
1941. STILES, Eady James and DUST, Caroline
1942. COINER, Jacob and BUTT, Eliza
1943. KOINER, Philip and UNKNOWN, Kate
1944. COINER, Robert and BURNETT, Sarah E
1945. GRIFFIN, John Henry and COINER, Mary A
1946. SHIEURE, John and COINER, Sarah
1947. COINER, Clark and BURNETT, Mary A
1948. COINER, Clark and UNKNOWN, Laura I
1949. MCMAHAN, Henry Thomas and COINER, Mariah E
1950. KEISER, John K and THOMAS, Ms.
1951. KEISER, John K and MOORE, Ms.
1952. KEISER, William A and SHUMAKER, Ms.
1953. KEISER, Junius N and WYANT, Ms.
1954. SCULL, Mr. and KEISER, Margaretta V
1955. KEISER, Bernard E and THOMAS, J A
1956. SHRECKHISE, James M and SIEG, Amanda
1957. PENCE, William and SHRECKHISE, Julia
1958. CHRISTIAN, Henry and SHRECKHISE, Julia
1959. GROVE, John and SHRECKHISE, Mary Jane
1960. SHRECKHISE, Daniel K and ROSS, Mary
1961. SHRECKHISE, Daniel K and EARLY, Rebecca
1962. MCCAULEY, William and SHIREY, Margaret
1963. CRABTREE, J T and SHIREY, Catharine
1964. ARCHER, Mr. and KEISER, Mary
1965. HAMBLETON, Mr. and KEISER, Mary
1966. HINTON, George William and COBB, Mary
1967. HINTON, George William and HALE, Mattie Malonia
1968. COYNER, St Clair and MOWRY, Sarah Margaret
1969. KYNER, Andrew and UNKNOWN, Ms.
1970. KYNER, John, III and GUNDER, Nancy
1971. MONROE, Mr. and KYNER, Kate
1972. KYNER, Daniel and WACHTER, Jane Whilmien
1973. EREHART, Adam and KYNER, Maria
1974. KINER, Jacob Jackson and SNURR, Estell
1975. KINER, Dillen
1976. HYKES, J R and MARSHALL, Rebecca S
1977. KYNER, Alfred K and SPENCER, Martha J
1978. KYNER, Charles Francis and FICKES, Sidonia Clara
1979. KYNER, John J and MCKENZIE, Josephine
1980. KYNER, John J and UNKNOWN, Marie I
1981. KYNER, John J and TANNER, Lena Emma
1982. RIGGERT, Mr. and KYNER, Adaline
1983. KILLINGER, Mr. and KYNER, Mary
1984. KYNER, Frank Alonso and UNKNOWN, Anna E
1985. JOHNSTON, James B and KYNER, Susan Mary
1986. MURRY, Linn D and KYNER, Lydia Bell
1987. ASHBURNER, Gilman and KYNER, Minnie Hassler
1988. FOX, Albert Cullen and COYNER, Minnie
1989. COYNER, Howard Douglas and MOFFETT, Minnie McClanahan
1990. EARLY, James William and KOINER, Willie May
1991. CULLEN, James Kimmey and COYNER, Hortense W
1992. KYNER, Stephen Henry and MCKIM, Catherine
1993. KYNER, William Albert and ABBOTT, Senith E
1994. KYNER, William Albert and RICHMOND, Sarah Elizabeth
1995. KYNER, Charles Max and WESTFALL, Victoria
1996. KYNER, Franklin David and WESTFALL, Flora
1997. STEVENS, Curtis Calvin and KYNER, Luela Jane
1998. KYNER, Grant Edward and HOOD, Nellie May
1999. SMITH, Horace and KINER, Lucy Jane
2000. KINER, Jacob and AGLER, Matilda
2001. KINER, John Stuart and LEPPS, Emma
2002. KINER, Frank and FLINN, Maggie
2003. CARRY, John and KINER, Sylvia
2004. KINER, Newton and HUPP, Amanda
2005. COE, Jonathan and HAYS, Mary
2006. HAYS, George and RUPE, Jane
2007. HAYS, Solomon and DENUNE, Eliza
2008. MITCHEL, James and HAYS, Lucinda
2009. MCDANIEL, George and KINER, Laura J
2010. JENNINGS, George and KINER, Letitia M
2011. MOCK, Michael and REAM, Mary Louise
2012. VAN ORMAN, Frank and REAM, Mary Louise
2013. REAM, John C and HARKEN, Frances
2014. LASELLE, Ellis and UNKNOWN, Mary B
2015. SMITH, John Casper and CALHOUN, Eunice C
2016. SMITH, Charles Wesley and SEWARD, Eva
2017. PILLOW, Henry and SMITH, Elizabeth Mahalia
2018. SCOTT, C E and SMITH, Polly Ann
2019. MCDOWELL, Wallace and SMITH, Emma J
2020. BUCKALOO, Marion and LAZELLE, Elizabeth
2021. STREETS, Mr. and KINER, Alice M
2022. KILLIAN, George Henry and ANDERSON, Sarah
2023. KILLIAN, Cyrus M and PENCE, Fannie
2024. KILLIAN, Jacob Pinkney and SMITH, Bettie
2025. BOWMAN, Alpheus Michael and KILLIAN, Marietta Virginia
2026. KOINER, George Wellington and FARRER, Augusta V
2027. KOINER, Arthur Zirkle and SIMMONS, Frances
2028. KOINER, Arthur Zirkle and SIMMONS, Elizabeth
2029. BAYLOR, Newton Andrew and KOINER, Alice Izetta
2030. KOINER, Luther Stuart Hampton and MCCOMB, Vallieta Dulaney
2031. KEMPER, James R and COINER, Laura Cordelia
2032. KOINER, Junius Samuel and VENABLE, Anna Vernon
2033. KOINER, William Fisher and BARGER, Barbara Jane
2034. KOINER, William Fisher and COINER, Emma Signora
2035. KOINER, William Fisher and COINER, Sarah Catherine
2036. FUNKHOUSER, Isaiah N and KOINER, Susan Margaret
2037. OTT, James Edwin and KOINER, Mary Bettie
2038. FUNK, John Sheldon and FUNK, Isadora Bettie
2039. COINER, James Webster and STOVER, Mary
2040. COINER, Cornelius Jerome and LONG, Viola V
2041. KOINER, Michael Alexander and EARMAN, Wilmina Burns
2042. COOK, John and COINER, Clemenza Bell
2043. PIPER, George Alex and COINER, Rebecca Frances
2044. BAILEY, William Henry, Jr. and COINER, Sarah Catherine
2045. ZIRKLE, Jacob Bushing and COINER, Sarah Margaret
2046. ROLLER, John Brown and COINER, Elizabeth Catherine
2047. KOINER, David Worth and WISE, Elizabeth Ann
2048. BRIGHT, John and COINER, Virginia Hester
2049. COINER, John Melanchton and COINER, Mary Catherine
2050. COINER, James Henry and WEAVER, Mary Horst
2051. HERSHEY, Mr. and WEAVER, Mary Horst
2052. COINER, Jacob Edward and HOUSEMAN, Emma Katharine
2053. KOINER, William Franklin and COINER, Emma Signora
2054. COINER, Edward Lee and BECK, Mary
2055. HOUSEMAN, Charles Wesley and COINER, Mary Louise
2056. DEAL, John Newton and ENGLEMAN, Margaret Jane
2057. BRANAMAN, Sylvester M and YOUNT, Emma C
2058. PELTER, George and BRANAMAN, Estaline I
2059. COINER, Millard Alexander and KERR, Mary Elizabeth
2060. COYNER, Lemuel Whitmore and HARNSBERGER, Laura V
2061. GROVE, George Michael and COINER, Ida Belle
2062. RODES, E Thomas and COINER, Mary Alberta
2063. COINER, William Hubert and KISER, Nettie Virginia
2064. COINER, Julian Wade and FREED, Mary Margaret
2065. COINER, Emmett Gordon and PHILIPS, Nannie
2066. COINER, Victor Henkel and COYNER, Meta Aletha
2067. COINER, Charles Price and HUPMAN, Florence Belle
2068. COINER, Walter Ashby and GROVE, Annie May
2069. MCKEEMY, Charles and COINER, Julia Virginia
2070. WILSON, James Alexander and LONG, Agnes A
2071. HODGE, William Alexander and ARMENTROUT, Hattie Virginia
2072. HODGE, William Alexander and BROOKS, Sallie C
2073. MCCOMB, William Alexander and BOWMAN, Emma Arehart
2074. PALMER, Millard Filmore and CLEMMER, Luella Blanche
2075. ELLIS, Edward and BURKE, Irene
2076. ANDERSON, William James and ALLEN, Ruth Ada
2077. BERRY, R A and MCCHESNEY, Clara
2078. MCCHESNEY, Junius and GROVE, Jennie
2079. EICHELBERGER, Hugh Gilbert and CRAWFORD, Sadie Cornelia
2080. EICHELBERGER, Henry Lewis and UNKNOWN, Ms.
2081. EICHELBERGER, Charles Preston and UNKNOWN, Ms.
2082. BELL, Frank W and EICHELBERGER, Katie Edith
2083. HALLEY, Henry Simpson and TISDALE, Annie Mosley
2084. HUTTON, Thomas Gardner and HALLEY, Alice Virginia
2085. HALLEY, Warren Hampton and DAVIS, Kate B
2086. GROSS, Henry and HALLEY, Anna Elizabeth
2087. HALLEY, William Preston and LEWIS, Clara Mae
2088. HALLEY, Joseph Whitfield and NUNN, Clara Wood
2089. HALLEY, James Alfred, Jr. and BROWN, Emma Pearl
2090. DALLAS, William Harley and HALLEY, Mae Ellen
2091. HALLEY, Oscar Thomas and HUTCHINS, Esstella May
2092. HALLEY, Oscar Thomas and BLISS, Florence Myrtle
2093. STRATTON, James Edward and DEAL, Annie Lee
2094. PETWAY, William David and DEAL, Virginia Belle
2095. PELOTE, Henry and HALLEY, Annie
2096. HANGER, John Henry and SHANER, Celestine C
2097. BELT, Thomas Allen and SHANER, Mary Myrtle
2098. SHANER, Jacob Luther and HISERMAN, Maggie Boyd
2099. COINER, Ervin Michael and SHANER, Carrie Ellen
2100. SHANER, Samuel Elton and HISERMAN, Ada Lillian
2101. COYNER, Newton Cabell and ELAM, Edith
2102. COYNER, Elliot Kemper and VALENTINE, Jamie Lee
2103. SHOWALTER, William Joseph and COINER, Effie Celestine
2104. PATTERSON, Harry Eldon and KOINER, Alma Virginia
2105. COYNER, David Joseph and BROWN, Florence Booker
2106. COYNER, Artemus Vastine and FABER, Mary Lucille
2107. COINER, David Tressel and COYNER, Mary Miller
2108. COINER, Eugene Philander and MILLER, Estelle Virginia
2109. COINER, Eugene Philander and FURR, Bessie Alma
2110. CARR, Joseph Thomas and COINER, Elizabeth Ella
2111. WATSON, Lewis Rashlain and COINER, Elizabeth Ella
2112. MCCUNE, Melvin and COINER, Camilla Florence
2113. COHRON, Oscar Lee and COINER, Leonora
2114. COINER, Joseph Carl and MILLER, Jessie Baylor
2115. MOWRY, William Alexander and WHITESELL, Susie
2116. FLORA, Mr. and MOWRY, Annie Bell
2117. MOWRY, James Oscar and BROWN, Ms.
2118. COINER, Perry Alden and FRAZE, Orrilla Celesta
2119. COINER, Samuel Flory and GARDNER, Lelia Ellis
2120. COINER, Haller William and COLEMAN, Mamie
2121. HOUFF, Charles Clarence and COINER, Mary Lillian
2122. COINER, Alfred Sampson and HOBBS, Julia Edith
2123. PHILLIPS, Fred H and COINER, Emma
2124. COINER, Michael Henry and CHARLTON, Ruth Elizabeth
2125. GENTER, Frank Matthew and COINER, Virginia Christine
2126. LINK, James Lester and COINER, Martha Constance
2127. BEAN, Louis Coiner and BURKE, Beatrice
2128. NICKEY, John David and SIPE, Barbara
2129. MOCK, George Melvin and NICKEY, Mary Ann
2130. NICKEY, James Henry and BROUSE, Mary M
2131. NICKEY, Samuel Ezekiel and BRAGG, Emily
2132. SUMMERS, Benjamin F and NICKEY, Esther Malvina
2133. HEDGEPETH, William Bundy and NICKEY, Rebecca Jane
2134. HENKEL, Lewis Philip and MOORE, Anna Maria
2135. HENKEL, Luther Melanchthon and KILMER, Katherine
2136. FOLTZ, John Paul and HENKEL, Rebecca Delila
2137. HENKEL, John Coiner and MOFFETT, Anna Maria
2138. ZIRKLE, Silone and HENKEL, Virginia Elizabeth
2139. HENKEL, Henry Milton and STIEGEL, Eugenia Elizabeth
2140. HENKEL, Franklin Livey and THOMAS, Elizabeth C
2141. HENKEL, Martin Mowry and BOWMAN, Barbara Ellen
2142. TISINGER, Joseph Homer and HENKEL, Julia Annette
2143. RENALDS, William Marcellus and HENKEL, Heleah Margaret
2144. COINER, John Lee and MOON, Annie S
2145. COINER, Norvel Letcher and STEPTOE, Elizabeth
2146. KANE, Henry S and COINER, Francis Clark
2147. PAGE, Robert N and OVERHOLT, Mary
2148. COINER, Simon Celsus and OVERHOLT, Margaret Elizabeth
2149. COINER, Gabriel Dewitt and UNKNOWN, Lucy A
2150. ROVER, Newton D and COINER, Emma Green
2151. KOINER, Emmett St Clair and LEONARD, Mary Catherine
2152. COINER, Hubert Casper and UNKNOWN, Ms.
2153. HANGER, William Lee and BLACKWELL, Fannie
2154. KOINER, Charles A and COINER, Rena E
2155. COYNER, Herbert Benton and WEADE, Helena
2156. COYNER, Herbert Benton and COINER, Cora E
2157. KOINER, Philip Oliver and WADE, Alice Bell
2158. BRUCE, William H and COINER, Emma B
2159. LAYMAN, George Edgar and COINER, Minnie Evaline
2160. COINER, Kemper and BATTON, Willie
2161. BARGER, Cyrus J and KOINER, Cornelia E
2162. HENKEL, Alpheus Girard and COINER, Etta R
2163. HENKEL, Alpheus Girard and KILLIAN, Fannie Maria
2164. AWDE, Douglass and CRICKENBERGER, Minnie
2165. COINER, Albert Sidney and LEONARD, Mary Lou
2166. COINER, George Lyle and HENKEL, Carrie
2167. COINER, David Tressel and ROBSON, Katie Belle
2168. GARBER, Wilmer S and COINER, Nettie Virginia
2169. COINER, Robert Luther and NULL, Violo
2170. COYNER, James Monroe and EAKLE, Emma K
2171. COYNER, James Monroe and GORDON, Mathilda
2172. COINER, Julius Jackson and SIGNOR-LIGON, Mary Louisa
2173. COINER, Luther Teaford and LIGON, Annette Kimbrough
2174. COYNER, Samuel Godfrey and VARNER, Mary Myrtle
2175. COINER, Samuel Tousey and FIELDS, Katharine Susanna
2176. MITCHELL, James A and COINER, Nora Clark
2177. RICE, William Hickman and COINER, Florence Lee
2178. WHITCHER, Frank Leslie and COINER, Crimora B
2179. PIERCE, Alfred M and COINER, Sallie Belle
2180. JOHNSON, Thomas Fisher and COINER, Lulu Virginia
2181. COINER, Charles Anderson and GASCOIGNE, Mary
2182. PIERCE, Myiel Wheeler and COINER, Jennie Gertrude
2183. MORTON, James and COINER, Mae Delphine
2184. HOWE, Marshall Herbert and COINER, Alice Gertrude
2185. RYDER, John Joseph and COINER, Edith Margaret
2186. COINER, Noah Wilmont and STROUGH, Jane Eleonora
2187. COINER, Floyd Hampton and HUPMAN, Nora A
2188. COINER, Ernest Guy and HUPMAN, Mary Ethel
2189. KOINER, Raleigh Gilbert and GLOVER, Octavia Morris
2190. KOINER, Fay Krauth and OTLEY, Sally Louise
2191. ALEXANDER, Charles A and UNKNOWN, Rena Jane
2192. PAGE, Samuel and ALEXANDER, Mary Susan
2193. CARTER, James Walter and ALEXANDER, Sarah Frances
2194. RIBBLE, George W and PATTERSON, Annie
2195. BARGER, Alvan Lyell and RUSH, Mary Catherine
2196. COYNER, Hubert Leslie and WINE, Meta Meta
2197. COYNER, Charles Elliott and STOTZ, Wilhelmina
2198. COYNER, Wilbur Hahn and WINE, Grace Ella
2199. COYNER, Wilbur Hahn and MOEHLMANN, Gertrude Sophie
2200. TOLLEY, David Ralph and COYNER, Alice M
2201. COYNER, Martin Henry and MEINHOLTZ, Bertha Marie
2202. BISCHOFF, Paul and COYNER, Edith May
2203. DODDS, Russell and COYNER, Edith May
2204. GREEVER, Albert Sidney and COYNER, Anna Elizabeth
2205. COYNER, Martin Boyd and HARDING, Ruth
2206. SHANNON, R M and COYNER, Helen Izzetta
2207. GARST, Edgar Chandler and COYNER, Mary Evelyn
2208. COYNER, Fillmore E and EDMUNDSON, Dorothy
2209. COYNER, Edwin A and PEAKE, Anne Elizabeth
2210. GROVE, William J and COINER, Ida Miller
2211. COYNER, Edgar Thomas and HARTMAN, Emma Christina
2212. COYNER, Casper Simon and HEWITT, Cora Belle
2213. FREED, Franklin Fitzhugh and COINER, Winnifred
2214. KREINHERDER, Oscar C and COINER, Hannah Rebecca
2215. COINER, Henry Celsus and MOORE, Mary Virginia
2216. KOINER, Dillard Miller and SUMMERS, Tabea M
2217. COINER, Oscar Albertus and LEONARD, Bessie Lee
2218. COYNER, Simon Meredith and HARPER, Mary E
2219. BLEASE, Henry Horatio, Jr. and KOINER, Mary Margaret
2220. RENKEN, Henry J and KOINER, Willie Viola
2221. COYNER, Theodore and COINER, Annie Lillian
2222. SNYDER, John D and COINER, Katharine Vonbora
2223. COINER, Lloyd Leonard and BECK, Marie
2224. BOLICK, James Franklin and COINER, Mary Olive
2225. COINER, Grover Bell and PERRY, Norwood
2226. KNOWLES, Charles Robert and COINER, Ada Aline
2227. MILLER, Guy Shuey and COINER, Minnie Page
2228. COOK, Herman A and COINER, Hortense Margaret
2229. LEONARD, Edgar Luther and HARNER, Mena Margaret
2230. COINER, Elmer Clifton and COINER, Alda Olivia
2231. EARLY, Joseph Myers and LEONARD, Mary Susan
2232. LEONARD, Franklin Diller and WEAVER, Hawsie Anne
2233. RUPERT, Frank and HENKEL, Ellen Miller
2234. MILLER, Casper Otto and SCHUMACHER, Mary Christine
2235. BREWER, Turner and MOYERS, Willie Ellen
2236. MOYERS, Samuel Godfrey and BADGER, Roberta Claudia
2237. MOYERS, Haller Price and SMITH, Ivy
2238. MOYERS, Kakey Henkel and COLLINS, Lucille
2239. HENKEL, Samuel Godfrey and WORTHINGTON, Elizabeth
2240. TIMBERLAKE, William Wilson and HENKEL, Hallie Heater
2241. HEATER, Charles Haller and NEVILLE, Roberta Salina
2242. CRICKENBERGER, Lawrence Henkel and CARPER, Marguerite Douglas
2243. COFFMAN, Mr. and KITE, Eliza J
2244. KITE, David M and GIST, Ms.
2245. KITE, Joseph B and NEWMAN, Ms.
2246. VARNER, Mr. and KITE, Lizzie C
2247. COINER, Angelo Jones and TULLYS, Lourinda Alice
2248. TALLMAN, Silas B and COINER, Mary Elizabeth
2249. BAKER, Nelson A and COINER, Laura Veda
2250. HELPHRY, John B and COINER, Martha Ann
2251. COINER, Oscar Elmer and SHELLHART, Fanny Ellen
2252. COINER, Beverly Waugh and HARE, Ida
2253. COINER, Christian Oscar and PARKINS, Sarah E
2254. LEE, Frank P and COINER, France L
2255. BUSH, Martin and BRYANT, Albertina
2256. COYNER, William Noah and MARTIN, Clara
2257. COYNER, Emory Alvin and MEYERS, Flora
2258. COYNER, Wilber and THORNTON, Mabel
2259. GREENE, Mr. and HANAWALT, Ollie
2260. UNKNOWN, Burns and HANAWALT, Ollie
2261. CORY, Reed L and COYNER, Ina May
2262. COYNER, Alexander and ELDER, Emma Jane
2263. SLATER, Noah and COYNER, Rhonda Alice
2264. COYNER, Samuel Robert and COZZENS, Celia
2265. COYNER, Henry Martyn and LARRIMER, Emma Hortense
2266. COYNER, David Gavin and STINSON, Sarah Jane
2267. COYNER, Daniel Moore and JAMES, Flora
2268. COYNER, Frederick Ware and POMMERT, Clara
2269. COYNER, Silas Crawford and ULRICH, Eva
2270. COYNER, John Edward and MANARA, Mary
2271. PATTON, John J and COYNER, Frances Caroline
2272. FIELCH, Josiah and COYNER, Emma Margaret
2273. COYNER, Heber Wright and ALFORD, Addie Mae
2274. COYNER, Frederick Garfield and LITTLE, Evelyn E
2275. COYNER, Henry and UNKNOWN, Sarah
2276. MCCONNEL, Don and COYNER, Maude Pearl
2277. OLDHAM, Leonidas Riley and COYNER, Mary Susan
2278. RAGSDALE, Riley and COYNER, Mary Susan
2279. COYNER, Karl and FRAZELL, Grace
2280. SHERILL, Charles and SMITH, Julia Brown
2281. SMITH, William Addison and TWITCHELL, Carrie
2282. DIXON, William and SMITH, Fannie Bell
2283. SMITH, Howard Parkhurst and BULLARD, Nettie
2284. SMITH, Coyner Colfax and NICKSON, Clara Luella
2285. YOUNG, D H and HOLLENBECK, Florence
2286. CHILBURY, Mr. and RINEHART, Anna
2287. COYNER, William and WHITE, Elizabeth Jane
2288. COYNER, William and CURRY, Mary E
2289. COINS, Martin and COYNER, Phoebe F
2290. COYNER, John W and BOYD, Irene A
2291. COYNER, Orlando and TRUIT, Eliza
2292. COYNER, Oliver Martin and HARSHMAN, Lauretta Deflorence
2293. COYNER, Joseph W and HOTCHKISS, Lucia H
2294. SHOBE, Henry Clay and COYNER, Phoebe
2295. HALSTED, William Wilson and COYNER, Rhoda
2296. COYNER, Henry W and COE, Ola Calista
2297. COYNER, Elmer David and TANSEY, Metta Minnie
2298. COYNER, Ennis and SMITH, Sophie Elizabeth
2299. COYNER, Franklin B and PERRY, Emma
2300. BENEFIELD, William and COYNER, Harriet Melisse
2301. BROWN, Samuel S and COYNER, Clara Jane
2302. COYNER, John Dillard and DRAKE, Sarah E
2303. PARCEL, Hampton A and COYNER, Mary Ann
2304. SAYLOR, Thomas J and COYNER, Nellie
2305. WILCOX, William P and COYNER, Frances
2306. ZION, James Morrison and LOVELESS, Melvina
2307. ABBOTT, George Stafford and LOVELESS, Anna Rose Pinkney
2308. WHITE, Albert and BOWMAN, Nannie
2309. WHITE, John and FERGUSON, Jane
2310. FERGUSON, Butler and WHITE, Phoebe
2311. COYNER, Ellsworth G and DERICKS, Mary Ann
2312. ORMSBY, William Oliver and COYNER, Violet May
2313. COYNER, George W and UNKNOWN, Mary A
2314. COYNER, Washington Telly and IRWIN, Sarah Jane
2315. ERMENTROUT, Mr. and COYNER, Delilah
2316. COYNER, William A and COE, Anna A
2317. COYNER, William A and RICHARDS, Lura J
2318. DUNBAR, John William and BLACKER, Ida A
2319. CASEY, James P and COYNER, Donna Belle
2320. COYNER, Robert Grover and LLOYD, Ethel
2321. COYNER, John Dewitt and DAVIS, Esther
2322. COYNER, Orville and UNKNOWN, Ms.
2323. COYNER, Roy and GROBY, Pauline
2324. LEONARD, Charles E and CARR, Emma F
2325. DICE, Reuben J and LEONARD, Cora Lee
2326. HAM, Maury Purcell and LEONARD, Ann Smith
2327. YOUNT, Harry Vernon and ALFORD, Bessie M
2328. GARRISON, William Bernard and ALFORD, Bessie M
2329. YOUNT, Joseph Byron and PELTER, Courtney
2330. OVERACKER, John W and KENNEDY, Sarah
2331. FABER, William Franklin and BOGGESS, Louisa Jane
2332. CUNNINGHAM, Andrew J and FABER, Martha Jane
2333. DUNKIN, J and COINER, Jane Ann
2334. COINER, Demetrius Downs and VERMILLION, Jemima
2335. COINER, Demetrius Downs and DUNHAM, Nellie
2336. COINER, John Dorsey and MOORE, Sarah Matilda
2337. COINER, William Henry and MCDADE, Matilda Jane
2338. KISLER, John and COINER, Margaret
2339. COYNER, Philip and UNKNOWN, Estella
2340. WHITEHEAD, L J and FULCHER, Janie
2341. COINER, Thomas Beggs and ANTRIM, Annie M
2342. MYERS, Stewart T and COINER, Josie S
2343. LYONS, William Alexander and COINER, Josie S
2344. COINER, Delacy Hinkel and BURKHOLDER, Harriet
2345. COINER, Delacy Hinkel and DORE, Annie
2346. COINER, Everett E and JACKSON, Katherine
2347. COINER, Claybourn Benton and WATTS, Lula
2348. COINER, Blair Carrington and KENNARD, Ruth S
2349. STRATTON, Robert L and POWELL, Mary W
2350. HOGSETT, Henry S and BLACKBURN, Mary Elizabeth
2351. BLACKBURN, John H and POLLOCK, Mary A
2352. CATT, Reeves and BLACKBURN, Alice Virginia
2353. BLACKBURN, Thomas Rolander and SNAPP, Cora
2354. BLACKBURN, Albert B and COYNER, Emma Georgia
2355. BLACKBURN, Joseph William and SCHEARER, Annie
2356. DAVIS, S Karl and BLACKBURN, Ella Guy
2357. PUTNEY, Henry R and AST, Lillian
2358. BROCKWAY, Solomon Porter and AST, Emma Lynn
2359. PAYNE, Marshall John and AST, Estelle L
2360. LAYMAN, William Dorsey and COINER, Laura Alice
2361. BROWER, John Wine and KOINER, Anna Belle
2362. COYNER, William Riley and SHOWER, Mary Bell
2363. BABER, Charles William and COYNER, Susan Adeline
2364. RUTHERFORD, John and KOINER, Junietta E
2365. MILLER, Lee and KOINER, Lottie L
2366. PATTERSON, Joseph A and PERRY, Mary Ann
2367. RODES, Dorsy L and PERRY, Frances S
2368. ASHBY, Richard Henry and COINER, Mary Iva
2369. COINER, Harry Lee and MATHENEY, Norinna
2370. COINER, Hugh Morrison and COOK, Hazel B
2371. COINER, Charles Worth and COOK, Bertha
2372. STEPHENS, Calvin Luther and ROACH, Etta Moss
2373. ROACH, John Alvin and JONES, Elizabeth
2374. MONTGOMERY, Willie Quitman and ROACH, Minnie Alice
2375. MCKINNEY, J C and ROACH, Emma Ellen
2376. STEPHENS, Daniel Governor and ROACH, Rosa Lou
2377. DOOLEY, Alex Jackman and ROACH, Laeuna Pearl
2378. JESSIE, James M and ENGLAND, Ann Lizzie
2379. ENGLAND, Charles Burl and ENGLAND, Sarah
2380. REECE, Sherman Luther and ENGLAND, Emma
2381. ENGLAND, Millard L and JANES, Artie May
2382. COOMER, Vibert Raymond and ENGLAND, Ida Pearl
2383. HARPER, Robert Riley and ENGLAND, Ina J
2384. HAGAN, Elbert and ENGLAND, Mary Ada
2385. JOHNSON, Sampson and ENGLAND, Eva
2386. UNKNOWN, Mr. and ENGLAND, Ora
2387. ENGLAND, Reuben L and BRAGG, Elizabeth
2388. ENGLAND, Alfred Leslie and ENGLAND, Hattie
2389. REDFORD, Charles Vernon and ENGLAND, Nellie F
2390. ROBERTS, Alvin and ENGLAND, Ellie N
2391. ENGLAND, William Cay and BARNES, Lenora J
2392. ENGLAND, Joe Arvin and ENGLAND, Artie Ann
2393. ENGLAND, Hillery and PATTON, Bertha
2394. ENGLAND, Hillery and PATTON, Viola
2395. FUDGE, James Alvin and JESSIE, Emma
2396. FUDGE, Finis Arling and BARNES, Sarah Martha
2397. WOOTEN, Willis Ruel and ROWE, Runa Frances
2398. ENGLAND, Otis and BRAGG, Emily Katherine
2399. ENGLAND, Otis and SPOON, Myrtle
2400. PAGE, James Harman and ENGLAND, Nona
2401. BRAGG, Parvin and ENGLAND, Nora
2402. COOMER, Chester and ENGLAND, Myrtle
2403. SPARKS, Bertress and HAYES, Onie C
2404. JANES, Frank Freeman and HAMILTON, Leora
2405. JANES, Uriel C and THOMAS, Myrtle Mae
2406. JANES, Galion Crouch and KELTNER, Sally Allen
2407. MCADAMS, John Wilmer and WOOTEN, Emily
2408. GLENN, Edward F and WOOTEN, Viola Mae
2409. WILLIAMS, Fate and WOOTEN, Viola Mae
2410. BENNETT, Cooper Laffett and WOOTEN, Viola Mae
2411. WOOTEN, Melvin Harrison and KIRK, Esther
2412. WOOTEN, Lonnie Lee and SITTON, Nettie Nora
2413. WOOTEN, Cleo Dee and HOWELL, Nettie Laura
2414. MOODY, Jim Tom and WOOTEN, Alma Zelda
2415. UNKNOWN, Mr. and WOOTEN, Alma Zelda
2416. UNKNOWN, Mr. and WOOTEN, Alma Zelda
2417. UNKNOWN, Mr. and WOOTEN, Alma Zelda
2418. UNKNOWN, Mr. and WOOTEN, Alma Zelda
2419. FOUTCH, James Omer and ENGLAND, Stella
2420. ENGLAND, Garrett Lee and BATEY, L B
2421. ENGLAND, Garrett Lee and WILEY, Lena Delpha
2422. THOMPSON, Benjie and ENGLAND, Virgie
2423. ROBERSON, Herbert and ENGLAND, Curtis Ethel
2424. GILLIAN, Reed A and ENGLAND, Bessie Mae
2425. ENGLAND, Wayne Morris and FRANCIS, Loretta Faye
2426. ENGLAND, Howard and ENGLAND, Alta Mae
2427. ENGLAND, Elvis Theodore and UNKNOWN, Albertina
2428. UNKNOWN, Mr. and ENGLAND, Laura June
2429. ENGLAND, Odis and UNKNOWN, Ms.
2430. ENGLAND, Opal and ENGLAND, Kay
2431. ENGLAND, Joseph and UNKNOWN, Ms.
2432. BRAGG, Mr. and ENGLAND, Nora Violet
2433. ENGLAND, James Garnett and JESSIE, Bertha E
2434. ENGLAND, Alfred Duel and ROMINES, Ruby Agnes
2435. ENGLAND, Cartus Ray and FIELDS, Maydell
2436. WENGER, Adam D and ROSS, Harriet L
2437. WENGER, Leaman and SHENK, Susan
2438. STEWART, William Eliot and IMBODEN, Ida Jane
2439. FREULER, Jacob and MOLLET, Barbara Ann
2440. INGLES, John Anderson and RAMSEY, Amy S
2441. BISHOP, John E and MOORE, Florella
2442. HATTABAUGH, George and TURNER, Rebecca Genette
2443. POLSON, Alexander Buford and WILLIAMS, Isabelle Rebecca Hunt
2444. ENGLAND, William Thomas and GOWEN, Pamela
2445. ENGLAND, William Thomas and HOLLIDAY, Sarah Alice
2446. MOLLET, Joseph Gotthardt and PETER, Mary
2447. MARTIN, Christian Andre and MOLLET, Anna Marie
2448. MOLLET, Benedict Benjamin, Jr. and BOEHTLER, Genofeva
2449. MOLLET, Benedict Benjamin, Jr. and LUDWIG, Maria
2450. MOLLET, John J and PETERS, Caroline L
2451. LEDER, Samuel and MOLLET, Elisabeth
2452. HUNZIKER, Rudolph K and MOLLET, Elisabeth
2453. AMBUEHL, John Andreas and MOLLET, Anna Elisa
2454. PLOCHER, Gottlob and MOLLET, Anna Elisa
2455. MOLLET, Gotthardt and BRAUNESREITHER, Mary Josephine
2456. MOLLET, Charles and ARMSTRONG, Alice
2457. WINTER, John Ludwig and MOLLET, Josephine
2458. INGLES, James J and BARNES, Sarah Eveline
2459. INGLES, James J and MARTIN, Susannah Jane
2460. PICKENS, Thomas P and INGLES, Sarah P H
2461. COCHRAN, Robert Logan and INGLES, Sarah P H
2462. FRENCH, Thomas and HATTABAUGH, Martha Caroline
2463. POLSON, George W and DILLEY, Nancy E
2464. PEDIGO, Mr. and POLSON, Bedia James
2465. GOWEN, Eli and ENGLAND, Lucy Jane
2466. ROACH, John Franklin and ENGLAND, Lucy Jane
2467. NORMAN, Thomas R and ENGLAND, Lucy Jane
2468. ROACH, John Franklin and WILSON, Nancy Jane
2469. ENGLAND, George W and JANES, Nancy
2470. ENGLAND, Preston Berry and MOORE, Nettie B
2471. ENGLAND, Daniel and FUDGE, Mary Frances
2472. ENGLAND, James Watson and HENNIGER, Amanda Alice
2473. ENGLAND, James Watson and JESSEE, Lou Clara
2474. JESSEE, James Elmore and JESSEE, Lou Clara
2475. SEXTON, Thomas Rufus and ENGLAND, Dorinda
2476. ENGLAND, Fayette and COOMER, Meda
2477. ENGLAND, Fayette and RINEY, Anner Elizabeth
2478. ENGLAND, Lafayette and POLSTON, Maude E
2479. DUNCAN, George A and DENNY, Edith
2480. HATTABAUGH, Jonathan Lee and WALKER, Elizabeth
2481. BLACKWOOD, Ira and HATTABAUGH, Pauline
2482. PECK, Sherman and HATTABAUGH, Nancy
2483. HATTABAUGH, George William and BOLING, Sarah
2484. GRACE, William and HATTABAUGH, Julia Ann
2485. HATTABAUGH, Jacob John and WADDLE, Mary Jane
2486. DILLINO, William Henry and HATTABAUGH, Martha Ann
2487. BOLING, Benjamin Page and HATTABAUGH, Miranda A
2488. HENSLEY, Benjamin and HATTABAUGH, Manerva
2489. HATTABAUGH, Christopher C and HENSLEY, Malinda
2490. HATTABAUGH, Samuel and WESTON, Eliza Ellen
2491. HATTABAUGH, Phillip and UNKNOWN, Retta Hensely
2492. HAGEN, John H and MCPHEETERS, Malinda
2493. BIRDSONG, Miles M and HOBBS, Martha
2494. DAVIS, Ezra and HOBBS, Martha
2495. BUTLER, Edward M and STOUT, Hannah E
2496. DENNY, Isaiah Jason and FERGUSON, Nancy Catherine
2497. WILLIAMSON, James and HAWPE, Elizabeth
2498. HAWPE, Rudolph and TEMPELTON, Eleanor
2499. HAWPE, George and CAMPBELL, Mary
2500. HAWPE, George and WILSON, Rebecca
2501. MOORE, James J and KOINER, Christina
2502. KOINER, William L and BROWNING, Nancy
2503. COINER, Archibald S and COINER, Anna
2504. COYNER, Harrison H and BRAND, Mary J
2505. COYNER, Harrison H and PADGETT, Martha A
2506. FOSTER, William and KOINER, Cynthia
2507. COOK, George W and KOINER, Cynthia
2508. KOINER, Jonathan and SWISHER, Mary
2509. COINER, Andrew and MURRY, Sarah
2510. WEAVER, John and KOINER, Eliza
2511. YOUNG, Jacob and KOINER, Maria
2512. KOINER, Smith and NEWMAN, Catherine
2513. CULLEN, James Johnson and KEISER, Sarah
2514. KEISER, George Koiner and KUGLER, Mary Ann
2515. SHRECKHISE, George and KEISER, Jane
2516. COINER, Samuel, Sr. and KEISER, Mary Ann
2517. KEISER, James R and MURPHY, Eliza
2518. SHIREY, Peter Michael and KEISER, Juliana A
2519. KEISER, Jacob and PATTERSON, Margaret
2520. COINER, Michael Alexander and KEISER, Elizabeth
2521. WAGNER, Samuel and KEISER, Catherine M
2522. HINTON, Thomas Yarnell and SPOTS, Margaret
2523. COINER, Johannes and MOWRY, Jane
2524. SNAPP, Robert and MOWERY, Elizabeth
2525. VANLEAR, Robert and MOWERY, Margaret
2526. MOWERY, George W and MOWERY, Margaret
2527. MOWRY, George W and UNKNOWN, Ms.
2528. KYNER, John, II and BRUBACKER, Elizabeth
2529. KYNER, Jacob and KELTNER, Jane
2530. BELL, Mr. and KYNER, Mary
2531. KYNER, Michael and GRUBAUGH, Sarah A
2532. KYNER, George and RIFFLE, Mary Catherine
2533. KYNER, Philip and PATTERSON, Rebecca
2534. KYNER, William and COREY, Sarah
2535. KYNER, Lawrence and RITCHIE, Mary Lou
2536. KYNER, Casper and SMITH, Martha A
2537. THOMPSON, Samuel and KYNER, Mary
2538. COINER, Joseph and KYNER, Margaret
2539. GOLDSMITH, John and KYNER, Catherine
2540. KYNER, Alexander W and READ, Elvira
2541. RESIDE, John C and KYNER, Jane A
2542. RODGERS, W C and KYNER, Jane A
2543. MARSHALL, Thomas A and KYNER, Jane A
2544. DUNCAN, Mr. and KYNER, Euphemia C
2545. KYNER, David A and UNKNOWN, Ms.
2546. MCCORMICK, Mr. and KYNER, Georgia Ann
2547. KYNER, Conrad and KYNER, Lydia
2548. KYNER, John and MARKS, Julia
2549. KYNER, John and JOHNSTON, Sarah
2550. KYNER, Thomas and ZETTLE, Catharine
2551. KYNER, Thomas and MCKEY, Margaret
2552. KYNER, Michael and CRESSLER, Ann Catherine
2553. COYNER, Simeon and KYNER, Mary Anne
2554. KYNER, William and BAKER, Margaret
2555. KYNER, George Samuel and MCNULTY, Susan
2556. KYNER, David H and ANDERSON, Margaret
2557. RICE, William and KYNER, Margaret
2558. HULL, Ephraim Jacob and KYNER, Lydia Caroline
2559. MCELHAIR, Mr. and KYNER, Charlotte
2560. ETTER, Augustus Henning and KYNER, Mary Catherine
2561. KYNER, Samuel and MCNULTY, Ms.
2562. MCNAIR, Amos Kremer and KYNER, Emily
2563. KYNER, Jacob Etter and COSSNETZ, Mary Ellen
2564. KYNER, Jacob Etter and CARMONY, Bella
2565. EYER, B Frank and KYNER, Sarah Laura
2566. KINER, Michael and MEIGS, Sarah
2567. HAYS, Solomon and KYNER, Margaret Ann
2568. KINER, Jacob and SMITH, Lovecia
2569. REAM, William and KYNER, Martha Jane
2570. LASELLE, Lafayette and KINER, Lucinda
2571. LASELLE, Lafayette and KINER, Elizabeth
2572. SMITH, Nathaniel and KYNER, Amanda
2573. KINER, Joseph Henry and DENUNE, Kate
2574. KILLIAN, Jacob and KOINER, Julia Ann
2575. KOINER, Cyrus and ZIRKLE, Margaret Catharine
2576. KOINER, Cyrus and UNKNOWN, Bettie
2577. KOINER, Absalom and KOINER, Virginia Margaret
2578. COINER, Samuel and YOUNT, Frances
2579. KOINER, Jonathan and FISHER, Jemima
2580. KOINER, Caspar and PATTERSON, Mary Jane
2581. KOINER, Gideon and HENKEL, Rebecca Margaret
2582. FUNK, Solomon and KOINER, Elizabeth
2583. LOBBAN, James W and KOINER, Sarah Margaret
2584. COINER, Jacobi Harvey and KELLER, Mary Adeline
2585. COINER, Franklin and STIEGEL, Sarah J
2586. ENGLEMAN, John B and COINER, Elizabeth
2587. BRANAMAN, John and COINER, Susanna
2588. SIEG, Joseph and COINER, Margaret
2589. COINER, David M and WHITMORE, Susan Berry
2590. COINER, John Calvin and MCCORD, Rebecca Jane
2591. LONG, Alexander and MCCOMB, Mary Susan
2592. MCCOMB, James Koiner and WHEELER, Clara H
2593. HODGE, John Hamilton, Jr. and MCCOMB, Sarah Elizabeth
2594. MCCOMB, David Alexander and WHITE, Mary Virginia
2595. PALMER, Charles Tippet and MCCOMB, Isabella
2596. BURKE, Joseph and ALLEN, Sarah Isabella
2597. MONTAGUE, Robert G and ALLEN, Margaret Ervin
2598. ALLEN, James William and MCCUNE, Mary
2599. MCCHESNEY, Robert Aureleus and BAYLOR, Amanda Jane
2600. EICHELBERGER, Henry Samuel and BAYLOR, Susan Catharine
2601. BAKER, C S and BAYLOR, Frances
2602. HOBBS, James O and BAYLOR, Mary Eleanor
2603. BAYLOR, George and HOOVER, Elizabeth
2604. BAYLOR, Newton Andrew and MARMADUKE, Minnie
2605. FREEMAN, Charles W and BAYLOR, Laura A
2606. HALLEY, James Alfred and DEAL, Susan Ellen
2607. HALLEY, Henry Joseph and DEAL, Estaline Virginia
2608. SCHINDOFF, Paul and DEAL, Cornelia F
2609. JAMES, Robert Woodson and DEAL, Mary Elizabeth
2610. COYNER, George Michael and DEAL, Martha R
2611. DEAL, George Milton and COLVERT, Mary Catherine
2612. DEAL, Julius Howard and FULKERSON, Sarah Florence
2613. LEMONS, Clay and DEAL, Lucy Bell
2614. MILLER, Ira and KOINER, Susan Ellen
2615. SHANER, Jacob Harner and KOINER, Ann Elizabeth
2616. COYNER, Artemus Dillar and FABER, Elizabeth Margaret
2617. COYNER, Benjamin Franklin and KOINER, Mary Celestine
2618. COINER, James David and KEISER, Louise Caroline
2619. MOWRY, Cyrus and COINER, Mary Susan
2620. COINER, Preston Alexander and PERRY, Emma C
2621. COINER, Preston Alexander and CRIST, Fannie Sarah
2622. COINER, Garnet T and SCHERER, Mary
2623. COINER, Herman and SAMPSON, Rose Ella
2624. COINER, Homer Briley and WEADE, Martha Susan
2625. BEAN, Louie Monroe and COINER, Bernice
2626. NICKEY, David and BALSLEY, Jane
2627. NICKEY, Samuel and GRAYLESS, Elizabeth
2628. NICKEY, Christian and COOPER, Isabella
2629. TULLY, Francis and NICKEY, Mary Ann Elizabeth
2630. NICKEY, Jacob and BRIGGS, Elizabeth
2631. NICKEY, Jacob and CRABILL, Catherine
2632. HOWARD, Jesse and NICKEY, Rebecca Ann
2633. ARNOLD, Elijah and NICKEY, Julia Ann
2634. RICE, Daniel and NICKEY, Rose Ann
2635. SMITH, Wells and NICKEY, Anna Catherine
2636. COINER, Hiram Lee and BALSLEY, Julia Ann
2637. BALSLEY, John Jacob and COINER, Rosanna
2638. GRINER, Harvey Eugene and BALSLEY, Sarah Ann
2639. MAXEY, Wilson M and BALSLEY, Sarah Ann
2640. HENKEL, Siram Peter and COINER, Margaret
2641. NICHOLAS, John Jacob and COINER, Elizabeth
2642. COINER, Heinrich and ANDERSON, Jane Clark
2643. OVERHOLT, Reuben and COINER, Delila
2644. COINER, Silas and BEARD, Mary
2645. COINER, Johannes Freiderich and STEEKLEY, Magdalene
2646. COINER, Casper Benton and HERRON, Julia F
2647. HANGER, William A and COINER, Antoinette
2648. KOINER, Tollarus and GONGWER, Nancy M
2649. KOINER, Tollarus and BEAR, Mary F
2650. KOINER, Ireneus and SHUEY, Catherine
2651. COINER, Johannes K and RUDACIL, Paulina
2652. KILLIAN, Philip and COINER, Rebecca
2653. AWDE, Thomas and COINER, Frances
2654. COINER, George Kasper and COINER, Hannah Rebecca
2655. COINER, Jacob M and PALMER, Sarah Margaret
2656. COINER, Daniel David and ANDERSON, Isabella
2657. COINER, Cornelius G and HANIE, Sallie C
2658. COINER, Cornelius G and COINER, Mary Sallie
2659. SHEETS, Willaim F and COINER, Mary Ann
2660. ALEXANDER, Samuel Hunter and COINER, Susan J
2661. PATTERSON, Benjamin G and COINER, Frances
2662. COINER, Alexander and STOVER, Mary
2663. COYNER, Charles and HENKEL, Sarah Margaret
2664. BARGER, Silas and COINER, Margaret Ann
2665. SENAKER, J E and COINER, Sarah
2666. COYNER, Arthur and HAHN, Julia A
2667. COYNER, Theodore and CRICKENBERGER, Leana R
2668. COYNER, Martin Luther and UNKNOWN, Cora A
2669. COINER, Elijah and READ, Anna Elizabeth
2670. KOINER, George Marion and COINER, Julia Ann
2671. COINER, John Nicholas and LEONARD, Frances Susan
2672. COINER, Philip Melanchton and LINCOLN, Effie Amelia
2673. PALMER, Andrew Jackson and COINER, Catharine Margaret
2674. LEONARD, James Marion and COINER, Martha Ellen
2675. COINER, Phillip David and COINER, Rebecca Frances
2676. LEONARD, David Ezra and COINER, Sarah Jane
2677. HENKEL, Casper Coiner and MILLER, Margaretta M
2678. MILLER, Abram Schultz and HENKEL, Julia Virginia
2679. FULMER, William and HENKEL, Ellen Helea
2680. MOYERS, George William and HENKEL, Susan Elizabeth
2681. HENKEL, Abram Miller and MOORE, Virginia (Moffett)
2682. KAGEY, David F and HENKEL, Emma Minerva
2683. HENKEL, Haller Hippocrates and TURNEY, Lina Olivia
2684. HEATER, Charles W and HENKEL, Cora Aurelia
2685. CRICKENBERGER, William Peter, Dds and HENKEL, Anna Lucilla
2686. HATTABAUGH, Martin and WESTON, Lucy Ann
2687. SLAGLE, Henry and BRIGGS, Amanda
2688. SLAGLE, Franklin and PETERSON, Martha
2689. SHOBE, Abram and SLAGLE, Elizabeth A
2690. WOOD, John and SLAGLE, Eliza J
2691. MILLER, William and SLAGLE, Susan
2692. SLAGLE, Silas and SUIMONS, Jennie
2693. BRADLEY, Luther and SLAGLE, Harriet
2694. ELLIS, M D and SLAGLE, Mahalah Cary
2695. KITE, William H
2696. CLARK, Mr. and SLAGLE, Virginia F
2697. BOVINGER, Mr. and SLAGLE, Juno Minerva
2698. RHINEHART, Mr. and SLAGLE, Mary A
2699. MCEWEN, Mr. and SLAGLE, Kate
2700. SLAGLE, Arthur
2701. BELCHE, Dames and SLAGLE, Julia A
2702. SLAGLE, Columbus C and SPRUNG, Emma L
2703. COINER, John and JONES, Jemima
2704. COINER, Erasmus Tullis and YOUNG, Mary E
2705. CLAYPOLE, Cyrus and COINER, Jemima
2706. HARPER, John and COINER, Nancy
2707. WELLS, Nelson and COINER, Mary
2708. COINER, Samuel and HAMMITT, Dorcas
2709. COINER, David and BAKER, Elizabeth
2710. CAMPBELL, William R and COINER, Margaret L
2711. SPEARMAN, Cornelius Frogg and COINER, Julia Ann
2712. THOMAS, John and COINER, Hannah
2713. BOYD, William and COINER, Elizabeth
2714. GANUM, Mr. and CLOWSER, Sarah
2715. PARRETT, Mr. and CLOWSER, Jemima
2716. REED, Samuel and CLOWSER, Jane
2717. BRYAN, Samuel and COYNER, Mary Jane
2718. BUSH, Enoch and COYNER, Mary Jane
2719. COYNER, Martin G and HAYNES, Elizabeth
2720. COYNER, Albert and UNKNOWN, Ms.
2721. COYNER, Noah Mallow and HANAWALT, Ollie
2722. EICHELBERGER, Grayson Milton and COYNER, Hannah M
2723. HANAWALT, George Allen and COYNER, Martha Imma
2724. COYNER, John Adam and EDMISTON, Margaret S
2725. CLINE, Addison Beecher and COYNER, Emma Delilah
2726. SEELIG, Jacob B and COYNER, Emma Delilah
2727. ANDERSON, D C and TULLYS, Sarah
2728. CRAIN, Frank and TULLYS, Frances
2729. DYER, Mr. and WAUGH, Julia
2730. DYER, Mr. and WAUGH, Elizabeth
2731. COYNER, Martin Luther and HOLLENBECK, Ingray Jane
2732. COYNER, Robert and COYNER, Elizabeth
2733. COYNER, Robert and VAN LEAR, Elizabeth
2734. COYNER, Archibald and WALKER, Sophie P
2735. WILSON, John Edward Dickey and COYNER, Elizabeth Susan
2736. GORMELEY, William Curran and COYNER, Elizabeth Susan
2737. COYNER, Davis Silas and HEIZER, Mathilda
2738. COYNER, Davis Silas and LYLE, Elizabeth
2739. COYNER, John McCuchan and WILSON, Mary
2740. COYNER, John McCuchan and PARROT, Anna D L
2741. COYNER, Robert Crawford, Jr. and GARRETT, Anna
2742. COYNER, Robert Crawford, Jr. and DUNKLE, Mary A
2743. COYNER, James Bell and STEVENS, Susan Jane
2744. REYNOLDS, Mr. and BRADSHAW, Elizabeth
2745. HUSSY, John Russell and BRADSHAW, Mary
2746. BELL, David Alexander and HARNSBERGER, Elizabeth
2747. BELL, William James and PATTERSON, Mary Agnes
2748. BELL, Frank M and TROTTER, Lina
2749. COYNER, Seymore and LONG, Harriet Armilda
2750. COYNER, John V and UNKNOWN, Annie
2751. ALEXANDER, Samuel Hamilton, Jr. and COYNER, Catherine McNeill
2752. COYNER, Henry George and HIPPLE, Emma
2753. KEHRWECKER, George H and COYNER, Sarah E
2754. BAKER, Mr. and COYNER, Eliza
2755. SMITH, Bronson and COYNER, Mary Elizabeth
2756. LOCKRIDGE, John E and COYNER, Lydia Margaret
2757. ROWELL, Milo and COYNER, Sarah Louisa
2758. COYNER, John Addison and WILSON, Cilia
2759. COYNER, Charles Luther and BLAIR, Margaret Cullun
2760. HOLLENBECK, William and RINEHART, Rosanna
2761. IRWIN, Mr. and RINEHART, Rosanna
2762. RINEHART, William and GAINS, Maud
2763. COYNER, Jacob and LITTLE, Hannah
2764. COYNER, John and HORNEY, Mary Ann
2765. COYNER, David Dillard and FUDGE, Martha Jane
2766. COYNER, Martin and ROBINSON, Susan
2767. HORNEY, Peter and COYNER, Mary
2768. CRULL, Mr. and COYNER, Mary
2769. COYNER, William and LOVELESS, Amanda
2770. LOVELESS, Edwin Johnson and COYNER, Elizabeth
2771. BLACKER, Augustine and COYNER, Frances Jane
2772. BROWN, William and COYNER, Frances Jane
2773. BLACKER, James Wesley and COYNER, Frances Jane
2774. WHITE, Willis and COYNER, Susanna
2775. JONES, Mr. and COCHRAN, Margaret
2776. RITTENHOUSE, Mr. and COCHRAN, Rosanna
2777. PARROTT, Mr. and COCHRAN, Mary
2778. BLUE, John Nelson and COYNER, Janet Jane
2779. COYNER, Martin Owen and UNKNOWN, Ms.
2780. O'BRIANT, George Washington and COYNER, Mary B
2781. DAY, Allen and COYNER, Mary B
2782. COYNER, Lucien D and UNKNOWN, Martha A
2783. COYNER, Martin C and MCCARTNEY, Catherine
2784. BLACKER, George and COYNER, Delilah
2785. COYNER, William and KIMAMAN, Metticie
2786. COYNER, Jacob and BRYANT, Clara Jacova
2787. COYNER, Jesse and UNKNOWN, Elizabeth
2788. COYNER, Joseph and HEPNER, Mary Catherine
2789. RAPP, Joseph and MILLER, Columbia
2790. STIEGEL, William D and YOUNT, Bettie Jane
2791. LEONARD, Jacob Harner and YOUNT, Nancy Mary
2792. YOUNT, Ignatius Wayne and STIEGEL, Virginia Elizabeth
2793. YOUNT, Joseph Bowman and STEPHENS, Myrtie Alice
2794. YOUNT, David Erwin, Jr. and BARGER, Sarah Elizabeth
2795. YOUNT, David Erwin, Jr. and UNKNOWN, Ida Pearl
2796. GARBER, George and COYNER, Elizabeth
2797. COYNER, John H and UNKNOWN, Susan
2798. COYNER, William Peter and UNKNOWN, Sarah C
2799. WENGER, Gideon and COYNER, Catherine
2800. KENNEDY, Henry Clinton and COYNER, Rebecca Margaret
2801. KENNEDY, Mr. and COYNER, Annette C S
2802. COYNER, S Fulton and HULL, Virginia
2803. COYNER, Lewis Philip and GRAHAM, Kate M
2804. COYNER, Joseph M and HESSERNER, Mary
2805. CROUSHORN, Adam and COYNER, Mollie B
2806. COYNER, Algernon Theodore and UNKNOWN, Sarah
2807. MARTIN, Orvil Fletcher and FOUGHT, Margaret Jane
2808. FABER, Hiram and COINER, Jane
2809. COINER, Henry and SMITH, Mary Ann Elizabeth
2810. COINER, Andrew and SMITH, Estaline
2811. HIGHTOWER, George Washington and COINER, Mary Margaret
2812. STRIBLING, Kinney and ENGLEMAN, Harriet
2813. BEARD, Christian and ENGLEMAN, Sarah
2814. RILEY, John and ENGLEMAN, Frances
2815. STROUSE, Franklin and ENGLEMAN, Mary
2816. SALYERS, Mr. and ENGLEMAN, Mary
2817. HARNESBERGER, Addison and ENGLEMAN, Rebecca
2818. FULCHER, E A and ENGLEMAN, Emma
2819. COINER, Joseph Smith and BEARD, Sarah
2820. HAMILTON, James W and COYNER, Virginia C
2821. MCCOMB, Moses Andrew and COYNER, Sarah Ann
2822. COINER, Cyrus Benton and MILLER, Elizabeth
2823. COINER, Cyrus Benton and WATSON, Alice
2824. COINER, Cyrus Benton and SMITH, Cornelia B
2825. COINER, Cyrus Benton and DABNEY, Mariah Carrington
2826. STRATTON, Robert and AST, Virginia C
2827. BLACKBURN, William and AST, Mary Ann
2828. AST, William F and LAMBERT, Rosa
2829. AST, Joseph P and FOSTER, Juliette
2830. REBER, Mr. and COINER, Mary
2831. WILLIAMS, Mr. and COINER, Martha
2832. TAYLOR, Mr. and COINER, Emma
2833. COYNER, George Adam and YANCY, Louvenia C
2834. PERRY, James O and KOINER, Mary Elizabeth
2835. OREAR, Luther and COINER, Virginia Ruth
2836. COINER, Lewis Wellington and BLAIR, Willie
2837. COINER, Dewitt and CURTIS, Bessie M
2838. ROACH, Martin Warren and ENGLAND, Nancy Frances
2839. ENGLAND, Joseph Alvin and HAMILTON, Sarah J
2840. ENGLAND, Joseph Alvin and BARNES, Dorothy Jane
2841. ENGLAND, James T and UNKNOWN, Ardenia Elizabeth
2842. FUDGE, John Martin and ENGLAND, Amanda Jane
2843. BRAGG, James Martin and ENGLAND, Ann Lou Mary
2844. ENGLAND, James W and ENGLAND, Susan Etta
2845. DILLINGHAM, Henry Sherman and ENGLAND, Mary Jane
2846. ROWE, Robert Lincoln and ENGLAND, Ara Belle
2847. ENGLAND, Leroy and JUDD, Emily Parish
2848. ENGLAND, Luther Clay and WOOTEN, Ellen
2849. ROWE, Elroy M and ENGLAND, Lucy B
2850. BRUMMETT, William Mason and ENGLAND, Emma Ellen
2851. HAYES, Zachariah A and ENGLAND, Henrietta
2852. JANES, Bascom Bay and ENGLAND, Retta Pearl
2853. WOOTEN, Spencer Boyle and ENGLAND, Lucinda Frances
2854. WOOTEN, Spencer Boyle and GILPIN, Zannie Ellen
2855. WOOTEN, Silas Marshall and ENGLAND, Cordelia
2856. ENGLAND, Meredith Elza and BAILEY, Julia Ann
2857. ENGLAND, Meredith Elza and COCKRELL, Nancy Catherine
2858. ENGLAND, John Henry and GASKIN, Rodella
2859. ENGLAND, Nimrod Austin and OWENS, Della
2860. ENGLAND, Juneous E and HARVICK, Pearl
2861. ENGLAND, Juneous E and JONES, Sadie M
2862. FOSTER, William I and ENGLAND, Cora C
2863. ENGLAND, George Frank and POPE, Maggie Florence
2864. ENGLAND, Lafayette H and POLSTON, Maude
2865. ENGLAND, Lafayette H and GILMORE, Cora Etta
2866. GILMORE, Thomas H and ENGLAND, Ellen Zelda
2867. ROMINES, Isaac and ENGLAND, Caldonia Frances
2868. HURT, William Walker and ENGLAND, Dicie Jane
2869. SPARKS, Stephen Dudley and ENGLAND, Louis Ann
2870. HURT, James Allen and ENGLAND, Nancy Bell
2871. ENGLAND, John Calvin and SPARKS, Ida Vera
2872. REECE, Samuel Lee and ENGLAND, Mary Lizzie
2873. ENGLAND, Lee Henry Walker and ENGLAND, Bessie
2874. WENGER, Adam R and DILLER, Anna
2875. IMBODEN, William and SHELTON, Margaret Mary
2876. MOLLET, Benedict Benjamin and MUEHLENMANN, Elizabeth
2877. INGLES, Nathaniel and HILLIS, Eliza Jane
2878. MOORE, Oliver and PIXLEY, Judith
2879. HATTABAUGH, Samuel and MCCLAY, Jane Ann
2880. POLSON, Willis and FORREST, Mariah
2881. ENGLAND, Milton and JANES, Zerelda Jane Burlin
2882. ENGLAND, Milton and WILSON, Sally
2883. HILLIS, David Burke and KISER, Laura
2884. HILLIS, David Burke and UNKNOWN, M Fannie
2885. WIRT, Samuel M and HILLIS, Sarah Margaret
2886. DENNY, Thomas and HATTABAUGH, Mary
2887. HATTABAUGH, Philip and ENGLAND, Jane
2888. HATTABAUGH, Michael and STALKER, Jane
2889. HATTABAUGH, George and ELLISON, Mary Polly
2890. HATTABAUGH, Jacob and JUDIA, Anna Frances
2891. HATTABAUGH, Martin and LUMLEY, Matilda
2892. HAGAN, William and HATTABAUGH, Margaret
2893. HOBBS, Samuel and HATTABAUGH, Margaret
2894. HOBBS, Samuel and HATTABAUGH, Margaret
2895. BUTLER, Nelson and HATTABAUGH, Margaret
2896. BUTLER, Nelson and HATTABAUGH, Margaret
2897. DENNY, Isaac and HATTABAUGH, Elizabeth
2898. CRENSHAW, Anderson and POLSON, Elizabeth
2899. ENGLAND, Daniel Thomas and UNKNOWN, Ms.
2900. LIGGETT, John McKnight and HILLIS, Ruth
2901. LIGGETT, John McKnight and BOISE, Eliza
2902. IMBODEN, Johann Heinrich and KOINER, Jane
2903. AUGHE, Abraham and KOINER, Jane
2904. HAWPE, Adam and KOINER, Catherine
2905. LYONS, William and KOINER, Catherine
2906. KOINER, Johannes B and SPOTTS, Catharine
2907. KOINER, George and GROVE, Sarah
2908. KOINER, George and HUCKSTEP, Mary
2909. KEISER, Daniel and KOINER, Mary Ann
2910. SPOTS, Jacob and KOINER, Elizabeth
2911. MOWRY, Lewis, Jr. and KOINER, Margaret
2912. KYNER, John and MYERS, Susan
2913. KYNER, George K and NYE, Christina
2914. KYNER, George K and SHIELDS, Mary
2915. KYNER, Phillip and MARTIN, Catherine
2916. KYNER, Michael and BITTLE, Lydia
2917. KYNER, Michael and WEIGART, Susanna C
2918. KYNER, Jacob and MYERS, Rebecca
2919. KYNER, Jacob and ETTER, Margaret Ann
2920. WEAVER, Samuel and KYNER, Elizabeth
2921. KINER, Casper and MOCK, Elizabeth
2922. KOINER, George Michael and COINER, Maria
2923. COYNER, Jacob and KOINER, Elizabeth
2924. COINER, Michael and KOINER, Catharina
2925. MCCOMB, Alexander Henderson and KOINER, Mary
2926. ALLEN, George Washington and KOINER, Lucy Ann
2927. BAYLOR, George W, Jr. and KOINER, Isabella A
2928. DEAL, George Washington and KOINER, Rebecca
2929. KOINER, David Diller and CALDWELL, Celestine E
2930. KOINER, David Diller and MILLER, Mary Ann
2931. COINER, Michael Alexander and HAWPE, Mary Jane
2932. NICKEY, Samuel H and BALSLEY, Anna Catherine
2933. BALSLEY, George Adam and ERWIN, Susanna
2934. BALSLEY, John Michael and KING, Margaret
2935. BALSLEY, Christian and LIVELY, Hulda
2936. FISHER, Adam and BALSLEY, Elizabeth
2937. BALSLEY, Jacob and RIPPETO, Nancy
2938. FOSTER, Edmond and BALSLEY, Rebecca
2939. FIFER, Jacob and BALSLEY, Rebecca
2940. BALSLEY, Jonathan and MAYO, Elizabeth Jane
2941. BALSLEY, Jonathan and GRAY, Nancy
2942. BALSLEY, Jonathan and SLAGLE, Rachael
2943. BALSLEY, Conrad Samuel and PAGE, Eliza
2944. BALSLEY, Jesse and PUGH, Hannah Amelia
2945. BALSLEY, Elijah and OFFLIGHTER, Nancy
2946. COINER, Johannes and EFFINGER, Elizabeth
2947. KOINER, Philip and CRIST, Rebecca
2948. COINER, David C and KELLER, Frances
2949. COYNER, Martin and EAKLE, Ann
2950. COYNER, Martin and BARGER, Margaret A
2951. COINER, Simon and MILLER, Margaret
2952. COINER, Benjamin and MILLER, Mary
2953. HENKEL, Samuel Godfrey and KOINER, Susan
2954. SLAGLE, John and ERWIN, Margaret L
2955. WESTON, Joseph and SLAGLE, Elizabeth
2956. ENGLEMAN, George and SLAGLE, Mary
2957. SLAGLE, Jacob and EAKLE, Elizabeth
2958. FELLOWS, Jonathan C and SLAGLE, Margaret
2959. SLAGLE, George
2960. CLEMENS, John D and SLAGLE, Susanna
2961. KITE, Jacob C and SLAGLE, Elizabeth Catherine
2962. SLAGLE, Christian Koiner and EAKLE, Fannie
2963. GREINER, George and SLAGLE, Rachael
2964. SLAGLE, Joseph and LONG, Catherine
2965. SLAGLE, Joseph and STONE, Catherine
2966. SLAGLE, Joseph and LITTLEPAGE, Sarah
2967. SLAGLE, Joseph and CRAWFORD, Elizabeth
2968. SLAGLE, Joseph and PARENT, Charlotte
2969. GROVE, Martin and COYNER, Margaret
2970. PETERSON, Martin and COYNER, Elizabeth
2971. SHOBE, Edward and COYNER, Sarah
2972. BEARD, John and COYNER, Sarah
2973. PETERSON, Jonas and COYNER, Susanna
2974. COYNER, Christian and TETER, Elizabeth
2975. CLOWSER, George and COYNER, Hannah
2976. COYNER, David and MALLOW, Sarah
2977. TULLYS, Erasmus and COYNER, Julia Ann
2978. FISHER, William and COYNER, Jemima
2979. WAUGH, Richard and COYNER, Rebecca
2980. COYNER, John and ZIMMERMAN, Nancy
2981. COYNER, Robert Crawford and GWINN, Margaret
2982. COYNER, Robert Crawford and EDMISTON, Martha
2983. COYNER, Robert Crawford and WALLACE, Frances
2984. COYNER, Archibald Rhea and BROWN, Mary
2985. BRADSHAW, John William and COYNER, Margaret Diller
2986. COYNER, James Burgess and STEWART, Matilda
2987. BELL, James Alexander and COYNER, Sarah Bingham
2988. COYNER, Martin Luther and SEYMORE, Jane
2989. COYNER, Martin Luther and UNKNOWN, Ms.
2990. COYNER, David H and MCNEILL, Catherine
2991. COYNER, David H and SNODGRASS, Catherine Elizabeth
2992. COYNER, David H and SNODGRASS, Francis
2993. COYNER, Addison Hyde and BROWN, Elizabeth
2994. RINEHART, David and COYNER, Rosannah
2995. COYNER, Michael and PETERSON, Phoebe
2996. COCHRAN, Alexander and COYNER, Elizabeth
2997. COUNTS, John and COYNER, Margaret
2998. COYNER, George and CLARKE, Elizabeth
2999. CLARK, Mr. and COYNER, Veronica
3000. COYNER, John Dillard and PETERSON, Delilah
3001. COYNER, John Dillard and WYANT, Emily
3002. CAMERON, Mr. and COYNER, Anna Maria
3003. JENKINS, James M and COYNER, Sarah Grace
3004. HEWITT, Mr. and COYNER, Susanna
3005. COYNER, Joseph and KENNEDY, Mary
3006. COYNER, Joseph and TAYLOR, Arcena
3007. MILLER, Clinton G and COYNER, Agnes E
3008. LEONARD, Samuel and COYNER, Margaret
3009. YOUNT, David Erwin and COYNER, Catherine
3010. COYNER, Michael and KENNEDY, Sarah
3011. COYNER, David E and LONG, Maria F
3012. WOOD, Alfred and COYNER, Mary B
3013. FOUGHT, Adam and COYNER, Jane L
3014. COINER, Philip, Jr. and WHITMORE, Mary
3015. COINER, Philip, Jr. and MILLER, Catherine
3016. ENGLEMAN, Peter and COINER, Virginia Jane
3017. COINER, Solomon D and MILLER, Susannah
3018. RUPERT, Joseph S and COINER, Catarina
3019. AST, John H and COINER, Elizabeth
3020. COINER, Johannes H and STROUSE, Charlotte
3021. COINER, David W and COURSEY, Mary
3022. RUPERT, Paul Napoleon and COINER, Mary Margaret
3023. ENGLAND, William Milton and ROMINE, Lou Ann
3024. ENGLAND, James R and JANES, Nancy McClain
3025. ENGLAND, Daniel and SPARKS, Emily
3026. ENGLAND, Daniel and ROACH, Lucinda
3027. ENGLAND, Amos and JESSEE, Sarah Ann
3028. GRAYBILL, Jacob and DILLER, Catherine
3029. GETZ, Jacob G and DILLER, Julia
3030. DILLER, Isaac and GRAYBILL, Susan
3031. IMBODEN, John and GOLLADAY, Sarah
3032. IMBODEN, George and WUNDERLICK, Isabella
3033. MOLLET, Nicklaus and VON BALMOOS, Maria
3034. HILLIS, David and WERDEN, Aelia
3035. HILLIS, David and BURKE, Margaret
3036. HATTABAUGH, Johan George and KEINADT, Anna Mary
3037. POLSON, Absalom B and DAVIS, Delilah
3038. ENGLAND, John Thomas and ASKEW, Elizabeth Jane
3039. HILLIS, John and UNKNOWN, Jane
3040. HILLIS, Matthew and UNKNOWN, Rebekah
3041. HILLIS, Ebenezer Erskine and RYKER, Gerardus Ruth
3042. KOINER, George Adam and SMITH, Barbara
3043. KYNER, Conrad and STUMBAUGH, Elizabeth Magdalena
3044. KOINER, George Michael and FOSTER, Susanna
3045. KOINER, George Michael and HAWPE, Susanna
3046. BALSLEY, Christian and KEINADT, Anna Elizabeth
3047. KOINER, John Casper and BARGER, Anna Margaret
3048. SLAGLE, George Jacob and KOINER, Catherine
3049. COYNER, Johannes and LAYWELL, Hannah
3050. COYNER, Martin Luther and RHEA, Elizabeth
3051. COYNER, Jacob and BYERS, Anna Maria
3052. COYNER, Christian and ERWIN, Jane Christina
3053. KOINER, Philip and FAUBER, Catarina
3054. KOINER, Philip and PENCE, Catherine
3055. PENCE, Catherine
3056. KILKENNY, James and KEINADT, Margaret
3057. ENGLAND, Milton Ellsworth and ASKEW, Frances Mae
3058. DILLER, Philip Adam and YUNDT, Salome
3059. BARE, John and DILLER, Anna Maria
3060. BAKER, Peter and DILLER, Christina
3061. KINZER, Michael and DILLER, Madelena
3062. BAKER, Frederick and DILLER, Margaretta
3063. DILLER, Leonard and HINKLE, Mary Magdalene
3064. DILLER, John Peter and ROLAND, Elizabeth
3065. DILLER, Isaac R and ROLAND, Susanna
3066. STRAYER, Johan Mathius and BRAKEBILL, Anna Barbara
3067. BRAKEBILL, Peter and ROARKS, Katherine
3068. IMBODEN, John Henry and FERNSLER, Catherine
3069. VON BALMOOS, Kaspar and SCHURCH, Barbara
3070. HILLIS, William and CARRUTHERS, Jane
3071. PIXLEY, John and HASKINS, Abigail
3072. HETTENBACH, Johann Michael and SEEGERIN, Maria Catharina
3073. KEINADT, Michael and DILLER, Anna Margaretha
3074. ENGLAND, David Nathaniel and SPARKS, Mary Ann Elizabeth
3075. ASKEW, John and CARTER, Mary
3076. GOMARINGER, Johannes and KEINATH, Anna Barbara
3077. KEINATH, Claudius and HAUSSLERIN, Ana Barbara
3078. BOSS, George and KEINATH, Anna Maria
3079. KEINATH, Martin and BORSCH, Anna Maria
3080. KEINATH, Jacob and BITZEN, Rosina
3081. KEINATH, Casper and HIGG, Anna Maria
3082. RINGWALD, Johannes and KEINATH, Maria Margaretha
3083. DILLER, Philip Adam and ELLMACHER, Mary Magdalena
3084. DILLER, Hans John Martin and JACKS, Christina
3085. DEININGER, John Adam and DILLER, Anna Rosina
3086. SENSABACH, Mr. and DILLER, Maria Christina
3087. NAGEL, Sebastian and DILLER, Maria Magdalena
3088. BRECHBIEL, Johan Nicklas and DILLER, Maria Juliana
3089. IMBODEN, Johannes Schweickhardt and DILLER, Eleanora Margaretha
3090. DILLER, Caspar Elias and LONG, Julia
3091. DILLER, Caspar Elias and MEYER, Eva Magdalena
3092. SENSABACH, Mr. and DILLER, Charlotte Barbara
3093. KEINAT, Conrad Bu Metzger and ALBER, Anna Maria
3094. DILLER, Caspar Elias and DORNIS, Anna Barbara
3095. ENGLAND, Johnathan Edward, II and TUDOR, Susannah Lee
3096. KEINAT, Johannes and GEILFUSS, Rosina
3097. KEINAT, Claudius and CONGELMANN, Katherina
3098. BOSS, Johanes and KEINAT, Katherine
3099. SAUTER, Matthias and KEINAT, Ursula
3100. KEINAT, Michael and BOSS, Christina
3101. KEINAT, Johannes and SCHEURER, Anna Maria
3102. ENGLAND, Johnathan Edward and UNKNOWN, Ms.
3103. KEINAT, Jacobus and SAUTER, Ursula
3104. KEINAT, Jacobus and UNKNOWN, Maria Demuth
3105. ROMINGER, Solomon and KEINAT, Maria
3106. MULLER, Johannes and KEINAT, Anna Barbara
3107. KEINAT, Claudius and SCHAUDT, Lucia
3108. KEINAT, Michael and BAIER, Katherina
3109. WAGNER, John Jacob and KEINAT, Ursula
3110. KEINAT, Klaudius and FUESS, Katherine
3111. ENGLAND, William Anderson and LEE, Elizabeth C
3112. KEINAT, Jakob and KOCH, Anna Maria
3113. FUESSEN, Martin
3114. ENGLAND, William Joseph and ANDERSON, Mary
3115. ENGLAND, John and MARTIN, Mary Ann
3116. ENGLAND, Nicholas and LIPPINCOTT, Mary
3117. SHEPPARD, George C and BEELER, Lula
3118. SCHLENDER, Christoph William and OELSCHLAEGER, Marie
3119. GEDDES, Harold W and YODAR, Lois E
3120. BRAUN, Robert M and LYCETT, Wilma F
3121. CLARK, Frederick and MARAFFA, Audrey Gayle
3122. LYCETT, James William and WOOD, Laura Myrtle
3123. VAN DIXON, Donald and WOOD, Anna Mae
3124. MARAFFA, Pascal and WOOD, Eleanor Elizabeth
3125. UNKNOWN, Mr. and SHIRLEY, Ms.
3126. SHIRLEY, William Arvin and HARPER, Clara
3127. DICKSON, Riley and SHIRLEY, Flora Mae
3128. SHIRLEY, Clarence Thomas and DICKSON, Mary Beatrice
3129. BENNETT, William Hershel and BRAGG, Ms.
3130. BENNETT, Owen and BRAGG, Ann Florence
3131. BRAGG, James Elbert and UNKNOWN, Ms.
3132. UNKNOWN, Mr. and BRAGG, Ruia E
3133. BRAGG, William Lawson and UNKNOWN, Ms.
3134. BRAGG, Luther Delphus and DICKSON, Sallie Gertrude
3135. BRAGG, Duluth C and DAVIS, Helen
3136. UNKNOWN, Mr. and BRAGG, Christine
3137. BRAGG, Amos and DICKSON, Lula Mae
3138. BRAGG, James Otha and UNKNOWN, Ms.
3139. UNKNOWN, Mr. and BRAGG, Flossie Mae
3140. ROACH, Chester Ray and SEXTON, Alvina
3141. BRAGG, Arthur Lee and SHIRLEY, Myrtle Bell
3142. BRAGG, Virgil Lewis and SHIRLEY, Irene
3143. SHIRLEY, John Thomas and JESSIE, Valeria
3144. BRAGG, William Effort and SHIRLEY, Nancy R
3145. SHIRLEY, Lucien Elmer and DICKSON, Anna Lizzie
3146. SHIRLEY, Lucien Elmer and ESTES, Elzada
3147. SHIRLEY, Lucien Elmer and ENGLAND, Cressie
3148. BRAGG, Cephus and SHIRLEY, Lora V
3149. DICKSON, Charlie Lee and SHIRLEY, Emma D
3150. BRAGG, Harrison E and SHIRLEY, Sara Victoria
3151. SHIRLEY, James L and HAGAN, Ida Mae
3152. SHIRLEY, Emmett and SEXTON, Mary
3153. ROACH, Marvin and WILSON, Cora Nina
3154. SHIRLEY, John T and ROACH, Charlotte Melissa
3155. SHIRLEY, James Curtis and ROACH, Laura Penick
3156. ROACH, Luther Crittendon and MOORE, Nancy E
3157. BRAGG, Wesley T and WILSON, Amanda
3158. SPENCER, Barker T and NEESE, Nancy Rilla
3159. BARE, Jacob Meridith and HAWPE, Mary Frances
3160. PELTER, Joseph and HAWPE, Susan Catherine
3161. HAWPE, George Crobarger and CROBARGER, Mary E
3162. MILLER, Joseph and HAWPE, Sarah
3163. SHULTZ, Henry and HAWPE, Catherine
3164. HAWPE, John and CROBARGER, Catherine
3165. SHIELDS, Thomas and HAWPE, Elizabeth
3166. CARSON, Elijah and HAWPE, Polly
3167. HAWPE, Adam Mizer and DUNLAP, Margaret Shields
3168. HAWPE, Adam Mizer and ARGENBRIGHT, Estella V
3169. HAWPE, William Steele and SHULTZ, Maria Jane
3170. HAWPE, Henry and TEAFORD, Elizabeth
3171. HAWPE, John and MIZER, Polly
3172. HAWPE, Rudolph and HEILMAN, Catherine
3173. WARRINER, William George and ENGLAND, Susannah
3174. ENGLAND, Daniel Nathaniel and SPARKS, Mary Ann
3175. ENGLAND, Joshua and UNKNOWN, Margaret
3176. ENGLAND, Jonathan, II and UNKNOWN, Susannah
3177. HOPKINS, Archibald and PAYNE, Mary
3178. MALCOLM, Mr. and MOORE, Alice M
3179. CORP, Mr. and MOORE, Anne M
3180. SCHREIBER, Mr. and MOORE, Elizabeth M
3181. YOUNG, Richard Fielden and GUTNICK, Elizabeth
3182. GUARINI, Bruce Joseph and YOUNG, Ellen
3183. PENS, Mr. and YANCEY, Heather
3184. CLARK, Mr. and YANCEY, Patricia
3185. MOORE, Presley William and BAUGHAN, Dorothy Anise
3186. YOUNG, Robert Wilson and MOORE, Elizabeth Anne
3187. YANCEY, Layton William and FONTAINE, Mary Moore
3188. FETZER, George and HENKEL, Anna
3189. SMITH, William Baxter and HENKEL, Fannie
3190. HENKEL, Thomas M and UNKNOWN, Mary
3191. HENKEL, Thomas M and UNKNOWN, Bessie
3192. WORNOM, Charles Benton and MOORE, Elizabeth Ann
3193. WORNOM, Charles Benton and SMITH, Mary Elizabeth
3194. MOORE, Reuben Walton and MOREHEAD, Mildred
3195. FONTAINE, Benjamin Wade and MOORE, Julia Gertrude
3196. MOORE, Abram Schultz and OSTRUS, Cora Theresa
3197. HENKEL, S Homer, Dds and MCGUFFIN, Hattie Elizabeth
3198. RICE, Jacob W and HENKEL, Anna Maria
3199. HENKEL, Alpheus Gerand and KILMER, Fanny
3200. HENKEL, Silon Amos and STIEGEL, Sarah Alice
3201. HENKEL, Solon G and HENKEL, Anna Mary
3202. HENKEL, John Danaur and HOTTEL, Nannie K
3203. HENKEL, David S and HENKEL, Rebecca Ellen
3204. MOORE, Oscar F A and HENKEL, Mary Alice
3205. HENKEL, Solomon and HAWK, Bettie
3206. HUFFORD, Walter and HENKEL, Gertrude Varina
3207. HENKEL, Miller Abraham and MOORE, Fannie
3208. HENKEL, Miller Abraham and HALE, Carrie B
3209. HENKEL, Mathias Schultz and FISHER, Emily S
3210. FUNKHOUSER, Isaiah and HENKEL, Rebecca
3211. MOORE, Newton G and HENKEL, Josephine Augusta
3212. HENKEL, Alfred David and STEPHENSON, Margaret Moreland
3213. HENKEL, Elon O and HENKEL, Julia Kurtz
3214. RITCHIE, W W J and HENKEL, Anna Maria
3215. UNKNOWN, Mr. and HENKEL, Mary
3216. YOUNT, A L and HENKEL, Lillie
3217. HENKEL, Solomon David and BAUMAN, Sarah
3218. HENKEL, Solon Paul Charles and MILLER, Anna Maria
3219. ZIRKLE, Lewis M and HENKEL, Hannah Rebecca
3220. ZIRKLE, Lewis M and UNKNOWN, Mary R
3221. HENKEL, David Melancthon and HENKEL, Helea Anna Maria
3222. HENKEL, Solomon and MILLER, Rebecca
3223. WALKER, Mr. and UNKNOWN, Mary R
3224. WORNOM, John Franklin and UNKNOWN, Nancy
3225. WORNOM, Paul Benton and UNKNOWN, Carol
3226. SWALLOW, Tim and WORNOM, Jane Elizabeth
3227. DAVIS, William Larkin and WORNOM, Ella Louise
3228. WORNOM, Hardy Herman and FREEMAN, Florence Virginia
3229. WORNOM, John Smith and MARTIN, Sarah Lillian
3230. PETERSON, John and HARPER, Mary
3231. ROMINE, Benjamin and RICHARDS, Nancy
3232. HALLEY, Henry Simpson, Jr. and UNKNOWN, Ms.
3233. LEONARD, Mr. and UNKNOWN, Ms.
3234. DUKES, Spencer D and BLACKER, Elizabeth
3235. CONES, Mr. and BLACKER, Catherine
3236. BLACKER, Luke and ALBIN, Rebecca
3237. STIEGEL, Charles Bright and CRAIG, Sarah Jane
3238. LOY, Ronald D and CLOUTIER, Patricia H
3239. GOWEN, Ruel Cornelois and BRUMMETT, Dimple
3240. LOY, Hugh W and GOWEN, Blanche M
3241. FUDGE, Fred E and GOWEN, Wynema
3242. GOWEN, Edd Montgomery and WOOTEN, Sarah Ellen
3243. ENGLAND, James William and MATHEWS, Emaline
3244. ZIRKLE, Gideon and PENCE, Rebecca
3245. HUPMAN, W L and UNKNOWN, Mary Elizabeth
3246. BOWMAN, John H and COCHRAN, Ann E
3247. BOSSERMAN, Newton W and BOWMAN, Willa Ann
3248. BOWMAN, Cornelius Preston and SHUEY, Cora
3249. BOWMAN, Jacob and AREHART, Mary
3250. SCOTT, Walter Benton, Jr. and BRATTON, Jean W
3251. HISERMAN, F W and BROWN, Elizabeth A
3252. REID, Ernest Linwood and MILLER, Eva Mae
3253. REID, Ernest Linwood and UNKNOWN, Mary L
3254. BRINKMAN, Robert Henry and SCHULTE, Elizabeth Agnes
3255. MYERS, Roy E and HARTMAN, Anna Susan
3256. FORD, Walter Dixon and HARTMAN, Mary Edith
3257. HARTMAN, Claude Abraham and HENLEY, Myrtle Evelyn
3258. HARTMAN, Henry Christian and NEWMAN, Annie Elizabeth
3259. ZARUBA, John James and HARTMAN, Ada Belle
3260. HARTMAN, George Baker and HALTERMAN, Irene Leona
3261. HARTMAN, George Samuel and GOOD, Barbara Mahala
3262. RICE, William H and UNKNOWN, Ms.
3263. LAWLESS, Thomas Redman and HARVEY, Elizabeth Jane
3264. KINDEL, Absalom Bobo and BRODIE, Caliedonia
3265. BRODIE, John Lodowick and UNKNOWN, Ms.
3266. PROCTOR, Mr. and UNKNOWN, Elizabeth
3267. SCHALESKY, Jacob and CLAUSSEN, Ruth